Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Sticky Situation is a short for the series, Brandon 10.


Brandon and Coco are at a museum when a bunch of robbers come in and hold the place hostage. Brandon hides behind a statue and transforms into Slime Shot. Brandon as Slime Shot flops into the open. The robbers become aware of this and surround Slime Shot while taking arms. Slime Shot charges up and releases. This causes a massage explosion of slime which knocks the robbers out. Coco congradulates Brandon and awaits for him to reform and detransform. However Slime Shot's reformation bone is gone and Slime Shot can't reform. Coco searches everywhere for it until he reaches the dinosaur exhibit and finds the reformation bone in the middle of a T-Rex skeleton. Coco climbs up the skeleton and wiggles the bone out. When it doesn't budge, he pulls on it hard and the whole skeleton falls apart. Slime Shot puddles his way over to the bone that fell on the floor and reforms back to his normal shape. Brandon turns back into human and sees the mess. He then turns back into Slime Shot and flops over to the skeleton remains. When Coco awakes, he sees the skeleton back to the way it was except with patches of goo in between it.


Aliens Used


  • Robbers


  • This is the first short where an alien is used twice.
  • It is revealed that Slime Shot can't reform after exploding without his bone.
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