This is an episode from Cassie 12: Omniverse.

Cassie 12: Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 3/23/2013
Written by Speedy
Directed by ^
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The Lavathrend we see in


Anna and Cassie visit a store while Uncle Stallion is doing something. What wonders will they discover? Will they find something totally new?  Trucky is with the Girls because 'Alien-cats-freak-people out' but this calls for one question, "Doesn't bringing an alien cat to a store freak people out anyway?"


[Cassie]: Remind me again. *Groans*

[Anna]: Your Uncle is buying The Sami Truck and left us with Trucky.

[Trucky]: Meow

[Cassie]: And we are at Navada! *Throws her hands into the air*

Anna spots a store with the number 22.

[Anna]:Why not go tour this store! *Takes Cassie's hand**Takes her to the store*

[Trucky]: *Tags a long*

[Cassie]: Wha?


The two go into the building. Where they see a tall man with a white cloak and a short ma with wide feet taking some orders from somebody. They turned around to be no other than Gandalf the great and the other to be Bilbo Baggens, in a younger age. They were sipping some drinks.

[Gandalf]: I never drinked something so good, aside to the elves drinks!

[Bilbo]: *Laughs* Vegatarns, they are!

[Cassie]: *Frozen to the side with Anna*

  • The two chracters exit the shop through a portal being pink and other spectaculure colors*


[Anna]: Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

[Alien]: Oh god. Not the Twelve girl!

[Cassie]: hey!

[Trucky]: Meow

[Anna]: Uhhhh um...what exactky happened?

[Alien]: You just got into the deminsional travel building! *Flails arms* Whereever we go is beyond everyone's imagination!!!

[Cassie]:: Chocolate milk please


[Cassie]: *Folds  her arms* I'll go Orcea Bat on you and squirt black goo on you if you don't get what I want.  *Narrows her eyes*

[Alien]: Fine.*Get's chocolate milk**Gives it to the girl**See's Trucky* A Thep Kufan Loboan cat?!

[Anna]:  Anything is possible when you are with a girl who's able to read crop circles! *Laughs*

[Cassie]: No Anna, I can read them because I was there when they were created. *Sips from her drink*


[Cassie]: They are orders to  mess with everyone, they don't mean to mess with the enconomy  or firghten the humans. The Aliens wanted to have fun~

[Anna]: I don't even know what you mean.

  • Trucky goe out the door after the Store stopped traveling*

[Cassie]: Trucky! *Flys out the door*

[Anna]: I'm a coward, so I am staying.

End Scene.


[Cassie]: Huh? *See's flying cars*....What..the  heck?

[Trucky]: *Stands in the middlee of the street*  Meow.

A alien  is seen falling from the sky. Cassie gasped then  grabbed Trucky and quickly got out of harms way.  The Alien seemingly reminded Cassie of Lavathrend without the omnidewtrix at the center  and the white and blue stripe right at the middle. This Alien is fully eqiupped with weapons. It's Lavathrend's species to be exact.

[Civlians]: GO GO GO GO CASSIE 10!!!!!!

[Cassie]: *Holding Trucky**At the sidewalk* Whaaaa?

A Girl who is right about ten years old arrives to the scene with floating robotic machines, she has long blonde hair with a black hoody over a red shirt. This hoody has the marking '10' on on it  with the sleeves being pink. Her eyes are instead green. She has a red Omnitrix. 

Cassie 10 with googles on.

[Cassie 10]: Alright villian, time to get your butt kicked! *Slaps her watch**Becomes Heatblast*

Heatblast: HEATBLAST! *Makes a blast of fire at Lavathrend's speicies*

[Alien]: *is very so innocent* Ahh!! *Tries to shield herself*

Cassie saw the innocence in the alien's eyes. It seemed to be weak towards fire ironically. So Cassie slapped her Ommidewtrix, then she got in the heatblasts way in her bettter yet-most-used-and-adored-alien SpeedGate. Anyone can know this is her favorite alien.  It's really easy to deduce/


[Heatblast]: Oh another Villian! Firegate will teach you a lesson!

[Speedgate]: I...Am...NOT....a---  *Get's caught off as Heatblast becomes Heatgate*

[Heatgate]: FIRE PUNCH!

