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General Information


Home Planet:



Insectish Mushroom

Other Info

Spore Bullets
Poisonous Spores
Mind Controlling Spores
Sphere Form
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Durability (Sphere Form)
Enhanced Speed (Sphere Form)


Low Strength
Low Speed (Walking)

Spore-Adic is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Boler'Orungus from the planet Mycellet.


Spore-Adic is a small, oddly shaped alien, his light tan torso and eyeless head being one in the same. He has two rows of black feelers across his face towards his back. He has two small tan arms sticking off at his "cheeks" on either side of his mouth. Long, insect-like or crab-like black legs come out from the bottom of his body. On either side of his head is a growth that leads it an umbrella shaped red mushroom with white spots. He wears the Omnitrix on his face.


  • The white spots on Spore-Adic's mushrooms pop up to shoot out spore bullets. These bullets can poison his enemis, or cause fungus to grow that mind controls the target, similar to Whampire's Corrupturas.
  • Spore-Adic's mushrooms can retract to allow him to enter a sphere form like Cannonbolt to quickly get away from danger. When in this form, his durability and speed are both increased.
  • Spore-Adic's feelers give him enhanced senses to make up for his lack of eyes.


  • Due to his blindness, Spore-Adic must solely rely on his feelers to move around safely.
  • Spore-Adic is not very strong.
  • When not using his sphere form, Spore-Adic is rather slow.






  • Spore-Adic's name is a play on "spore" and "sporadic."
  • Spore-Adic's species name is a play on the Latin words "boletus," meaning mushroom, and "glomerorum," meaning spore.
  • Spore-Adic's planet name is a play on "mycellium" and "bullet."


  • Spore-Adic's design was made from scrapped concept art for Cannonbolt.
  • Spore-Adic's mushroom design, red with white spots, was based off of the Super Mushroom from the Super Mario Bros. franchise.
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