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Spirited Away, Part 2
General Information
Original broadcast April 19, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 20
Overall episode number 20
Written by Ebomnitrix
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Spirited Away, Part 1 is the twentith episode of E-10: Horizons.


Ethan and co. must take one last stand against Hex in order to return Ghoulseye into the Omnitrix and to stop him once and for all!



[Ethan, Alice, Terence and Nikki stood behind Hannibal as he read through the pages of the book.]

Hannibal: The Colossal Stone, The Staff of Vibrius and Agniacius, and the Sabortooth Relic of Imperium. Once these core items are merged together, they can create the weapon that would reshape the world, The Ergaleío of Despair.


[The three items went flying out of the museum and the items merged together, as it transformed creating a deadly energy scythe, glowing with blue energy. The Ergaleío of Despair went flying into Hex’s fingertips.]


Hannibal: Once together it can reshape living matter, control the living, but most importantly, be able to summon and manipulate the spirits of the dead.


Ethan: We can’t let Hex go after this!

[Hannibal, Terence and Nikki gasped.]

Alice: Wait a minute, Ethan!

Nikki: I think you need to see this!

[Ethan turned back over and his eyes widened. The page revealed a figure looking similar to Ghoulseye.]

Terence: Wait, is that… Ghoulseye?!

Hannibal: Before anyone can wield such power, they must be accepted by a Ghoul Overlord, particularly being Sha’Rrow. Sha’Rrow is from an alien race known as a Vapenterisk, they come from the planet Tryelle. And in order for an outsider to be granted such power, they must be chosen and accepted in order to wield the Ergaleío of Despair.


Alice: Think of it, Ethan. If Ghoulseye comes from the same planet as Sha’Rrow, he will be able to be grant him that power.


[Hex raised his arm out and Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Alice became surrounded in red energy. They were lifted over to the corner and were trapped together in an energy cage.]


Hex: Surrender yourself to me, and I’ll let your friends walk away with their lives intact!


Ethan: I’m sorry guys!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Ghoulseye.]


[Hex went flying toward Ghoulseye and Ghoulseye prepared another arrow to his bow.]


[Before Ghoulseye could launch his attack, he grabbed the Omnitrix symbol and red electricity began shooting out from the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix began to make malfunctioning noises as Ghoulseye screamed with his whole body surrounded by electricity. Ghoulseye’s shot a white light from out of his eyes and mouth. In a flash of white light, Ethan’s body flew out of a cloud of smoke as his body was severely damaged.]

Ghoulseye: I AM FREE! [Laughs]

[Ghoulseye began transforming in a blue spinning background.]

Ghoulseye: No longer am I trapped inside that obtrusive watch or that energy core that’s trapped me there for centuries! [Finishes transforming.] I AM SHA’RROW!


Sha’Rrow: Now Hex, bring back the lives of this planet’s dead souls. Truly let the world know who you really are!

[Hex raised the Ergaleío of Despair in his fingertips, and a purple light blasted into the sky. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran outside, as they stood by the doorway to see the purple ray be shot into the sky. Suddenly, monstrous looking souls came flying out of the ground as Sha’Rrow laughed.]

Hex: It’s been fun E-10, but I can’t wait to hear what happens when those blood thirsty souls drag you to hell!

[They transported away in a purple light.]

Hannibal: We have to get out of here before more of those soulsuckers grab us!

Alice: I might know a place! Hurry!

[The five ran out into the streets. Ethan glared at the Omnitrix as it continued to flash yellow. Everything went black as the Omnitrix blinked a few more times into the screen.]


E-10 Horizons logo.png

[The scene opened at night, where the silhouettes of five people ran down the dark concrete streets. The sounds of heavy breathing could be heard. They passed by dark buildings and stepped near a lamppost. The silhouettes were then revealed to be Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki. Nikki turned around and her eyes widened.]

Nikki: They found us!

[A group of monstrous white spirits were chasing after the five with their arms raised out and mouths wide open.]

Terence: Over there!

[They turned into an alleyway and the spirits followed them down the path. The spirits began closing in as the walls thickened. After making three turns down the alleyway, they spirits suddenly found themselves back on the streets. They looked around to notice none of them were in their range and flew off. Meanwhile, from the side, Hannibal peeked his head out to notice they flew away. He ducked his head back in and turned to the others.]

Hannibal: Okay, we lost them.

Alice: Anytime now, Ethan.

[Ethan turned to the Omnitrix as it was still blinking yellow.]

Ethan: Uh…?

[Ethan slammed down and nothing happened.]

Terence: What’s the hold up?

Nikki: Let me guess, Ghoulseye broke your watch?

[Ethan nodded.]

Terence: Great, that’s just great! Now how are we supposed to put up a fight against these soul-sucking specters?

Nikki: We’ll figure something out, Terence.

Terence: Can we? This is bigger than any threat we’ve faced. Not to mention, Ethan let Hex take his most powerful transformation away from him. We said for you to not use Ghoulseye against Hex, How could you let this happen?!

Alice: Terence, stop!

Hannibal: No he’s right, you practically put the entire world in danger! We told you not to do it and you still did it anyway, and for what, just to try and prove a point?!

Nikki: Hanny!

Hannibal: I have a family down here, Ethan. And for all we know, they could be in Sha’Rrow’s clutches right now, just waiting to be his next victims! I’m going to call them.

[Hannibal searched through his contacts, while Ethan, looking away, turned to notice his Omnitrix began to make more noises. The noises began to sound more like an alarm.]

Nikki: Ethan, shut it off!

Ethan: I can’t… I…

[The Omnitrix glowed yellow, and his whole body became surrounded in a yellow light. In a flash, the spirits turned over to have found their location. Ethan was revealed to be Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: Uh oh… Run!

[The spirits chased after the group, Diamondhead turned around and began to fire shards from his hands. They hit the ghosts, turning them into particles, and they quickly reformed.]

Diamondhead: Oh, you have to got to be kidding me!

[Diamondhead ran away, and caught up for the group.]

Diamondhead: Head for cover, I’ll do everything I can to distract them!

[They ran to the side while Diamondhead stopped in the middle of the streets. An army of spirits floated toward Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: Hey, you big ugly ghosts! Come get me!

[The spirits charged toward Diamondhead, and he made blades from his hands.]

Diamondhead: Alright... IKUZE!

[Diamondhead raised his blades. Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki were watching from afar by the back of a building. They gasped, and before Diamondhead could strike, a cluster of bullets went flying through the air and went through the ghosts. The ghosts turned around and roared at what hit them. It was revealed to be a SACT tank and a group of armed soldiers firing at the spirits. Lieutenant Steel’s truck pulled out with somebody else driving the vehicle as he was shooting out the ghosts from the window. He popped his head out.]

Lieutenant Steel: Come on! Let’s get a move on!

[Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki ran towards them as Diamondhead began running toward Lieutenant Steel’s truck. Diamondhead randomly changed into Wildmutt, and shifted to running on all fours. Hannibal made it to the vehicle in time and grabbed Nikki. Alice and Terence were running behind the two, and Wildmutt ran to them. Alice and Terence stopped and climbed onto his back. Wildmutt jumped onto Lieutenant Steel’s truck, and they had managed to get away. The song shifted]

[Meanwhile, at Hollywood Hill, a newly built fortress was standing at the top of the hill. The camera zoomed inside to reveal Hex and Sha’Rrow were inside.]

Hex: How do you like your new lair?

Sha’Rrow: It works, for now…

Hex: My spirits are fast builders, it only took merely an hour to assemble this together.

Sha’Rrow: Some of the pieces look unstable.

Hex: I think it’s a fine work of craftsmanship.

Sha’Rrow: Coming from somebody who used to teach at an art school, that really says a lot.

[A vein popped out of Hex’s head and he took a deep breath. Hex looked down below as Sha’Rrow was watching the spirits beginning to take many lives.]

Sha’Rrow: Look at them all, running down there, like Faisma Birds during the Month of the Hunt. Those humans are so much more fun to traumatize compared to my own people.

