General Information
Species Mourdread
Home World Camilotte
Body Spectral humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Spooktoria is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mourdread from the planet Camilotte.


Spooktoria is a nearly-invisible alien, having a translucent form that shines a ghostly white. Its body is dormed in various bits of broken armor, and remnants of a black bodysuit, which has the Omnitrix symbol on the chest.

Powers and Abilities

To be added.


  • Spooktoria's name, species, and home planet are all inspired by the Arthurian legend.
    • Spooktoria is a combination of Spooky and Artoria, the female version of the name Arthur.
    • Mourdread is taken from Mordred, a character commonly known as Arthur's son.
    • Camilotte is a play on Camelot, the country Arthur ruled.
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