Speedgate just stands there with her arms folded.

[Heatgate]:: *Punches her**Has NO effect*Huh?!

[Speedgate]: Now I suggest you stop hurting this innocent alien.

[Heatgate]: *Creates a tornado fireblast from mouth**Blasts Speedgate away*

[Civlians]: GO CASSIE 10!!!

[SpeedGate]: *Gets up**Zips back in her way* Don't you DARE hurt this alien.

[Heatgate]: Hah! Why should I not?

[Speedgate]: *Narrows her eyes* 

The Alien fled.

[Heatgate]: HIIII--YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Does a sonic punch making Speedgate crash a few feet away*

Beep beep beep.

[Cassie 12]: Great. This is THE OTHER ME.

[Heatgate]: *See's her* Do I know you? *Times out into Cassie 10*

[Cassie 12]: *Eye's become big* Wait...This is Dimension 23. And this store I went to is store 22...WHAT THE HECK!

[Cassie 10]: *Is now wearing a sleevelss version of Cassie's shirt with a black stripe and a red theme under it**Black stripe has a red flame at the middle**Eyes are green or red**Hair is exceptionally longer**Has short black pants*

Cassie 10.

[Cassie 12]: Why does her eyes look like they are between blue and red?...

[Trucky]: *Taps Cassie's Omnidewtrix**Is given a translation* Meow= This is the oppossite you. Cassie. I want something to eat. I am hungry. GIVE TRUCKY SOMETHING TO EAT CAUSE I AM STARVING!! GIVE ME FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH!!!


[Cassie 10]: *Isn't hearing anything but the meowing* Soo...Hey Civilvians I beat the villiian, once again!

[Civilians][: *Cheer**Then break up*

[Cassie 12]:  Umm...Do you have an Uncle Stallion?

[Cassie 10]:..Uh...He died before I was born.

  • Cassie 12 becomes upset*

[Cassie 12]: Did you ever met a girl named Anna O. Cappulla or have a brother name Spike?

[Cassie 10]: I have three brothers.

[Cassie 12]: *Is shocked*


[Cassie 10]:  Come on, I'll show you around. *Has a smile on her face*

[Cassie 12]: Sure.

[Trucky]]:ME IS HUNGRY!!

[Cassie 12]: Fast food place. Asahp.

[Cassie 10]: Asahp?

[Cassie 12]: As soon as humanly possible. *Proud to say it*

End scene...

...Other store...


There's a group of fanboys and fangirls behind the window with their own cosply similar to Cassie 10's clothing style. They ave their hands and face on the window eager to see the other doppleganger siupposedly who is actully a different Cassie.

[Cassie 12]: SOoo why do they call you Cassie 10? *Is drinking some coolaid*

Trucky is lapping up some icecream.

[Cassie 10]: I got ten Aliens on my watch. *Grins* ALL firebased!

[Cassie 12]: OOooh so it's a Omnifiretrix

[Cassie 10]: *Blank* What?

[Cassie 12]: I've got an Omnidewtrix with twleve aliens---Ooh how old are you?

[Cassie 10]: Ten. You?

[Cassie 12]: Twelve.*Puts down her drink* ......I just realized something.

[Cassie 10]: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

[Cassie 12] Our age matches the number of aliens we have!   0.0.

[Cassie 10]: Okay.

[Trucky]: *Wobbles around* Br-b-r-b-braaaain freezee!! This is better than master sending me out to find artifacts! *Going around in circles*

[Waitress]: 0.0 *Is startled by seeing Trucky*

[Cassie 12]:: *Rubs her chin* How did you find The  malfuctioning watch?

[Cassie 10]: *Has a sheepishl smile on her face* Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

[Cassie 12]: *Narrows eyes**Folds arms ontop of table**Leans forward* Don't go all tenth Doctor on me.

[Cassie 10]: Doctor what now?

[Waitress]: *Kneel's down**Pets Trucky*

[Cassie 10]" Weeelo ya see A'm Scottish.

['Cassie 12]: *Eyes blink*...I am not scottish. *Dumbofunded**Thoughts: Where in my family line do I have Scottish relatives?**Has a priceless expression*

[Cassie 10]: And here's how A gae ma watch!