Hex: Now, that you’ve been released, what do you plan to do with this planet? I mean of course we are ruling it together, but you know...

Sha’Rrow: I plan to make to continue where I left off. You see, where I come from, my world was filled with life and energy. Every ghoul would come out to do whatever they wanted and whenever they wanted, but they mostly used it to bond with one another and have the time of their lives. There was no government besides general morals. It was despicable, but all of that changed once I took over. I saw a planet that needed to be reshaped. I saw a planet who so desperately needed a turn around. I saw a planet that needed to be grounded with some sort of government. And that’s where I came in. I turned that world into into a planetary dictatorship under my rule. Everything was grounded, everything had order, everything was… perfect. However, that all changed when the rebellion came along… Now, I plan to take my revenge and trap the ones who had imprisoned me 5,000 years ago, Once I turn this planet upside down, the citizens of this world will cower with fear, the spirits will become the new ghastly army to run my new empire, and I plan to take my throne back from Tryelle, and take over other worlds until the entire universe is mine. And it’s all because of you, Hex. You managed to make this all possible. I still don’t know how to thank you for this.

Hex: You can start by letting me join you as we take over this world together.

Sha’Rrow: I think that can be arranged.

[The two shook hands and everything began to zoom outside of Sha’Rrow and Hex’s lair. The song ended. It then cut to to a camera footage as a news reporter was standing outside.]

Reporter: It’s been only 3 hours since the spirit outbreak, and nearly thousands of people have been found or reported dead. Spirits have awakened from the afterlife as they come back to haunt us for who knows why. The evil mastermind behind it all appears to be this mysterious cape-wearing spectre character. It is safe to assume has control of the spirits. Nobody knows how this creature is doing this or what his purpose may be. Officers have been standing by outside his new evil lair at Hollywood Hill, and they are ready to burst in and raid the castle any moment. Only time will tell what will happen next, more answers to come in the next half hour.

[We zoom out from the screen, as it appears that Lieutenant Steel, Alice, Terence and Nikki were watching the program inside a dark storage center, surrounded by equipment.]

Lieutenant Steel: So much for keeping matters like this secret. We were only able to keep situations like the Tideslayer incident quiet for so long. But now, thanks to this, there’s no going back now.

[Meanwhile, Hannibal was standing to the side on a phone call.]

Hannibal: Okay, Granny. I know, I know, I’m okay. Look, you and Naomi stay inside and I tell you when it’s safe alright? Thank you.

[Hannibal ended the call and walked toward the others.]

Hannibal: They’re okay. As long as they stay inside for the time being, they should be safe.

[Hannibal turned to the side where the group heard Four Arms lifting a heavy object. Four Arms sat it down and wiped his face.]

Four Arms: There, all set...

[The Omnitrix symbol began flashing yellow as static electricity shot out of it.]

Four Arms: Oh, man. Not again…

[Four Arms transformed into Heatblast, and standing looking at himself. He transformed into Goop began as his feet were standing on Heatblast’s scorch marks. Goop jumped straight into the air.]


[Goop transformed into Wildmutt. Wildmutt whimpered dueto Goop’s acidic slime covering his front paws.]


[Wildmutt transformed into AmpFibian and flew into the air out of his control.]

AmpFibian: WHOAAA-AH!!!!

[AmpFibian transformed back into Ethan and went plummeting into the ground.]

Ethan: Ugh…

Lieutenant Steel: You mind telling me what’s going on?

Alice: Hex freed Ghoulseye from the watch, and he turned out to be some deadly entity named Sha’Rrow. Now Sha’Rrow is using all his power to take over the planet. Judging from my hypothesis, his release triggered Ethan’s watch, and now he has no control over his transformations.

[Ethan stood up, as he began to groan and hold onto his stomach.]

Ethan: I could… [Transforms]

Heatblast: …really use… [Transforms]

Diamondhead: Some help right now...

[Diamondhead’s face became bloated, and he transformed into Echo Echo. Echo Echo spat out a sonic blast, destroying part of the ground and shattering the glass from the windows. Echo Echo transformed back into Ethan and fell to the ground as he took heavy breaths.]

Ethan: Can I die now?

Terence: If he keeps transforming like this, he’s going to give away our location.

Lieutenant Steel: That’s definitely going to be a problem.

[Ethan grabbed onto his throat as he felt like it was on fire.]

Nikki: He can’t go on like this. Is there anything you can do to help?

Lieutenant Steel: We have some experts at the lab who could help, but I don’t think they can do much.

[Ethan transformed again, and stood back up as Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Maybe I can use some of the tech in here to build something!

[Lodestar raised his arms and began lifting many metallic objects up from the ground. In a flash, he transformed into Goop and the objects went flying into the ground, making a loud clang.]

Lieutenant Steel, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki: SHHHH!

[Goop slithered onto the ground, and transformed into XLR8.]

XLR8: Sorry…

[The song shifted.]

[A green light began appearing from the side of the room.]

Nikki: Uh oh…

Hannibal: It must be one of Sha’Rrow’s minions!

Terence: They found us! Dammit, Ethan!

Lieutenant Steel: Everyone, get ready!

[Lieutenant Steel raised his weapon, as XLR8 stood up ready to attack. Everyone else stood in a defense and fighting position. The green light faded and it appeared to be a small gremlin standing before them.]

Terence: Uh, what is that?

Hannibal: It’s not a spirit, that’s for sure.

XLR8: It must be one of Hex’s minions. I’m going to knock that thing back out of existence!

[XLR8 transformed into Four Arms]

Four Arms: With three hands tied behind my back!

[Four Arms charged toward the gremlin and it rolled its eyes. It grabbed a device from its pocket and tapped the button. Four Arms timed out back into Ethan and fell to the ground.]

Ethan: Okay, that hurt a lot…

Gremlin: You really think that was going to work on me? Is that any way to treat the creator of your device?

Alice, Nikki, Lieutenant Steel, Hannibal, Terence: Huh?

Hannibal, Lieutenant Steel: I’m sorry, what now?

[Ethan looked and stood up. Ethan took a closer look at the gremlin, noticing some of the gadgets on the utility belt.]

Ethan: Wait a minute… Are you?

Gremlin: That’s right. I’m A’taenda, and I’m the creator of your Omnitrix.

[Ethan widened his eyes, as he was frozen in shock.]

Nikki: I’m sorry, you said you were the creator of his what now?

A’taenda: Oh my... Didn’t you hear me? I’m the creator of his Omnitrix! You earthlings can be so dumb sometimes.

Alice: What’s an Omnitrix?

Ethan: The thing on my wrist. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys… But when I was captured by Hex, I had a sequence of visions playing through my head over and over, most notably chanting the name Omnitrix. It was mentally nuts, and I thought I was just dreaming, but when Kraab came over and attacked Splattown...

Hannibal: That was when he going after the watch!

Lieutenant Steel: You knew about this the whole time and didn’t tell anybody! Why?!

Ethan: I’m still trying to process over everything that happened. There’s some stuff I still don’t fully understand, but it had something to do with each and everyone of you. I think… I think I saw Hex trying to take Ghoulseye out of the Omnitrix, too. I don’t know...

Alice: Ethan, we’re supposed to tell each other everything. How could you keep this secret from us, from me? You’re the one person I tell everything to, How could you not tell this to me?

Hannibal: We made an agreement never to keep secrets from each other again, and the fact that you kept something this big from us!

A’taenda: Oh, enough with the drama! I didn’t come all this way to Earth just to deal with some sappy romance novel. Now, if you would give me the Omnitrix, I will be on my way.

Ethan: What?!

A’taenda: It’s thanks to you, your planet is in great danger. Why should I trust somebody to keep my Omnitrix if it means the entire universe could be destroyed?

Ethan: Because we can still save it!

