General Information
Species Adrenian
Home World Adrenia
Body Robotic Bee Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electricity Blasts

Enhanced Speed


Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Sting is the Omnimatrix IV's DNA sample of an Adrenian from the planet Adrenia.


Sting has a robotic appearance. He has yellow armor with black stripes, and his face is a mask that is similar to XLR8's and SevenSeven's facemasks. He has 2 stingers on his back. The Omnimatrix IV is on his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

Sting can create electricity at an exceptional frequency, much more than his previous aliens. He can release blasts from his chest, stingers, or the trails he leaves when he runs.

He has enhanced speed, and leaves an electricity trail with it.

He is capable of flight.


None at the moment.


Ben 10: The Omniwars


  • Sting was unlock in a battle against Sunder when Ben was 17 .
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