General Information
Species Geocenturion
DNA source Unknown
Body Rocky Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Terrakinesis
Stone Constructs
Shard Projectiles
Explosive Projectiles
Weapon Manifestation
Body Alteration
Aging Immunity
Heat Resistance
Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability

Stone-Edge the Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Gecenturion from the planet Geotropia in Chris X: The Series.


Stone-Edge is this rock-like based lifeform, whose skin is made out of this somewhat durable stone. The color of his stone is gray and sports two tunnel-like holes on his lower arm. Two stone shards pop out on his knees. He wears a black suit with red outlines and a hood.

Powers and Abilities

Stone-Edge's body is compromised of this organic stone-like material. He is able to manipulate his body structure at will, allowing him to make his limbs form into weapons. He can manipulate any earth-like material to do whatever he wants, like levitate and form constructs (this is also known as terrakinesis). He can fire stone shards from his hands, able to shoot them in all directions, and is able to make them explode upon impact. He could also regenerate body parts if damaged.

Stone-Edge has enhanced strength, able to lift a two-ton truck with some hesitation and would easily able overpower a human being.

Stone-Edge cannot physically age because of his stone-like skin, meaning he is immune to any aging/time rays. His stone-skin can also make him resistant to heat and fire.


Stone-Edge can crack and shatter if impacted with enough force or exposed to strong sonic vibrations and might even fall unconscious. While he can regenerate limbs, there is a limit to how much damage he can recover from.




  • Stone-Edge's home planet is a sister planet to Petropia, home to the eerily similar Petrosapiens.
  • Stone-Edge's name was derived from Stonehenge and well, edge.


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