A’taenda: Look, I haven’t had any contact with my Omnitrix since I was forced to take it offworld. There are people out there searching for this thing, and when my homeworld was nearly invaded by several attacks, I was forced to send it to the only planet I could think of where I thought nobody could ever get their hands on it. Since then, I’ve had no contact with my Omnitrix for the last year, and just when the device finally goes online, I notice there’s something wrong with it.

Nikki: The Ghoulseye Glitch!

A’taenda: Exactly! Thanks to the removal of your DNA sample, the Omnitrix is now malfunctioning, without a 10th slot to keep it in line, that watch is now a deadly hazard to you and everybody around you. So give it here!

Ethan: No.

A’taenda: Excuse me?

Ethan: I’m not giving up the Omnitrix. I’ve had this thing for over the last year and nobody knows it better but me.

A’taenda: That’s funny kid, but if you think you-

Ethan: And my planet is also in danger! I won’t allow the Earth to be taken over by one of my transformations. I caused this mess, so I need to be the one to clean it up.

A’taenda: You really think you can save your planet from a rampaging peak-condition Vapenterisk?

Lieutenant Steel: You’d be surprised. This kid is capable of things that no man thought were possible. He’s fought up against many threats and saved the lives of many to make sure that this planet would remain safe. Sure he’s had a few slip ups, but time and time again this kid has proved that he’s capable. I would suggest you give him the chance to fix things before you decide to let this planet to become a wasteland.

A’taenda: Alright, fine. I guess I’ll give you this one chance. After all, if I let this problem escalate any further, who do you think they’re going to blame for this mess? C’mon kid, let’s fix your watch. If I let you continue transforming out of your control, that’s going to cause problems for both of us and it’ll scramble your DNA. And trust me, that will not look pretty.

Ethan: Alright…

[The song ended. Moments later, we pan to the side where A’taenda was holding a lighter, trying to attach a blue gadget onto Ethan’s dial. It zapped Ethan while the Omnitrix made a buzzing noise.]

Ethan: OW!

A’taenda: That should do it. Now you should be able to control your amount of transformations. However, it won’t last for long. So be careful, Ethan!

Ethan: Great, that’s just the pep-talk I wanted to hear...

Lieutenant Steel: We’re almost done setting up the weapons. We should be able to have a fighting chance against these spirits, but I don’t know how long for.

Ethan: We’ll do everything that we can.

[Ethan noticed the others preparing their own weapons, while Alice was sitting on his phone. Ethan put up a straight face and walked over to them.]

Ethan: Hey, are you guys okay?

Terence: Yeah.

Nikki: We’re fine, Ethan.

[Ethan noticed Hannibal and Alice weren’t talking to him. Ethan sighed.]

Ethan: Look, I’m sorry. I know we made an agreement to tell each other everything. And I even told you, Hannibal, I was going to do that from now on. But you have to understand, I was worried about your guys’ safety.

Hannibal: Our safety? OUR SAFETY?! Ethan, we fought up against terrorists! [Shoves] Warmongering ocean people! [Shoves] And now you just decide to worry about our own safety, over some stupid dream! [Pushes harder.]

Ethan: I didn’t know what was going on at the time! I didn’t know what was going to happen or not! I’ve been focused on figuring that out the last 3 months.

Nikki: Yeah, and you realize you could’ve come to us to help you. We could’ve helped you saw this sooner!

Ethan: Do you realize how hard this was to tell you, to tell your friends you watched them die in front of you! I saw suffering in my visions, I saw Nikki screaming for help, I saw Hannibal on the verge of tears holding a dead body, I saw Terence being beaten to a bloody pulp, I saw that Alice was about to wrapped around some murderer’s fingertips! Do you think it’s easy for me to come out and say that at some point it will be my fault that you all get killed?!

[Everyone stood there with complete silence, as Ethan shed a few tears.]

Ethan: Everything I saw in there was a mix of good and bad, but to watch you guys die… I couldn’t say anything… I wanted to but I just couldn’t…

[Ethan slid to the ground and curled himself into a ball.]

Ethan: I thought it was all apart of Hex’s mad dream… But then, Kraab told me about the Omnitrix, and Hex summoned 10 monsters to attack the campus. Not everything in those visions have been accurate thus far, but if somehow any of those visions manage to come to life, it will be my fault for letting it happen.

[A’taenda walked over and smacked him in the face. The song shifted.]

A’taenda: Stop feeling sorry for yourself! If some of those visions haven’t came true yet, that means there’s still a chance to save your friends’ life. Right now, we have bigger things to worry about, so get a grip on yourself and stop worrying about everything! [Turns to the others.] The same goes for the rest of you. Ethan may have had his reasons not to tell you, but based on my understanding, it’s only because he cares about you. Arguing with each other and sulking to the ground isn’t going to help right now! So let’s put our differences aside and focus on stopping Sha’Rrow before he takes over the rest of your planet. Deal?

Hannibal: Yeah, alright. I get it, man. You were just trying to have our backs, and we didn’t realize what you were going through. Well now we have yours.

Terence: Yeah.

Nikki: Whatever you need us to do.

[Ethan smiled and noticed Alice still hasn’t said a word.]

Ethan: Alice?

[Alice stood back up and turned to him. She slapped him on the other side of his face.]

Alice: Don’t ever do that to me again!

Lieutenant Steel: Now that we’re done with the drama, can we get a move on? I have army tanks set out there waiting for my instructions.

Ethan: Yeah. You guys stay here, I don’t want anything happening to you.

Hannibal: No way! We just told you we have your back.

Terence: Come on, man. You can’t just ditch us out of all the action!

Alice: Yeah!

Nikki: What’s up with that?

Ethan: Alright, if you’re going…

[Ethan activated the Omnitrix core and slammed down. He transformed into Lodestar and lifted up his arms, as many objects around the room floated in the air. Lodestar began transforming the metallic objects and they began forming around the group. In a bright white light, the light blinded the screen. The scene shifted back to outside Sha’Rrow’s lair as Sha’Rrow was watching from afar. Hex nearby was holding a magic globe as he was able to see through parts of the world.]

Hex: Good news, over one third of the Earth has already been taken over by the spirits. The world shall soon tremble within our fingertips. I can already imagine, a world ruled by yours truly! Isn’t this so exciting?

Sha’Rrow: Yes.

Hex: [Grabs staff.] What’s wrong?

Sha’Rrow: I sense him.

Hex: Sense who? The boy with the magic wristwatch?

Sha’Rrow: Yes, he’s here.

Hex: How? That’s impossible!

Sha’Rrow: Oh but it isn’t. You see, I was trapped inside the Omnitrix for years, so I’m able to sense his whereabouts. I swore I sent my minions out to get him… Hmm... it appears the boy is stronger than I had realized, even without my power...

Hex: What should we do?

Sha’Rrow: Not to worry, even if he manages to get past the ghouls, he’ll be no match against us.

[Meanwhile, outside the Sha’Rrow’s lair, a group of SACT army tanks and trucks drove up Hollywood Hill. An army of spirits ascended from the ground, guarding the area. The vehicles stopped, and Lieutenant Steel stepped out of his truck, cocking his gun.]

Lieutenant Steel: We’re here.

[Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice and Nikki each stepped out of the other vehicles, as they prepared their weapons.]

Nikki: He brought his army here.

Alice: He must’ve been expecting us to come. Fine by me. Little do they know, I’m a great shooter.

Ethan: Those bio-suits I built should be able to take on Sha’Rrow’s ghouls. With A’taenda’s help, I was able to build in electrifiers and other cool stuff.

Alice: Like that one suit I wore back when we fought the Gifted?

Ethan: Exactly!

[A’taenda hopped off a truck in the background and walked over to them.]

A’taenda: You’re welcome. Oh wait, Ethan, there’s just one more thing. Once you get close enough to Sha’Rrow, set the Omnitrix to capture mode.

Ethan: What?

A’taenda: The yellow setting. Tap the side buttons a couple times and press down on the dial. That should activate the setting and you will be able to restore Ghoulseye back inside your Omnitrix.

Ethan: Perfect! Thanks, dude!