[Trucky]: meeeoooowww *Does a sonic meow*

[Waitress]: *Hair is frazzled*


.......four months agoooo.....


A was walking 'bout for some sea shells at the beach.....

[Cassie 10]: *Pretending to fly with gooogles over her eyes* Weeeee  duurrr wam wam wam! *Pretending to shoot lasers from an imaginary airplane* URR WAAAAAM! Roger 'at!

When suddenlly...A saw a comet!

[Comet]: *Falls right towards Cassie 10*

[Cassie 10]: Oh FLUDDBUTTEYS YA AR SHEETING ME! *Leaps behind a boulder*


So A checked it out,

[Cassie 10]: *Sneaks away from her hiding place to the comet**Shaky* What jist happened? *See's a round turtle like object**Takes off her google8 Ooooh a cannonbolt!  *Comes to it**Falls into the crater**Goes to it**Has a grin on her face* A wonder--

[Crater thing]: *Opens to reveal the watch*

And it opened for ma!

....end flashbackk..


[Cassie 12]:: *Has straw in mouth**Has a disbelief look on her face* Were you trying to pull a  batman sound effect? *Manages to say only that* Sweeet beams!

Cassie 10 laughs.

[Waitress]: *Walks away with skin that has burns all over it*

[Cassie 10]: No *Laughs*.


[Both Cassies]: What?! *Turh their head to see a alternate Santanio*

[Santanio]:: GIVE ME THE WATCH! Squak!

[Cassie 12]: *Sips from her drink* I believe he's YOUR problem

[Cassie 10]:  BAD ALIEN!! *Slaps watch**Becomes a fireblazed Oil Spill made of molten lava*  LAVASPILL!!

[Cassie 12]: And Anna says I make up crappy names!  *Laughs*

[Civilians]: AHH!! *Runs*

[Lavaspill]: Tak this! *Throws a ball of lava right at the squaking bird thing*

[Santanio]: *Dodges* *Grabs Lavaspill*

[Trucky]: *Notices the Astrodactyle is white  with green scales on some parts of his body*

[Cassie 12]: *Drinking*

[Lavaspill]:  CASSIE TWWLLLIIEVE!!!!!!!

[Santanio]: *Presses the watch's center**Makes Cassie 10 become her human form**He moves teh lid in a different direction**It decouples**Lets go of her and has the watch*  Now this watch won't be used to hurt innocent aliens, my creation won't be misused NO LONGER!

[Cassie 12]: *Drops drink*

[Cassie 10]: *Jaw drops*

[Santanio]:  Squaaaak, I created it, Not AZMUTH.  *Is a lot more bigger than his counterpart**Has a wide chest* Swuaak!

[Cassie 12]:.............That means... *Looks to her watch*......OHMIGOD. HE CREATED THE FREAKING WATCH OH MY BEAMS OH MY BEAMS HOLY BEAMS!!! *Hysterical*

[Trucky]:   Meeeoowwww! *Paws at Santanio*

[Santanio]: Don't push it-- *Stops midsentence**Recgonizes the animal**Looks to Cassie 12*  You are from the alternate universe,*He looks to HIS Cassie who is stunned*

[Cassie 10]: *Tips over and falls**Has been standing shocked for awhile*

[Trucky]: mahahahahaamaahahahaha!! *Points at her and laughs*

[Cassie 12]: *Goes to him* In my universe...You made the  Omnidewtrix and trying to get it from me. I thought you were a crazy lunatic two weeks ago for wanting to get it *Feeling guility**Has a cheesey smile* However I  have put the watch to good use! *Dumps water on Cassie 10*

[Cassie 10]: Whit?!!! *See's her Santanio* Oh.

[Santanio]: Squaaaaaaak. *Puts code into the watch*

[Trucky]: *Internal instincts kick in**Entire armor and such falls of to reveal a mummified cat hybrid with Loboan ears, padded feet being purple and claws, tail shows bone**Has a mask similar to Gwen's Omniverse Anodite self**Eyesb glow light blue briefly but become purple* MEAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *Does a sonic screech*



  • Is throwna good feet away*

[Trucky]: Bad bad bad bad bad bad alien!!!!

[Cassie 12]:....Trucky he's the good guy!

[Trucky]: Oh...crud.

