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Spot 10 is a series by Sierra which is about a stray dog named Spot getting the Omnitrix.


  • Spot - A stray dog who goes by the name Spot, which his animal friends gave him.
  • Kitten Evilson - An evil kitten who wants to take over the city.
  • Chipborg - A cyborg chipmunk, and Kitten's minion.
  • Gerald VonSlob The III - A rich pig.

Episode Guide[]

Number Name Summary
101 Pilot TBA
102 Werewolf Spot gets stuck as Spotwolf.
103 Deal with Death Spot gets run over, and wakes up in an animal clinic miles away.
104 SQUIRRELS Spot must face his fear, "flesh-eating Frankenmals" called squirrels.
105 Day of the Discus A frisbee-shaped time device makes Spot relive the same day over and over.
106 Hanging On Spot keeps shifting from puppy to dog to elder dog.
107 Adopted, Part One of Three Spot is taken to a shelter.
108 Adopted, Part Two of Three Spot gets adopted, and he's not happy.

Others to be answered.



  • Wildmutt
  • Rath
  • Articguana
  • Grey Matter
  • Spotwolf
  • Water Hazarrd
  • Armodrillo
  • Spidermonkey
  • Humungousaur
  • Ripjaws

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