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Stan 18: Omni-Noids is a video game in Stan 18.


The Ultramatrix brakes, and ten Omni-Noids came out, having the powers of one alien inside each one. Stan has to go and find ten Omni-Noids to repair the Ultramatrix. Omni-Noids can't transform Stan, but they give him a power of the alien.

Playable Characters[]

  • Stan Rumin
  • Tes Rumin (Cheat code)


  • Swampfire (Avalible at the Start)
  • Diamondhead (Avalible at the Start)
  • Ditto (Unlocked after Sapient Ditto is defeated)

Non-Playable Characters[]

  • Toklo


Level 1[]

Stan is fighting a Techadon, and the Ultramatrix breaks. Stan uses Swampfire's powers to defeat the Techadon. Stan procceeds across the level fighting Techadons with Swampire and Diamondhead's Omni-Noids.

Level 2[]

Stan continues to fight Techadons. At the end of the level, a bigger Techadon is a mini-boss.

Level 3[]

Boss fight: Sapient Ditto

Ditto's Omni-Noid started to form a body. Destroy Sapient Ditto to unlock Ditto's Omni-Noid.