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Genre Action/Adventure
Status Hiatus (Seeking Revival)
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) Weirdo Guy
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Splix 10 is a series about an Splixson named Splix discovering the Technomatrix from Earth. It was originally created by Weirdo, but given to Larry, who then gave it to Batking. Was the Featured Series for November 2011 along with the great show, Tennyson Force.


Splix is an ordinary Splixson who loves to play games with his friends. But one day, everything changed when he found the ancient Techmatrix buried in his backyard.He and his friends are sent off to Earth when Hathor is invaded. Now he has an evil Tetramand named Nac after him, but with the help of Keith, and Selu, he is very sure he can stop Nac.


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Recurring Characters


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Splix 10
Main Characters
Splix - Keith
Recurring Characters
Ambrose - Zynon
Stick Head/Ultimate Stick Head/Unlimited Stick Head - SplixSamurai - Juggernaut - Slimeball/Ultimate Slimeball - Attraction - FairyTale - Werewolf - The Rock N' Roll - Mr.Tea - Double Sided - Megabite - Brainfreeze
Nac - The Poacher - Rye - Magical - Cyberlink
Season 1 Episodes
The Day Everything Changed - Undecided - Bowl - Dating For Dummies - The Quest For a Cure - One Odd Morning - Observe This - Rye Rising - The Poacher - Shipping Rescue - Explain Train - Betrayal Training
Season 2 Episodes
Smallish Invasion - Ghost Stories
Plumbers and Splix 10: Fight Against Poachers - Fred 40 and Splix 10: The Null Void Breakout - Great Legend War
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