[Cassie 10]: Ya ar talking tae a cat!

[Cassie 12] I know! Life is crazy!


  • Trucky gets armor back on acting as if it is naked*

[Cassie 12]: *Selects an Alien**Grows a serious face*

Beaap beeep

[Cassie 12]: Over my dead ocean Alien body! *Slams her watch*

Her bodys gets the characteristics of a dog. Her legs become double jointed. her body is engulfed into fur. The Omnidewtrix sinks into Cassie's body, though we see gills develop to side of her neck making her seem simialr to a husky. Her hair partially remains over her eyes and an extra tuff of fur covers her eyes in whole, her claws become sharp, her teeth are sharp as a shark tooth, around the left shoulder grew a arm attachment  similar to Wildmutt only with The Omnidewtrix symbole having it's dewdrop mark at the center with tubles connected to the skin.


[Santanio]: NO GIVE ME MY CREATION! *Has the watch taken out of his grasp as he wrestles with the animal*

[Trucky]: *Walks to Cassie 10* Meooww*Has armor back on**Drops it in front of her*

[Santanio]: *Throws Shark Dog into the wall*

[Shark Dog]: *Whines**Smells  bone**Sniffs the ground and begins digging randomly*

[Cassie 10]: this! *Selects an Alien* Alright! IT'S  VOLCANIC ALIEN MOMENTUM! *Slams the watch*

Lava-Arms: LAVA ARMS! *Is a version of ladyarms being volcanic like* *Eyes are green**Omnitrix is on her shoulder***Four pairs of googles are over her eyes* LAVA.....SMASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

[Sharkdog]: WadyWrms WipOFF! --> Ladyarms ripp off! *Santanio's foot is on her  as her mouth is clamped around a bone*

Lava Arms stomps her foot on the floor making a strean of lava strikes  Santanio's torso.  Santanio is thrown backwards tunbling over the big hole Shark Dog ahd made trying to get the very small and long long she is still chewing on.

[Santanio[:..I will be,..back! *vows to do so as he leaves*

[Cassie 12]: *Times out to herself**Has bone in mouth*  Ew *Drops it*

Cassie with a bone.png

End Scene....

...................Scene change...............................................................


[Cassie 12]: Well..that was interesting! *Is nearby Store 22 with her other self

[Cassie 10: A won't forget!

[Cassie 12]: *Laughs*

[Trucky]: meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! *Goes into the building*

[Anna]: Hey Cassieee!! *Has a jamaician hat**Grin on her face* I JUST SAVED MEXICO FROM IT'S OWN INTERNAL DESTRUCTION!!! AIN'T THAT COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL?!!!! *Becomes speechless* Uh...Uh...Uhhh...Why is there two of you?...

[Cassie 12]: *Goes in* Bye Me!

[Cassie 10]: Bye! *Sipping some orange juice, the kind Cassie 12 likes**A straaaaaaaaaaaaaaange lava like cat makes its way to Cassie 10* Oh great.Ma own Cary!

.....Last scene change..

....episode ending....

[Cassie]: And that is how I ended today!

[Anna]: *Has a look of disbelief*


They are outside store 22.

[Uncle Stallion] *zOOMs in with a dirty looking sami truck* ALL ABOARD THE MOTHER FUDGING SHEET OF OL' West!

[Cassie 12]: *LaUGHS* I will never find a summer without my uncle and my friend!

/End episode.


  • Cassie 10 has red pants on instead of black pants in the first picture of herself.


Aliens used by Cassie 12

Aliens used By Cassie 10

Major Events

  • Cassie met her counterpart.


  • Omnifiretrix does not belong to the writer, but to somebody else. Its only mention and was NOT intended in the first place to be a fire version.  Credit for the watch goes to Double O'seven.
  • The other Benny did not meet Anna or have an living Uncle Stallion.
  • The writer apologizes for anyone not understanding what Cassie 10 is saying in her Scottish accent. The writer has another character who speaks Scottish not from this story and it is trying to get a hang of it.
  • Cassie's other self is Scottish, apparently.
  • Lavathrend was supposed to be used but SharkDog was chosen in this episode because Lavathrend would be redubuted in the next episode.
  • Santanio created the Omnitrix in this dimension, not Azmuth.
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