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Stick Land
Creator Creeper
Co-Writers Anonymous
Art Designer(s) and Others Creeper
Seasons 3
Episodes 30 10 per season
Created on 10/10/10
Rating TV-Y7
Preceeded By None
Succeeded by None

Stick Land is a series by Creeper that follows Stick Guy and Fred as they fight many different enemies. It was created on 10/10/10 and revised on 26/12/14.


Shortly after watching the Ultimate Alien debut, Stick Guy finds a Omnitrix, but things go downhill from there....


Season 1

  1. And Then There Were Stickmen - Stick Guy finds the Stickatrix.
  2. La Révolution - The first part of Echo Stick's plan is set into motion.
  3. Revenge - Echo Stick captures Stick Guy
  4. Road Trip - Echo Stick hijacks a van.
  5. Rescue - Fred sets out to rescue Stick Guy.
  6. Escape - (unaired)
  7. The End - (unaired)

Season 2

Due to bad handwriting, Season 2 onwards will be summaries of what happened.

Season 3

  1. Frozen
  2. Unmasked
  3. Swapped
  4. Blue Moon
  5. Chaos: Part 1
  6. Chaos: Part 2
  7. Knight Time
  8. Beginnings
  9. Fin


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