Star of a New Hero is a series by Ultimatehero and is co-written by Ancy that follows Star and his friends as he saves the day. It is supposed to have an unknown amount of seasons, and it was created on 10/05/11. It will be a while before it actually starts.


  • Star will be a Galvanic Mechamorph with other alien friends. It will follow his adventures as he saves the day with his star powers.


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Season 1

  1. Star's Stars: Part 1
  2. A Start Without an End
  3. The Balls of Galvan B
  4. Enemy's Enemy's Enemies
  5. Star's Stars Part 2
  6. Oreh Wen a fo Rats
  7. Enter the Magic Kingdom
  8. The Hot Orb of the Baddicon
  9. The Flat Orb of the Baddicon
  10. The Ice Orb of the Baddicon
  11. The Magic Orb of the Baddicon
  12. Orbs Attack

Season 2

  1. The Ten Typhoons of the Anur Apocalypse
  2. Mechanic's Dream
  3. The Dark of Light
  4. One and Two


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