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The Star Driver Gauntlet is a DNA Driver from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


The Star Driver Gauntlet was created by Xr. Nullamor for the purpose of augmenting the StarTrix's capabilities, seeing as how he considered them very lackluster by default.

Using code swiped from Azmuth during their collaboration on the SpecTrix, he began work on the gauntlet as a side project. At the end of Time 21, Nullamor presented it to Theodore Logical on the condition of sending him new DNA scans.


The Star Driver Gauntlet is equipped by being slid onto the user's left forearm, with the hole in the front section being attached around the StarTrix dial. After being connected, the Star Driver Gauntlet will automatically interface with the StarTrix, providing it with additional data and functions.

When Ultimate or Fused forms are being selected, their symbols will appear on the glass displays on the side of the gauntlet.

The small orb on the end of the gauntlet is the scanner, which functions much in the same manner as the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix's.

Functions Provided

The Star Driver Gauntlet provides the StarTrix with:

  • Transformation Evolution
  • Transformation Fusion
  • Five extra DNA Cards slots
  • Advanced Form Selection GUI
  • A DNA Scan Function
  • An Omni-Communicator
  • A Universal Translator


  • The Star Driver Gauntlet uses the same Evolution coding as the SpecTrix; however, the Fusion coding was custom-made by Xr. Nullamor to be compatible with his Modular Genetics system.

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