A’taenda: Uh, I’m sorry, did you just call me dude?

Ethan: Yeah, what's the problem?

A’taenda: Uh, hello! I’m a female!

Ethan: Wait a minute…

[Ethan took a closer look at At’tenda and realized she had a more slender figure.]

Hannibal: You...

Terence: are...

Ethan: ...A GIRL?!

Nikki: [Whispers to Alice] Even I couldn't have predicted that.

A’taenda: Yeah, I'm a girl! What you got a problem with that?

Ethan: No it's just... I thought....

A’taenda: Oh, I get it! No one has an issue with the female Tetramands being stronger than the males...

Ethan: Wait, what?!

A’taenda: But all of a sudden a device like this gets made, and it has to be a man that does it. I figured this galaxy was past this. I guess I was wrong, I suppose.

Ethan: Uhh?

[Alice chuckled in the background while Lieutenant Steel walked in front of them. The song shifted.]

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, enough chatter kids. We have a ghost to attend to.

Ethan: He’s right. I know that after everything we’ve been through together, none of our opponents have been nothing like this. But I believe that we can do this, because no amount of threat is stronger than all of us combined. Even without my most powerful transformation, we can do this. So are you ready?

Alice, Hannibal, Nikki: Yeah!

[Terence crossed his arms and smiled.]

Lieutenant Steel: Just say the word.

[Ethan turned around facing the castle. Ethan turned the dial and selected Four Arms’ icon from the Omnitrix. He raised up his arm.]

Ethan: It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

[FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: Ethan began spinning around as his body grew bigger from his back. Ethan raised his arm out as his hand turned red, with black fingerless gloves surrounding his palms. He made a fist and spun to the front as his arms extended to create an additional pair. Ethan’s face change and he stood back as he raised his arms out.]

Four Arms: FOUR ARMS!!! [The transformation background fades.]

At’tenda: Now, if you may excuse me, I’m going to hide over there! Good luck!

[At’tenda ran to the back of the van. The SACT soldiers began charging towards the spirits as the spirits did the same to them. The soldiers grabbed their weapons and fired lasers at the spirits. They faded into particles and reformed to start attacking them again. Four Arms, at the back of the truck, put on two pairs of shock gloves. Four Arms ran toward the fight and began punching the spirits, leaving an electrical shock. It threw the spirits back and more flew their way to Four Arms as he continued punching the group of spirits. Hannibal fired energy bolts at the other spirits and they faded into particles. A spirit began closing in on Hannibal from behind him, and he turned around and gasped as he had little time to react. Nikki jumped over and fired an energy shock of her own, throwing them back.]

Nikki: Wooo! Mega Girl back at it again, saving Mighty Man’s life!

[From behind, the spirit reformed and prepared to lay its claws onto her. Hannibal fired an energy bolt, blowing the spirit into particles.]

Hannibal: Not before Mighty Man gets another blow in!

[The two stood back to back as more spirits began to surround them.]

Hannibal: Hey, once this is over, why don’t I officially take you out to dinner.

Nikki: That is fine by me.

[Alice fired multiple energy bolts at the spirits. The spirits began fading away and Alice noticed one of them was behind her. She jumped and charged her energy bolts, and gave the spirit a karate kick and a shock punch to make it disappear into particles. She took deep breaths and wiped her face.]

Alice: One of the few good things my mom made me do…

[An army of ghouls went flying toward her, Alice raised her fists.]

Alice: I think I’m going to need some help…

[Terence charged at the other spirits and began punching the souls left and right. They each disappeared into particles but reformed around him. Terence continued punching and spoke to Ethan as he fought.]

Terence: How’s it going over there, Wellington?

Four Arms: They just keep coming left and right! I can barely clear a path!

[The blue gadget shattered off the Omnitrix symbol and static electricity began shooting off it.]

Four Arms: Uh oh…

[Four Arms transformed into Heatblast in a yellow light. The shock gloves melted off.]

Heatblast: HEATBLAST! Now I can do something about that!

[Heatblast raised his arms and launched a flamethrower from his palms. The spirits were caught in flames and began disappearing.]

Heatblast: If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of my way!

[More spirits from behind kept striking Heatblast.]

Heatblast: Hey!

[Heatblast fired multiple fireballs as others kept trying to attack him. In a flash of yellow light, green slime dropped to the ground and fists punched them out of the way. It reformed, revealing Heatblast transformed into Goop.]

Goop: I said… get out of my way!

[Goop suddenly shot out goopy tendrils, sending multiple spirits back. Meanwhile, Alice made it to the back of a semi and opened the of the truck. Glowing red eyes shined from the inside.]

Alice: Hey, it’s okay girl, I’m here.

[It felt out of the semi, revealing to be Hypnotick as it hugged her and gave her a kiss.]

Alice: I missed you…

[Alice strapped herself on the back of Hypnotick and flew off into battle.]

Alice: Okay, spirits! You just messed with the wrong girl!

[Hypnotick screeched and lashed its tongue to attack the spirits, sending them back.]

Alice: WOO-HOO!

[Alice flew past Hannibal and Nikki, surprised to see her riding it.]

Hannibal: When did she get that thing?

[Goop watching from beside, Goop switched into XLR8. Lieutenant Steel stood from the side, firing at the other ghouls.]

XLR8: I’m going after Sha’Rrow! [Zooms off]

Lieutenant Steel: Okay. Good luck, Ethan.

[The track ended.]

[XLR8 ran past the other ghouls and knocked away any that were in his way. XLR8 made it inside and ran up the stairs.]

XLR8: This is just like when I ran up that burning building! Ah, the good ol’ days.

[XLR8 made it up the stairs and looked around.]

XLR8: Hello! I’m here! Is anybody actually in here, or am I just wasting my time?

Sha’Rrow: Why yes, yes you are.

Hex: Back for more I see? Didn’t we teach you a lesson about six hours ago?

XLR8: Yeah, that losing bites! But I’m not here to wallow about the past. You’re going back inside the Omnitrix, Sha’Rrow!

Sha’Rrow: Never! I’ve been trapped inside that angelic core for 5,000 years! In fact, I wasn’t the only one. Did you know that the Omnitrix contains over millions of samples from all over across the galaxy? And have you ever wondered why the Omnitrix only allows you to become aliens for only 10 minutes at a time?!

XLR8: Really? It feels so much less than that.

Sha’Rrow: It’s part of the failsafe, so that the DNA of the alien lifeforms trapped inside the Omnitrix don’t overwhelm you and take you over. A failsafe that can be easily overwritten if someone knows the Omnitrix well enough. Another reason why I wasn’t able to take you over as Ghoulseye was because the DNA was randomized to create a completely new entity entirely. But now that I am free, I will be able to continue where I had left off and get revenge on my kind for stopping me from taking over my earth!

XLR8: Oh we’ll see about that! Get ready to face the wrath of… [Transforms]

Diamondhead: DIAMONDHEAD!

[Diamondhead’s arm formed into a shooter and fired multiple shards at Sha’Rrow and Hex. The diamonds phased through Sha’Rrow, and Hex ran toward him, striking Diamondhead with his staff. Diamondhead’s other arm turned into a blade and blocked the attack. Hex smirked and ducked as Sha’Rrow fired an arrow above Diamondhead. It exploded upon impact and sent Diamondhead back, and raised his hand onto the ground to grab his landing.]

Hex: Fabecio Kai!

Diamondhead: Hey, whoa whoa! AHHH!

[Diamondhead’s body melted into a puddle of goo, and in a flash of light, it turned green. Its fist raised out, striking Hex from below. Hex went flying and the puddle morphed into Goop.]

Goop: Shapeshifting, it’s what I do! [Transforms]


[Wildmutt jumped towards Sha’Rrow as Sha’Rrow constructed a staff. The staff then transformed it into a scythe and Wildmutt grabbed on the blade. Sha’Rrow swung him back, and Wildmutt transformed into Heatblast upon landing on the ground. Heatblast stood up and launched a fireball. Sha’Rrow dodged the attack and flew towards him, preparing to strike. Heatblast transformed into Four Arms, and Four Arms tried multi-striking Sha’Rrow, but the attack phased through him.]

