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Starlight's Soliloquy is a series by Sol that will be released soon™.


An ancient alien artifact known as the Omnitrix-Gaia crashes upon Earth, bringing with it the Omnitrix Hunters. Conflict leads to tragedy and disappearance, and friends and family struggle to stay together and reclaim what they have lost, all while fighting each other and the worst of the Omnitrix Hunters.


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Season One
# Title Summary WC Date
1 Take Me Out While his family is out, Talia Perry finds herself and her neighborhood under attack by an alien swordsman. (October 2020, hopefully)
2 Lucky Star After her brief encounter with the second kind, Talia rushes out of town to meet up with her brother, who is in the midst of a fight with an alien godslayer.
3 Radio Gage Despite their loss, the gang soldiers forth on an attempt to escape the chaos of their city.
Interlude 1 Take Me To Your Leader
4 Green River The team finds themself face to face with a strangely abandoned town while waiting for their transportation.
5 Come Sail Away


Main Characters

  • Otis Ulysses Perry
  • Talia Perry, younger sister of Otis
  • Halley Travers, Otis's girlfriend
  • Rosemary Susans, close family friend
  • Adam Susans, brother of Rosemary
  • Enzaen

Recurring Characters

  • Xiphos
  • Stairway to Heaven Association


To be determined.


  • This series' name was decided by BTFF users, rather than Sol, because he is bad at life in general.
  • In this series, the Galvans never created the Omnitrix. In fact, most of the canon aliens in this series have been retconned out of existence.
  • Don't worry, this page's coding will be updated someday. Soon.
  • MOTU now has an official soundtrack for no reason other than Sol is a huge music nerd! Ch-ch-ch-check it out:
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