General Information
Species: Spheroid
Home World: Scalpasc
Body: Bipedal Reptilian/Puffer Fish
Alternate Counterparts: Spitter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Slime Spit
Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Equipment: Omnitrix Uniform
Classification: Fauna
Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance: TBA

This is Ben Tennyson's primary version of Spitter that appears on Earth-83.

He is expected to appear in Ben 10: Milky Way Race.


Spitter's abilities include:

  • Projectile Slime
    • Spitter has the ability to launch blasts of slippery, acidic, highly conductive slime at high speeds.
  • Blast Spitting
    • If Spitter exhausts his supply of slime, he can simply suck up a nearby liquid or gas and fire them from his mouth at high speeds.
  • Inflation
    • Spitter's body inflates like a balloon when he charges up a blast of slime.
  • Plasma Cannon
    • If Spitter charges his slime blasts long enough, the slime will compact into a fuel-like substance and ignite, creating a massive beam of plasma that can carve through a large asteroid like butter.
  • Enhanced Strength
    • Albeit not extremely impressive, Spitter is quite a bit stronger than the average human.


Spitter is a stubby, round reptilian alien with brownish-green and white skin. He has a massive head taken up primarily by his mouth, which displays a row of jagged, slightly discolored teeth. He has three large, fleshy antennae jutting out of the top of his head. He wears a uniform consisting of pants and fingerless glove-sleeves. The Omnitrix symbol is on his torso.


Spitter's Plasma Cannon takes a while to charge, making it practically useless in high-speed combat.


  • Spitter's current color scheme was based on that of a puffer fish.
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