Four Arms: Hey, no fair! I can't phase!

[Four Arms was blasted from behind by a red laser and transformed into Wildmutt as he went flying into the wall. Giant pieces of rumble fell onto Wildmutt.]

Hex: You sure can't. I say that was the best way of putting down a mad dog. Now let’s finish him…

[Heatblast bursted from the piles of rock, and unleashed a massive heatwave, throwing Hex back. Hex got back up and aimed his staff.]

Hex: Enough! Aquata Risa Spackwata!

[The ground began shaking below Heatblast and a waterspout shot out from the ground. In a green flash of light, Heatblast fell to the ground, transforming back into Ethan.]

Sha’Rrow: Is this really what Earth has to offer as its protector? Pathetic! And I here I thought you would oppose a bigger challenge for me.

[As they talked, Ethan struggled to move. He attempted to get up but dropped to the ground. He tried turning to the Omnitrix, but it appeared to be recharging.]

Hex: It’s sad really, after everything we’ve been through together this last school year, I thought you would have learned something in that thick skull of yours. I guess I was wrong. You really are weak, Wellington. You can’t even save your own planet. Pathetic…

[Ethan gave Hex a nasty glare while tears dripped down his face. The song ended.]

[Meanwhile, as Alice was riding on Hypnotick, Hypnotick was pushing more spirits back with its tongue. Alice fired a few energy bolts at the spirits that came her way. Lieutenant Steel down below, prepared a blast from his tachyon cannon. It began charging blue.]


[A giant blue laser fired and it launched a huge blast, wiping out the spirits from the battlefield. Smoke and small particles floated around the scene.]

Terence: Nice.

Lieutenant Steel: That should give us about at least a half hour before they regenerate.

Nikki: I don’t think so! Look, more are on the way!

[From below the hill, a group of spirits were headed their way.]

Hannibal: Looks like we don’t have time to wait around.

[As the group prepared into fighting stances, Lieutenant Steel pressed on his com.]

Lieutenant Steel: Sargent, this is Lieutenant Steel, head of the Alien Containment Team Commission, send in Squad Section Alpha Niner Tango, asap. I repeat, Alpha Niner Tango. We’re gonna need ‘em.

[Alice glanced her eyes to the side looking at the castle behind her. She turned to Hypnotick, and rubbed her face.]

Alice: Stay here and be a good girl. Fight as many spirits off as you can.

[Hypnotick stared at Alice with a worried expression.]

Alice: It’s okay, I’ll be safe. I promise.

[Alice snuck off from the group and ran towards the direction of the castle.]

Hannibal: Guys, the spirits have already begun to reform!

Terence: Shit!

Nikki: [Looks around] Hey, wait a minute! Where’s Alice?

Lieutenant Steel: Too late, here they come!

[The spirits went flying towards the group as it roared in front of them. Meanwhile, Alice made it inside the castle and climbed up the stairs. She heard Hex laughing in the background, and once she made it to the room, she hid to the side and watched from afar. She gasped and saw Ethan laying on the ground, as he tried to get up.]

Ethan: Ergh… ergh… When my Omnitrix recharges, you two are so going to…

[Hex stomped on Ethan’s back and rubbed his foot onto his back. Ethan screamed from the top of his lungs.]

Hex: How does it feel to have everything taken from you, knowing that you’ve lost?

Ethan: Funny, coming from the guy who just got himself hit in the nuts!

[Ethan punched him in the nuts as Hex screamed and stepped off Ethan as he held onto his groin. Hex raised his arm and threw Ethan from all the way to the side of the room.]

Hex: You think... hitting me in the crotch is going to save you? No! In fact, it only makes me want to kill you even more.

Ethan: Then, why don’t you do it?

Hex: Because I’d like to torture you for after everything you did to me. You took my job, my life! I figured I would pay you with satisfaction as you suffer a slow, painful and miserable death! It’s sad really, seeing that nobody has arrived to watch you meet your demise. I actually thought your so-called friends would be sad to see you go, I guess they don’t really care about you at all.

Ethan: No… they…

Hex: Oh, please! They’re just a bunch of college students who are busy worrying about themselves. Did you really think you would’ve actually made friends by attending Horizons? In this world, all people care about is taking what is there’s and making it to the top. Nobody has time for something as redundant as friendship. If you can honestly tell me that there’s someone out there who truly cares about you, then maybe I would believe you. But you can’t now can you?

Ethan: No…

Hex: Then that only proves me right that no one would truly care if you were gone. So say goodbye, E-10...

Ethan: Wait, let me just say one more thing.

Sha’Rrow: You are both wasting my time here! Hurry up!

Ethan: You’re right. How could I think that if I went to Horizons, that I would instantly make friends right off the bat? Well, guess what, I did… and I let them down… First, I had to keep my powers a secret from the public, and that resulted into getting my friends nearly killed, then I didn’t tell them about the visions I had in my head. Now they’re probably putting on a straight face when realistically they hate me for it. Everyone hates me.

[Alice watching from the sidelines, she turned away to wipe her face.]

Ethan: But whether that’s the case or not, I can’t let the whole world down, not now! Even if Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki hate me… I care a great deal about them! From the moment I first ran into Alice, that moment changed everything for me.

[Alice turned back and gasped.]

Ethan: She helped me make Horizons become the very first place I can call my own. She helped me realized things that I could never realize myself, and if you think for one second I’m just going to let you two come in and take everything away from me, then you’ve really pissed me off. Because I’m not going to let that happen! I can’t lose now! Not with everything that’s in stake! My home, my friends… none of that!

[The track shifted.]


[Ethan struggled pushing himself up, until he finally stood up. He raised his arm up and stood his leg back.]

Ethan: So go ahead, do your worst… but if there’s one thing you should know...

[The Omnitrix recharged, and Ethan transformed in a yellow light.]

Heatblast: …It’s that I’m not done yet!

Sha’Rrow: Oh great, now you’ve done it! I knew I shouldn’t have let you two go on for that long!

[Heatblast shot a flamethrower from his palms. Hex unleashed a white energy blast and the two attacks collided. Sha’Rrow flew towards Heatblast and created a scythe. He lashed the scythe at Heatblast, who jumped to dodge the attack. Sha’Rrow made multiple more attempts to strike Heatblast, as he jumped a bunch of times to dodge the attacks. Heatblast transformed into AmpFibian, who wrapped his tentacles around the scythe and electrocuted Sha’Rrow, throwing him back. Hex flew above AmpFibian, raising his staff in the air.]


[AmpFibian shot a jolt of electricity, throwing Hex back. Hex landed beside Sha’Rrow, as Sha’Rrow created multiple energy arrows and levitated them in the air. He waved his hand and all of them went flying towards AmpFibian. AmpFibian, noticing the attack, tried flying away as fast as he could. The arrows followed after AmpFibian, and AmpFibian turned into Lodestar. Lodestar slid onto the ground and created a forcefield to block the attack. The arrows exploded on impact, and Lodestar let down his forcefield safe and sound. Metallic objects went flying towards Lodestar, two of them knocking Lodestar back. He looked up to notice Hex was controlling the objects. Lodestar used his own magnetism to launch the objects back at Hex, and Hex created a dome to block the attacks. Sha’Rrow threw his ectoplasm at Lodestar. Lodestar transformed into Goop, and Goop splat to the ground then morphed back up.]

Goop: Ew! Your cape’s all dirty! Let me clean that for you!

[Goop jumped over and shot his acidhose attack, melting through Sha’Rrow’s cloak.]

Sha’Rrow: AH! MY CLOAK! You insolent wretch!

[Sha’Rrow tried striking Goop with a ghostly kunai, but he switched into XLR8 dodging the attack.]

XLR8: Can’t catch whatcha can’t see!

[XLR8 ran away from Sha’Rrow and Hex raised out his hand, glowing in aura.]

