General Information
Game: Spooktober RPG
Location: Courtyard
Type: Game Mechanic
Effect(s): Allows the user to transform into five different aliens.

The SpookTrix is an Omnitrix from the Spooktober RPG.

Getting It

Initial Version

Tke SpookTrix is automatically in the player's menu options at the start of the game.

Current Version

The Spooktrix is automatically given to the player, but not tied to any menu screen.

Its use is explained by CaT, who is located near the mansion's entrance.

Using It

Initial Release

The SpookTrix can be accessed directly from the menu. Selecting it will bring up a list of available transformations for the player to choose from.

Once transformed, the player has 30 seconds to use their chosen alien before reverting to human. Alternatively, they can revert early by navigating to the "SpookTrix" menu of their alien and selecting "Revert". Reverting to human resets the clock.

The SpookTrix can be used to enter special codes. Entering the right codes will unlock special costumes for the player to wear in-game.

Current Version

The SpookTrix is no longer visible in-game. Merely pressing the number keys 1-5 will activate it and transform you into the selected alien. Pressing "Q" will bring up the codes menu, and pressing "R" will revert you to human while transformed.



  • The SpookTrix was initially planned to be a Key Item, but this was discarded in favor of the far more convenient menu mechanic.
    • The menu mechanic was discarded in the newer version for the even more convenient hotkey mechanic.
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