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"Quit the monologuing and get to the part where we start fighting. I have a life outside of this superhero shtick, you know."

Steve Harrington
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General Information
Species Human
Age 19
Home World Earth
Residence Hawkins, Indiana
Dimension "The Rightside-Up"
Timeline Harring-10 Timeline
Occupations Employee at Hawkins Family Video


Scoops Ahoy Employee (formerly)

Portrayal Joe Keery
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment Omnitrix



Relatives Mr. and Mrs. Harrington (parents)
Friends Dustin Henderson

Jane "Eleven" Hopper

Mike Wheeler

Lucas Sinclair

Max Mayfield

Robin Buckley

Enemies Dr. Veggietose


Unnamed Celestialsapien Villain



Steve Harrington is the main protagonist in HARRING10. He first appeared in Vegetable Vigilante and Stranger Things 10: Galaxy's Rage. He is a human from the planet Earth.


Steve is a 19-year-old well known for his hair and for being the former "King" of Hawkins High. He has a slender and athletic build, as well as well-built features that earned him his reputation as a popular student during his time in high school.


Steve was well known among his peers as a popular boy with a terrible personality. He is a pretty boy and was called King Steve as a title to his high popularity.

Over time, Steve showed that he has a brave side and truly cares about others, putting himself at risk to keep his friends safe and having replaced his friend Jonathan's broken camera.

Between his breakup with his girlfriend and losing his title as "King" of Hawkins High, Steve was at a low point emotionally. While trying to make amends with his girlfriend, Dustin intercepted him and roped him into helping catch a monster. The boys quickly bond, and Steve is shown to have a more parental or mentoring side as he gives Dustin relationship advice. Steve took on the role of 'babysitter' for Dustin and his friends and was willing to put himself in danger to protect them. He's far more kind and responsible than he used to be.

In 1985, Steve was seen as a shadow of what he once was. Aside from his sarcasm and recklessness, a lot of his traits that he displayed in his high school years have disappeared from him. He's been shown to be incredibly awkward and unsuccessful with the girls he served at Scoops Ahoy, and the only positive female relationship he seems to have is with his coworker Robin. His friendship with Dustin is still strong, if not stronger, and he seems to be on good terms with the rest of the Hawkins gang. Steve is also shown to be more kind-hearted and tolerant of things he used to poke fun of.


In Every Hero Needs a Backstory, Steve reveals that he got the Omnitrix when it fell into the pool in the back of his house in the middle of the night one weekend. After discovering its uses, Steve puts the device to good use by using its transformative abilities to protect Hawkins from danger, not unlike a vigilante superhero.

Off-screen he disclosed the discovery of the Omnitrix to Dustin, who helps investigate and monitor the watch's various features and abilities, as well as keeping in touch with him on where to go and during missions.

Powers and Abilities

Steve wields the Omnitrix, a device created by Azmuth to bring peace to the galaxy. With the ability to instantly transform the user into various alien forms, Steve is capable of using all sorts of powers.

Steve is also proficient in using basic self-defense skills and a spiked bat in combat.


Steve sometimes may not always transform into the right alien with the Omnitrix, and like any other piece of machinery, the Omnitrix can glitch out. As a human, he has no special abilities.

Steve isn't as superhero-savvy as other Omnitrix wielders and often needs assistance or advice from his partner, Dustin.



It is implied Steve doesn’t have a close relationship with his parents, particularly his father. In HARRING10, Steve keeps his identity as a superhero a secret from his parents at all costs.


Dustin Henderson is one of Steve's best friends. Having struck an unlikely friendship in 1984, the two have been very close friends since then, often exchanging jokes and trying to keep the other safe from the dark threats that appear in Hawkins.

Robin Buckley and Steve attended Hawkins High School together. Though Steve didn't know her during his years in school, they eventually became friends after working together at Scoops Ahoy. At first, they expressed a dislike towards one another. Robin would tease his attempts at flirting, and Steve judged her for participating in stereotypical uncool activities, such as theater and band. They remained close friends after the battle at Starcourt Mall and work at a new job at Family Video together.



  • His alias "HARRING10" is a pun on his last name and the number 10.
  • Steve's aliens are all named by Dustin, barring Habaflare-o.