Hex: Facio Gravis!

[XLR8 suddenly stopped running and was forced to stop. He was unable to move.]

XLR8: Seriously!

[Hex and Sha’Rrow both flew towards XLR8. XLR8 switched into Four Arms and Four Arms smashed the ground, sending chunks of the floor flying toward them. The whole ground collapsed under them. Sha’Rrow, Hex, and Four Arms went flying towards the ground. Alice began screaming as the floor crumbled beneath her, and Hypnotick flew in to catch Alice and she landed safely to the ground.]

Alice: Thanks, girl.

[Alice petted Hypnotick as it rubbed its face against hers. Hex created an energy mattress and fell straight onto it. Sha’Rrow phased through the ground to soften his landing. The mattress disappeared and Hex glared at AmpFibian floating before him. AmpFibian and Hex fired their energy attacks at each other and their blasts collided.]

Hex: You think you can defeat me so easily?

[AmpFibian switched into XLR8 as he ran around dodging all of Hex’s attacks.]

Hex: I am Hex, I am the greatest sorcerer of all 17 dimensions. You cannot stop me!

[A giant metallic object went flying into Hex and he went soaring across the room.]

Lodestar: Think again, Voldemort! [Transforms]

AmpFibian: After everything I’ve been through! [Transforms]

Heatblast: And after all the experiences… [Transforms]

Diamondhead: …I’ve made with my friends! [Transforms]

XLR8: And no matter what you say or what stands in my way… [Transforms]

Four Arms: ...even if it’s you two ugly cabalists… [Transforms]

Goop: I’m not going to back down now! [Transforms]

[Wildmutt roared at them, and transformed]

Lodestar: So give up now...! [Transforms]

Diamondhead: ...and let’s end this!

[Diamondhead created a blade from his hands and Sha’Rrow phased from the ground.]

Sha’Rrow: You won’t win, silicon scum! Stand down and your murder will be mercifully brief!

Diamondhead: Fat chance, ghost-freak!

Sha’Rrow: Then I’ll see to it that you’ll be dragged to hell!

[Sha’Rrow summoned an army of spirits from the ground and they tried grabbing Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: Oh no you don’t!

[Diamondhead transformed into AmpFibian, and AmpFibian began supercharging himself.]


[AmpFibian fired an electrical shockwave, and the spirits transformed into particles.]

AmpFibian: And I’ve just had about enough of you today, Sha’Rrow! You’re going back inside the Omnitrix, whether you like it or not!

Sha’Rrow: Hah! And how do you suppose you’re going to do that?

[AmpFibian tapped the Omnitrix and he transformed back into Ethan. Ethan tapped the side buttons and turned the dial. Ethan raised up his arm, revealing the Omnitrix was glowing yellow.]

Sha’Rrow: Wait a minute? Is that… THE CAPTURE SETTING?!

[A yellow laser shot from the Omnitrix and it began absorbing Sha’Rrow.]

Sha’Rrow: No… this can’t be happening!

Ethan: Oh don’t give me the cinematic crap, it’s over!

Sha’Rrow: NO!!!

[Sha’Rrow began fading away, and in a white light and a cloud of dust surrounded the area. Hex stood back up and looked around.]

Hex: Sha’Rrow?

[A figure appeared in the cloud of dust and it faded revealing to be Ghoulseye back in his original form.]

Ghoulseye: Actually, I think you mean… GHOULSEYE!

[Ghoulseye raised his bow and fired multiple arrows at Hex. Hex began flying from the arrows and began blasting them one by one.]

Hex: No! I don’t know how you were capable of bringing Ghoulseye back into your Omnitrix, But I’ll just have to take him again!

[Ghoulseye went flying toward Hex, surrounded in a green spiritual aura.]

Ghoulseye: Oh! Not this time!

[Ghoulseye launched himself at Hex like an arrow, and Hex went flying back into the wall. Alice was cheering in the background, and Ghoulseye noticed, smiling. Ghoulseye flew over to Hex’s body. Hex began to wake up and he noticed he had an arrow aimed at his neck. The song ended.]

Ghoulseye: It’s over, Hex! Surrender!

[To Ghoulseye’s surprise, Hex suddenly began to laugh maniacally.]

Ghoulseye: Don’t test me! I’m not in the mood to play your games today!

Hex: Oh, I’m not testing you. I’m just surprised you didn’t realize that I still have the Ergaleío of Despair.

Ghoulseye: Oh, sonuvabitch!

[The song ended. From a purple flash of light, the Ergaleío of Despair appeared in Hex’s hands and he began to laugh once more. Meanwhile, outside, Terence was taking deep breaths.]

Terence: Okay, that’s all of them.

[Suddenly, a large group of more terrifying spirits appeared before them.]

Nikki: Maybe not!

[Meanwhile, inside, Hex was thrown back by Ghoulseye.]

Hex: You see! I don’t need Sha’Rrow anymore, when I can still take over the Earth myself!

[Hex striked a purple blast at Ghoulseye, and smacked him with his staff. Ghoulseye transformed back into Ethan, and Alice began helping him up.]

Hex: I should thank you really. Now without him standing in my way, nothing will stop me from reshaping the world into my rightful image!

Ethan: I’ll still stop you, Hex!

Hex: How? None of the aliens you have displayed possess the power to stop me or my army of spiritual monsters!

Ethan: There’s still one alien you haven’t met yet!

[The core raised from the Omnitrix and Ethan slammed down.]

[ECHO ECHO TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised out his arm, and a white material began surrounding his arm. Ethan’s face then started to change. His ears formed into headphone pieces and cords began sticking out as they plugged into his back. Everything zoomed out to his front as Echo Echo raised up his arms, striking a pose. A bright flash shined at the camera, and the green light faded.]


Hex: [Laughing] What’s that puny thing going to do to me?

Echo Echo: Cover your ears, Alice!

[Alice covered her ears, and Echo Echo duplicated into a group of clones to surround Hex.]

Echo Echo: WALL OF SOUND!!!

[The Echo Echo’s launched their wall of sound attack as they blasted Hex’s ears. Hex began screaming and began wiping each clone with an energy blast.]

Hex: Spirits, awaken!

[A group of monstrous spirits phased from the ground and began attacking Echo Echo. Echo Echo duplicated a group of clones as they ran away from the spirits. One of the Echo Echo’s turned back and screamed a soundwave, it caused the spirit to poof from the scene.]

Alice: Echo Echo can actually affect the spirits…

Echo Echo: Aw yeah! Now that’s what I like to hear!

[The other Echo Echos turned around and fired their sonic attacks at the spirits.]

Hex: What?! That’s impossible!

[More Echo Echo’s began wiping away Hex’s spirits, as they each poofed from the battlefield.]

Hex: This cannot be! How is sound supposed to be able to defeat my spirits?

Echo Echo: Guess your spirits aren’t as powerful as you thought!

[Echo Echo screamed his sound waves at Hex, throwing him back. Hex fired an energy jolt at the Echo Echo, as he ran away and jumped from the blast.]

Hex: Rava Eelartas Gallametroy!

[Hex’s spell created a giant wave of wind, and the Echo Echo clones went flying all over across the room. Alice hopped onto Hypnotick as Hypnotick stretched its tongue toward part of the wall hang on for dear life. Hex snapped his fingers and the gust of wind stopped. All the Echo Echo clones went flying to the ground, and they all disappeared one by one until only one remained standing. Hex flew toward the remaining Echo Echo. Echo Echo gasped as the song shifted]

Hex: You know what, Wellington? I don’t have any duplication spells in my book! I think this would be the perfect opportunity to go ahead and do this!

[Hex grabbed onto the Omnitrix symbol and red aura and electricity began surrounding the two of them.]

Echo Echo: Wait, no… stop!

[Echo Echo’s body began to crack, as it revealed a green glow was coming from the cracks. The cracks grew further and Echo Echo began screaming for his life.]

Alice: Not this time! Get him, Hypnotick!

