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Stonehenge is the Codon Stream's sample of a terrastone from the planet boulderom.He is an alien in the multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.


Stonhenge is a giant alien dwarfing Ultimate Way Big that is made out of stone.He has a square head with a large spike coming out of the top of his head.He is grey and has an inner lining that is light grey he has long slender arms and talks in a deep voice.He has giant hands with four fingers on each.He has green eyes and wears the omnitrix symbol on his chest.He has a square body and has a long spike on each of his shoulders,he also has them on the top of his hands.He also has them on the sides of his legs his legs are in the shape of a rectangle.His feet have no toes and are also very large.There are female terrastone's.

Powers and abilities[]

Sonic clap

Supreme mega strength

Very strong body

Size manipulation

Can shoot his spikes out

His strength increases the more angry he gets


Near indestructibility

Super durability

Can create shockwavesw

Earth bending

Can survive in space

Can survive in different types of gravity

Laser eyes

Can turn hands into a shield or whatever he wants

Can turn into different solids

Can move underground

Can't be harmed by mana and magic

can survive tornados,hurricanes,storms,and earthquakes

Can create earthquakes

Can jump very high

Shoulder dash

Can create anything he wants out of every solid



Stonehenge is very heavy and really slow,so he would have a disadvantage if fighting someone who is very fast like xlr8 or Fasttrack.Since he is very tall dwarfing ultimate way big he has to watch carefully where he steps.

Home planet[]


Female terrastone's[]

Female terrastone's are smaller then males and do not have spikes on them.There eyes are the color of Gwen's mana which is pink,they can not manipulate there size like males can.Female terrastone's can only survive in 10-70 times gravity,They can not breakdown like males can.


Stonehenge can do a shoulder dash like humungousaur and ultimate humungousaur,but his is more powerful than both of them combined.

He can jump higher then way big,wildmutt,ultimate wildmutt,four arms,and ultimate way big

Stonehenge is made completely out of solid rock

Stonehenge can earthbend