General Information
Species Daemonian
Home World Malum Arca
Body Ghost and Box
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spirit Summoning
First Appearance Absolute Knowledge

Spiritualist is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Spiritualist's abilities include:

  • Spirit/Demon Summoning
  • Evil Absorption
  • Inescapable Arms
    • Note that Spiritualist's Evil Absorption works through the Inescapable Arms, a multitude of which come out of the box and take hold of their target, dragging them into the box with them.
  • Invulnerable Box
  • Spirit World Contact
    • Spiritualist can evidently "call" the spirit world at any time. Exactly to what extent this ability works is unknown, as it has only been seen used in a brief conversation with Pluto.


Spiritualist is shaped like a simple ghost, and is attached to a strange purple and gold box. Spiritualist's body is blue and gold, and has several marks resembling symbols on his body; notably the Eye of Horus, the Ouroboros, the Hwemudua, and the Pleiades.


Spiritualist is extremely vulnerable when outside his box, and his Inescapable Arms only work on evil beings and entities. He is also permanently linked to his box, and cannot move seperately.

Planet and Species Information

Spiritualist is a Daemonion from the planet Malum Arca. Daemonions are not born like most species, instead forming from the life energy of the boxes they inhabit. These boxes are said to be crafted by strange spirits that have lived on Malum Arca for eons, though to what end is unknown. The Daemonions themselves spend most of their time hunting down and trapping malevolent spirits throughout the universe, driven by a strong sense of duty and justice.

When a Daemonion dies, the spirits it has trapped that refuse to return to their plane of existance can freely exit the box if it is ever opened. For this reason, Daemonion boxes are usually stored away in safety after they die. It is rumored that the legend of Pandora's Box may stem from a human opening one of these boxes.

Malum Arca is a barren planet with little atmosphere and constant storms. Few lifeforms live on the planet due to these hostile conditions, and most of them, aside from the Daemonians, have never engineered a way to leave the planet.


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