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Starfall is a Hexatrix alien in Simien 10: Blood Monkey, used by The Pyro-Knight. He is also free to use.

General Information
Species Malphuri
Home World Rakiah
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Celestial Beams

Celestial Empowerment

Users The Pyro-Knight
Series Simien 10: Blood Monkey


Starfall is a tall blue humanoid, with a large glowing yellow circle in his torso. He has a small sun-like object floating in a hole in the palm of his hands.

Starfall's head is blue and covered by a golden helmet, with an enlarged chin and a symbol of a sun with two horns, the Hexatrix symbol right between.

Powers and Abilities

  • Star Manipulation
    • Starfire Beams
    • Heat Beams

Starfall can control any star within visibility range of the planet he is standing on. He can manipulate these stars in order to fire their energy as a heated beam or a fire blast, straight from the star itself, which will usually arrive from the planet's sky very quickly or after a short delay, based on the star's distance. Starfall will prefer to use stars nearby, and will therefore use the planet's sun if possible.

  • Celestial Beams
    • Moon Beams
    • Void Beams

Starfall can also fire beams from other celestial objects, which will usually have different effects based on the planets or objects components. For instance, moon beams are cleansing white fire beams, while black holes can fire off powerful gravity beams or void beams.

  • Celestial Empowerment
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Enhanced Agility
    • Empowered Fists
    • Star Beams
    • Flight

Starfall can use a beam of celestial energy at himself or an ally, empowering them with the essence of the star. This will grant the empowered target enhanced strength, durability and agility, along with flight and an ability based on the empowering object, while empowering himself will also allow him to store up beams of the celestial object. Empowering an ally may take a while however.

  • Space Surviveability
  • Space Flight


As Starfall's abilities generally rely on at least on celestial object being in a line of sight, he is much weaker underground, unable to access almost all of his abilities without collapsing the structure. Enemies can use this to their advantage and hide underneath objects to avoid his deadly starbeams.

Starfall's star beams can take a while to arrive, and without celestial empowerment Starfall has no other close range abilities to use.



  • Starfall's abilities were inspired by some video game abilities, including the Hearthstone card Starfall and several LoL spells.
  • Starfall is the first alien created for Simien 10: Blood Monkey that isn't in either Chance or Erdan's Hexatrix.


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