General Information
Species Effimito
Home World Pyger Nomen
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Splitter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cloning
First Appearance Welcome to The Void

Splitter is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

You may be looking for the Splitter from the original Tech 10 continuity.


Splitter's abilities include:

  • Cloning
  • False Cloning
  • Heightened Agility
  • Heightened Speed
  • Large Intellect
  • Strong Claws


Splitter is a primarily black humanoid alien with white stripes and gray patches. He has six fingers and two pairs of claws, which are attatched to the back of his hands and are white and gray in color. He has three fins on his head, and a hard to see mouth.


Splitter is not particularly durable in any way, and is only about as strong as his size would suggest.

Planet and Species Information

Splitter is an Effimito from the planet Pyger Nomen. Effimito are rather reclusive, and though they have had amazing space travel capabilities for a while now, they prefer to stay on their home planet and continue their work.

Pyger Nomen is a planet similar to Earth, and is covered plains, mountains, and temperate forests. There are other biomes on the planet; however, they have become so rare as to the point of barely existing at all. This is due to the Effimito terraforming the planet to create a more comfortable enviroment to work in. The lack of variation in terrain has left explorers very displeased, but the majority of the population doesn't seem to care.


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