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Uating Etensil

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Humanoid Spoon

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Chaotic Yeeting
Metal Physiology
Determination Based Strength


No Morality
Ferrokinetic Opponents

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Spoonerism is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Uating Etensil from the planet Culina.


Spoonerism has the appearance of a humanoid spoon. The spoon portion of his body is silver. He has cartoonish limbs that are mostly black, with white boots and gloves that have green cuffs. He has cartoonish, white eyes, and curvy lines for eyebrows.

Spoonerism wears the Omnitrix symbol on the back of his head.


  • Spoonerism acts as a living catapult, able to yeet anything away using his spoon head.
  • Spoonerism is highly durable due to his metallic body.
  • The more determined Spoonerism is to yeet something, the stronger he becomes to yeet whatever it is he is trying to yeet.


  • Spoonerism has been described as having "the morality of the guy in the video where he slaps everyone at a party including children, police, and a cat." He will yeet anything away even if it is an ally.
  • Magnetic opponents can harm Spoonerism.




  • Spoonerism's name is a pun of "spoon" and "spoonerism."
  • Spoonerism's species name is a spoonerism of "eating utensil," swapping out the first letters of each word.
  • Spoonerism's planet name is Latin for "kitchen."


  • Spoonerism's design was meant to emulate the feel of Cuphead.
  • If Ben was to attempt to transform from Alien X into Spoonerism, but with Bellicus and Serena not wanting him to, the Ben inside Alien X's mind would instead turn into Spoonerism instead of Alien X himself, and Spoonerism would then yeet both Bellicus and Serena.
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