Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters
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Abilities: Super Strength
1st appearance: Tough Luck
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Henchmen/Leader: Leader: Charmcaster

The Stone Creatures are member of an unknown species from the interdimensional planet Ledgerdomain in Ben 10.


They are portrayed as large golem-like creatures with pink runes in their stone skin, similar to the carvings on the Charms of Bezel. When activated, they glow bright pink.

The Stone Creatures change dramatically from Original Series to Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. They went from being puppy-like to human-like. Their size went from being smaller than Charmcaster to a whole head bigger.

In Omniverse, they resemble the more animalistic forms seen in the original series, rather than the humanoid variety from Alien Force/Ultimate Alien (Albeit with the latter's size).

There are two types- the miniature ones and the large ones. The miniature ones are as tall as Grey Matter. The large ones are a little taller than Ultimate Kevin.


Ben 10: Ultimate Universe

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