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The Stardust
Creators Rook Blonko
Kevin Levin
Azmuth (AI)
User(s) Ben Prime
Type Spaceship
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
Burning Bridges
Compatible with SD-1

The Stardust is Ben Tennyson's starship in Ben 10: Road Trip. It exists in the Prime Timeline of Earth-1010.


The Stardust is a sleek and sharp spaceship, painted a glossy black accented with green stripes. It has three telescopic landing legs, and its rear door acts as a ramp when open to reach down to the ground.


The Stardust was made by Kevin Levin and Rook Blonko prior to Ben 10: Road Trip to make up for the fact that they wouldn't be able to accompany Ben on his Galactic Road Trip. Although they asked Blukic and Driba for help with making an AI for the ship, they were unable to and instead Azmuth was asked to help (without Blukic and Driba being made aware, of course). He arrived on Earth during the events of Ben 10: Reboot Revolution to install the new AI system, SD-1.


The Stardust was made using top of the line technology and design in every regard, with specific examples including:

The ship is designed to be a fully mobile home for Ben during his road trip, and therefore possesses many amenities to aid him in living normal life.

The Stardust is capable of Faster-Than-Light travel.

Known Passengers


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