[Hypnotick lashed its tongue out at Hex and it threw him across the room. As Echo Echo’s body finished cracking and a green light appeared before them. Ethan was thrown back to the side of the room, as he saw a cloud of smoke appear before them.]

Ethan: Ugh… that hurt more than the last time!

[Ethan rubbed his head, and as the cloud of smoke faded, he saw a green energy being looking like Echo Echo, floating before him.]

Ethan: Oh, man. Not again!

[Alice gasped. Echo Echo flew towards him and Ethan screamed and covered himself. For a moment, nothing happened, Ethan opened his eye and realized Echo Echo was giving him his hand.]

[Ethan moved his arms and gave Echo Echo his hand, as Echo Echo pulled him up.]

Alice: Yes!

[Hex pulled the large pieces of rumble off him and floated in the air as he was channeling himself with red energy. He gasped as he saw Echo Echo flying beside Ethan, as it stood in a fighting stance.]

Ethan: Oh-ho-ho, man! You just made a big mistake, pal!

Hex: I don’t know what you are! But can’t you see? I freed you from your prison, you should be obeying me! Now destroy the boy, and let us take over the world together!

Ethan: I don’t know, what do you think?

[Echo Echo shook his head.]

Ethan: Yeah, I thought so. Now… go get him!

[Echo Echo dashed toward Hex at sonic speed and began punching Hex a bunch of times, sending him backwards. Hex got up and fired red electrical attacks, which Echo Echo swiftly dodged the blasts. Echo Echo smacked Hex again, and Hex went flying back. Hex looked up at the charging Echo Echo and created a red energy dome just in time before Echo Echo could strike him again. The green and red energy collided, and Echo Echo’s energy broke he dome and sent another sonic boom at Hex. Hex went flying into the ground, spitting blood out of his mouth. Echo Echo floated, waiting for his next action. Meanwhile, below, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki, Lieutenant Steel and A’taenda ran inside, making their way to Alice and Hypnotick.]

Nikki: Hey! Is everything alright?

Alice: Yeah.

Hannibal: Did Ethan manage to get Ghoulseye back?

Alice: Yeah.

Lieutenant Steel: What in blazes is that?

[A’taenda looked at Echo Echo floating in the sky and turned to see Ethan was watching the fight from nearby.]

A'taenda: Don’t tell me…

Alice: Yeah, that right there is Echo Echo’s true form.

Hex: Reanima Verdanica!

[Giant vines sprouted from the sides of the walls and began to wrap around Echo Echo. Echo Echo struggled to break free from the vines, but then created a green energy burst to break free from the vines. Echo Echo looked down as Hex bursted at him before he could do anything.]

Hex: Cloudordourus!

[Hex began crushing Echo Echo against the wall.]

Hex: You think just because you’re freed from the Omnitrix means you can stop me? Think again! I have personally defeated all of Ethan’s transformations! What makes you any better than the rest of them?

[Hex’s magic continued crushing Echo Echo and he was struggling to break free. Echo Echo charged his energy, and unleashed a group of his energy clones to strike and attack Hex. Some of the clones began punching Hex all over across the room, and another one of the Echo Echo’s helped him out. The two Echo Echo’s joined back into the fight and, at light speed, sent Hex everywhere across the room. They eventually stopped and he took deep breaths.]

Hex: You… haven’t won yet! I still have the Ergaleío of Despair! I still control every spirit living on this planet! I am invincible!!!

[The Ergaleío of Despair went flying into Hex’s hands, and the dozens of Echo Echos screamed their echo chamber attack together.]


[Hex covered his ears, and noticed the Ergaleío of Despair began to shatter.]


[The Ergaleío of Despair shattered, and Hex tried powering himself up.]


[Hex screamed and a sonic boom sent flying Hex into the ground at fast speed. Hex created a giant impact on the ground, and it created a cloud of dust. The cloud of dust faded and Hex was unconscious with his arms and legs spread out. Meanwhile, outside Hollywood Hills, the spirits began going back into the ground. The purple clouds surrounding the sky began to clear away, and daylight shone down. Outside a family’s house, the spirits went back into the ground. Meanwhile, outside Museum Ultima, souls went flying back into the officers bodies. The officers had awakened and realized they were okay, and began to cheer. Back inside Sha’Rrow’s lair, the Echo Echo’s formed back into one and flew down to the group as everyone cheered for him.]

Nikki, Alice: Woo!!!

Hannibal: Yeah! We finally managed to defeat Hex!

Terence, Lieutenant Steel: About time!

Ethan: Nice work, Echo Echo.

[The song ended. Ethan raised out his hand for Echo Echo to shake. But before he could make any sudden movements, Echo Echo’s body began to sparkle around him.]

Ethan: Echo Echo?

[Echo Echo’s body spreaded into particles until eventually he disappeared from existence.]

A'taenda: A Sonorosian can only stay out of their containment suits for so long on specific planets before their bodies destabilize. And given that Hex removed from him the Omnitrix…

Ethan: That means… Echo Echo is gone...

Hannibal: Echo Echo sacrificed himself to save all of us.

Lieutenant Steel: Not just all of us, but the entire planet.

[Everyone looked down, and Ethan looked at the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Echo Echo was my most powerful transformation and I didn’t even know it.

[Ethan turned around, facing the others as gave them a smile.]

Ethan: Echo Echo's sacrifice was not in vain. Let’s all remember what he did for us. He gave us the fighting chance we needed to defeat Hex once and for all.

[Everyone looked up and smiled.]

Lieutenant Steel: He’s right. Echo Echo did a lot of us, it’s only fair we honor him.

Hannibal: You know, he may have been small, but he always manage to pull through for us.

Terence: If it wasn’t for him, we would’ve been dead 6 months ago.

Nikki: Even with that loud mouth of his, he sure was something.

Alice: We’ll miss you, Echo Echo!

[Ethan turned back around, and looked at the last of his particles disappearing into the sky.]

Ethan: So long, old friend.

[To Ethan’s surprise, the Omnitrix began beeping and flashing yellow.]

A'taenda: Welp, that’s my cue!

Ethan: Hey, what?

[A'taenda climbed up Ethan, and removed the Omnitrix from Ethan’s wrist.]

A'taenda: There, that should stop it!

Ethan: Wait, what are you doing?

A'taenda: Well now that your Sonorosian DNA sample has been removed, I have to completely fix the Omnitrix by hand, and especially to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Ethan: I’m sorry…

A'taenda: Oh, don’t you beat yourself up kid. Relax, you have proven your worth as the Omnitrix bearer. You may have caused this problem, but you managed to fix it on your own. That’s just what like a Planchakule does, they break their valuables and they do everything they can to FIX-FIX-FIX things! You did good work today, kid. Now, if you may excuse me, I’m off to my home planet, until we meet again!

[A'taenda tapped her belt buckle and she transported off in a green light. The song shifted.]

Ethan: Wait, does that mean my powers are gone?! Oh, man! I don’t want to return back to my normal life!

Hannibal: Hey, don’t worry, man. You still have us to hang with!

Ethan: Yeah…

Lieutenant Steel: And there’s always a place for you at the SACT. You are still a part time agent after all, and everything we’ve been through, I see there’s no reason to kick you out just yet.

Ethan: Thanks! Wait a minute, Hannibal… Does that mean?

Hannibal: Yeah, we’re cool again.

Terence: After all, Alice heard your little speech when you went up against Hex and Sha’Rrow. She told us everything and caught us up to speed.

[Ethan’s eyes widened as he turned to a smiling Alice.]

Ethan: Uhh....

Nikki: Look, just because you kept something from us, doesn’t mean we’re going to let you off easy. But don’t bring yourself down about it either, we’re always going to be your friends, Ethan. It’s not like we’re going to abandon you or anything. Didn’t the Gary Stew situation teach you anything?

Ethan: Ugh! Quit reminding me that happened! I hate hearing about that guy.

