The Splixsons are the inhabitants of the planet Hathor. They are a peaceful and primitive race that work as farmers, artists, philosphers, etc. ...However, they were met with an invasion and being peaceful they were unable to defend themselves.

Lady Hathor

Lady Hathor is the powerful deity-like being that watches over Hathor. She is dubbed the "Mother". She is a humanoid with a beautiful slender body and straight posture, with waist-length black hair. She has pale white skin, slightly slit eyes, a high nose, and thin lips. Her delicate white feet in high crimson clogs peek out from beneath the hem of her clothes.

The music that flows from her flute is so perfect that no one could better it.

A group of Splixsons have dedicated their lives to worshipping Lady Hathor. They live in a monastery located in the Central Capital of Hathor. Its adherents are known as the Cult of Lady Hathor.

Notable Splixsons

The survivor of the Splixson Genocide and the wielder of the Novatrix.

  • Fred's Mother

She is only seen in a flashback where she loads her son in a stasis pod in order to save him. She perishes in the Splixson Genocide.

  • Fred's Father

He died while protecting his son and wife during the unforeseen invasion of Hathor.

  • Sokrakius

The elder of a village, as well as a philosophy and history adept. He was slain during the massacre, during which Osmosian Lord Arcmaster invaded Hathor.

Note: His name is a parody of the philosopher Socrates.

  • Krellenos

A soothsayer. Krellenos was killed along with the other Splixsons during the invasion.

  • Peavio (mentionned)

A renowned Splixson poet. Sokrakius read an excerpt from one of his poems to the village children.

  • Isophones (mentionned)

A Splixson musical adept and songwriter.

  • Kassia Cruoi (mentionned)

A prolific author. He lived 500 years ago during the golden era for Splixson dramatist, during which he was regarded by his audience as a Splixson to whom it was unwise to pay attention.

Formerly the advisor of Emperor Arcmaster before killing him. With his help, he instigated the Genocide of the Splixsons. He is the host of the Spirit of Osiris. He met his demise on Hathor at the hands of Fred over sixty years after the Genocide.

  • New Splixsons

After Powerdrain had absorbed all of Osiris' godly power, all the while possessed by Apophis, he redirects his Godly energy and recreates five new Splixsons; no doubt the start of a new generation of Splixsons.

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