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Splot is a villain from Mig 10 that returns int Mig 10: Gamaverse.

In Mig 10[]

In Changes, Splot debuted in Mig 10 and swapped Clepron and Mig's bodies.

InMig 10: Gamaverse[]

In The New Old Basics Pt.1, Splot returned from Mig 10 and broke through a bank to give to an unknown source in Under City.

In Sound of Silence, Splot attacked Mig's city and stole the life essence from the citizens and fought Mig.


Mig 10[]



  • It is confirmed that Splot's Pet is still alive and will not return.
  • It is confirmed that Splot was trying to deliever the cash to an unknown source in Under City.
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