Lieutenant Steel: Alright kids, let’s take you guys back to campus. After all, you got a lot of studying to do if you’re gonna pass your exams. Meanwhile, my team and I have got a lot of cleaning up to do.

[They began walking down the hill. The song shifted.]

Nikki: How are you going to clean this up?

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t worry, we have our ways.

[Ethan grabbed Alice by the shoulder, and she turned to them.]

Ethan: So, Alice. You heard everything, huh…

Alice: Yeah… I did.

Ethan: Even the part about-

Alice: Yeah.

Ethan: I uhh... [Blushing] Wow, I have no idea what to say right now.

Alice: I do.

[Alice walked up to Ethan.]

Alice: I think what you did there was the sweetest thing you’ve ever said.

[Alice kissed Ethan on the lips as his face turned red. He shut his eyes and kissed back. Everything zoomed up into the sky as the sun was shining on the screen. The song ended.]


[Everything transitioned to outside the Horizon campus. We zoomed down to see that buses and cars were parked outside as people were stepping inside, while others were waiting for their rides. A bus pulled in front of a few students and Alice. Alice stood up and grabbed her luggage. Nikki, Terence and Hannibal were standing beside him.]

Alice: Welp, guess my bus is here.

Nikki: We’re going to miss you, Alice!

Alice: Don’t worry, I’ll be back in 3 months!

Terence: Good, because if you don’t, you won’t hear the end of it from me.

Nikki: Are you sure you don’t wanna stick around for the summer?

Alice: If I do, I won’t hear the end of it from my mom. Oh well, maybe next summer. But wait, Terence, you don’t actually live here?

Terence: Yeah, but I actually want a break from my parents. Unlike you all, I’ll be busy taking other courses over the summer. That and I’ll be traveling to Europe.

Alice: Wow, that’s cool.

Hannibal: So, Alice, what are you going to do?

Alice: I don’t know, probably improve my writing skills. I know I have a lot to do if I’m going to become a great writer. Thank you guys, you’ve really turned my life around over the last year, and now… I can’t wait to see what next year is going to be like!

Hannibal: Me too… Although, after all the alien attacks it’s going to be nice to finally relax for a while.

Nikki: I’ll say. I get to soak up the sun and visit my Hanny-boo everyday.

Terence: Boy, I’m going to throw up… [Gulps]

Alice: Hey, speaking of which, where is Ethan?

Nikki: Oh he said he couldn’t make it. He wanted to start the summer early so he rushed on home a few hours ago.

Hannibal: Same old Ethan. He could’ve at least stayed to say goodbye.

Alice: Yeah, I’ll just give him crap about it over text. I‘m going to give him one hell of a guilt trip.

Terence: Oh boy...

Nikki: Take care, Alice!

Alice: You too!

[Alice stepped onto the bus and the bus began taking off as Hannibal, Terence and Nikki waved goodbye. Meanwhile, at Ethan’s house, Ethan arrived inside and threw his bag onto the couch.]

Ethan: Ugh...


[Ethan recognized the voice and ran to it’s direction. Ethan entered his room, with At’aenda standing on his bed.]

A'taenda: Finally you made it! I was wondering where you were.

Ethan: A'taenda? What are you doing here?

A'taenda: I teleported here, but that’s not important. Check this out!

[A'taenda turned around grabbed a device from the side, and turned back to the front to reveal to Ethan she had a new Omnitrix waiting for him. The design had more golden features and a new dial laid onto it.]

Ethan: The Omnitrix? I thought you were never going to give it back after I busted the thing and nearly destroyed the entire planet!

A'taenda: Are you kidding me?! You may be reckless, but you humans sure are interesting.

Ethan: Haha, well I am- Wait, what?

A'taenda: You’re a unique guy, Ethan. You managed to fix your mistake, while others would have just sat back and do nothing. You are probably the best candidate to bear the Omnitrix, Ethan. I believe there’s more good you can do with it than anyone else.

Ethan: Really, sweet!

[Ethan bent over, and A'taenda strapped the new Omnitrix on Ethan’s wrist.]

A'taenda: And, since Echo Echo’s no longer on the active list, I thought this would interest you.

[A'taenda dialed up a new alien icon on the active list. The icon revealed to be a long-necked figure standing on all fours.]

Ethan: Whoa, no way! A new alien?! Oh I’ve got to try this out!

A'taenda: Then what are you waiting for?!

Ethan: It’s Action Time!

[Ethan stood up and activated the Omnitrix’s core. He raised up his hand and slammed down with a light blinding the screen. The song shifted.]


[Meanwhile, Alice was sitting on the bus in an empty seat, as she finished an angry text she sent to Ethan. She looked to the side of the window and watched the buildings go by. Suddenly, she saw XLR8 ran past by her, and gasped. Alice raised the window down, and the others gasped at XLR8. XLR8 raised his visor, smiling and waved to her.]

Alice: Thanks for everything!!!

[XLR8 stopped as Alice’s bus left the road into the interstate. XLR8 became surrounded in green orbs and transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: This is going to be the best summer of my life!

[Ethan raised his fist and everything panned up to the sun as it shined brightly at the screen.]

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E-10 Will Return! (S2).png

Major Events

  • Ethan's Omnitrix is revealed to be on the fritz since Ghoulseye escaped the Omnitrix.
  • Lieutenant Steel saves Ethan and co. in time.
  • The creator of the Omnitrix, A'taenda reveals herself.
  • Ethan and A'taenda reveal the name of the Omnitrix to the group.
  • Ethan reveals how much he cares for Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki.
  • Ethan openly admits his feelings toward Alice.
  • Sha'Rrow is defeated and Ghoulseye returns to the Omnitrix.
  • Hex removes Echo Echo from the Omnitrix.
  • Echo Echo's true form is revealed.
  • Hex is officially defeated and captured by the SACT.
  • Echo Echo's body turns into particles, revealing Ethan can't return him back inside.
  • A'taenda takes the Omnitrix in for repairs.
  • Ethan and Alice share their first kiss.
  • Alice heads home for the summer.
  • A'taenda gives Ethan an upgraded Omnitrix, which respectively gives Ethan a new 10th slot.


  • Ethan brings up the visions he witnessed back in Livin' the Dream.
  • The group, specifically Hannibal and Alice become pissed with Ethan as he promised not to lie or keep secrets from them any longer.
    • Hannibal's reason was because of the events from Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil
    • Alice's reason was because of the two being best friends and always telling each other everything.
  • Hannibal and Nikki reference to their childhood personas Mighty Man and Mega Girl.
  • Alice brings out her pet Hypnotick to fight in battle.
  • Ethan brings up how important the Omnitrix, Alice and his friends at Horizon are to him, this is also the second time Ethan's let out his true depression.
  • The group calls back to the Gary Stew incident from He's Everything You Want when Nikki asks if Ethan's learned anything from it.



Aliens Used


  • The title for this episode is based on Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
  • Ethan once again quotes Asta's catchphrase from Black Clover "I'm Not Done Yet!"
  • One of the name-calls Ethan gives to Hex is "Voldemort" from Harry Potter, due to him being also an evil wizard.
  • Diamondhead calls Sha'Rrow "Ghostfreak" as a nod to canon Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr in the original Ben 10 series.
  • Hannibal quotes "Same Old Ethan", once again being a reference from Mission Impossible: Fallout.
  • A few scenes from Omni-Tricked were recreated for this episode.
    • First being Hex telling Ethan there's nothing he can do to stop him until Ethan transforms into an alien he hasn't fought Hex with.
      • This also leads to Ethan using the same alien he's going to lose in that episode.
    • The second being Ethan continuously changing and having a miserable time controlling them.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
  • The Protective Pillars
  • SM Ending Credits
  • Where the Ortus Blooms
  • A New Journey to Where Xerneas Is


  • This marks the first completed first season for E-10 on Ben10Fanfiction.
    • This also marks the second ever completed first season in the E-10 franchise, next to E-10: Enhanced
      • However, most of Enhanced was unable to air due to Supreme Action shutting down after production had finished.
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