Splicchacs are a species from the planet Pierahruzanasc, and are Snot Goblin's species.


Splicchacs are small, humanoid aliens with branch-like arms, little legs, and warts. They have two small eyes that bulge out of the sides of their head. They are typically greenish in color, ranging from yellow-green to teal-green.


Due to their throats being perpetually filled with mucus, a Splicchac's speech tends to be nothing but incomprehensible garbles. Between individuals of the species, these garbles are understandable, but to anyone either not a Splicchac or not familiar enough with their society, they have to find other methods of communication.


  • Splicchacs are able to shoot out mucus. This mucus is able to be used as an adhesive, for projectiles, or be generated into little minions to do actual fighting for them.
  • Splicchacs are great climbers.


  • As said above, the garbled speech of a Splicchac can make communication with one difficult.
  • Splicchacs cannot do much fighting of their own, hence the need for their mucus minions.

Notable Splicchacs

  • Snot Goblin (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Splicchac)
    • Snot Goblin (The Simplicitrix's equivalent of Snot Goblin)
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