General Information
Species: Shiosame
Home World: Cikenaumi
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Humanoid Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Scalding Brine
Body Armor
Strong Jaws
Amphibious Biology
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Steambriner is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shiosame from the planet Cikenaumi.

Steambriner is free for anyone to use.


Steambriner's abilities include:

  • Scalding Brine
    • Steambriner can shoot jets of scalding brine from the ports on his chest. In nature, this ability is used to suffocate and boil his species' small freshwater prey. For Steambriner, this ability can be used in a multitude of offensive and defensive ways.
  • Body Armor
    • Steambriner's skin is tough and metallic, specifically evolved to guard against puncture wounds that could be inflicted by particularly difficult prey.
  • Strong Jaws
    • Steambriner's bite is strong enough to snap a steel beam in half.
  • Amphibious Biology
    • Steambriner can move adeptly on land and through water, and can breathe perfectly well in both environments.
  • Electrosensitivity
    • Steambriner can locate his prey by sensing the electrical pulses given off by their nervous systems, even from up to a mile away.


Steambriner has the general appearance of a humanoid shark with a large fin resembling a smokestack located on the top of his head. His skin is a metallic blue, gold, and gray, with two light-blue markings running from his ports to the bottom of his chest. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his "belt".


Steambriner's Electrosensitivity can be shorted out by large bursts of electrical energy.


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  • Steambriner's species name is made up of the Japanese words "Shio" and "Same", and translates out to "Salt Shark".
  • Steambriner's planet name is a mutation of the Japanese phrase "Kiken'na umi", which translates out to "Dangerous sea".

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