General Information
Species Miron
Home World Othita
Body Skeletal Robotic Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Steelth
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Metal Control
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 1

Steelith is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Steelith's abilities include:

  • Metal Control
  • Reflective Body
  • Enhanced Durability


Steelith is a 20-foot humanoid alien with a very robotic appearance. This is due to his extremely metal-rich skeleton having a very thin layer of muscle and skin on it.


Thanks to his lack of muscles, he must use his metal control powers to keep himself moving. If the powers are nullified or he loses focus, he can no longer move.

Planet and Species Information

Steelith is a Miron from the planet Othita. Mirons originally had full muscle mass, but as evolution progressed, they began losing muscle mass in favor of tougher skin and bones. Thanks to the amazing amount of metal making up Othita's crust, they were able to keep absorbing more and more metal into their bodies, eventually having to gain metal control in order to move.



  • Steelith is the wiki's first fully 3D rendered fan-made alien.

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