Splix is the main protagonist in the series, Splix 10. He along with his friends discover an ancient device, otherwise known as the Technomatrix, from another universe. Now they are stranded on Earth while Nac hunts him down. He had a crush on Selu, but stopped liking her when he found out Keith liked her.


  • Can make clones of himself
  • Limited Agility
  • Can turn into 10 aliens
  • If Splix turns into an alien when some clones are separate, those clones automatically turn into the alien too


  • Each clone has a linkand if one clone feels pain, all the clones do and if one is killed, the link will make sure the rest die too
  • The Technomatrix has to recharge for 15 minutes after use
  • He can only transform into aliens for a half an hour


Species: Splixson

Planet: Hathor


Similar to that of a usual Splixson, but he has the colors of purple and wears an Omnitrix.

Mick (Human Form)


See Technomatrix or Splix 10 Aliens


  • By reading Observe This you find out that Splix is not aware of Ultimate forms until later Episodes.
  • Splix did not know what the Technomatrix was called, until Explain Train.
  • Zynon calls him Molecule for an Unkown Reason.

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