General Information
Species Steenee
Age 14
Powers and Equipment
Powers Chlorokinesis
Pokémon Info
Types Grass

Stephanie is a character in Pokémon Sky. She is a Steenee from The Off-the-ground.


Stephanie is a Steenee in a wheelchair.


She is very cheerful.


She was born with paralyzed legs and lived in Sōgen. Once the barrier on the Off-the-ground was broken, she met Koumori and they started dating.


Love Interests


They are very affectionate. Koumori works as Stephanie's legs, and Stephanie is Koumori's eyes.


  • She was the winning (and only) submission to Fall Fanon Con 2019.
  • A Pokémon character was made to fit the theme of Outcast, as she would be an outcast on the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki.
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