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Spirited Away, Part 1
General Information
Original broadcast April 19, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 19
Overall episode number 19
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5, Runny & TranswiththePlans
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Spirited Away, Part 1 is the nineteenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Hex goes after (the new artifact), but in order to activate it, he must request assistance from Ethan's most powerful transformation, Ghoulseye. Meanwhile, E-10 and co. prepare for the end of the school year.


The Beginning of the End

[The scene opened in the deep vacuum of space, with many distant stars and planets in view. The camera panned down, revealing a large white planet, then proceeded to zoom in. The camera sped along a plane of white sand, then panned up to see a large white plateau with a city built on top of it. The scene cut to the tallest building in the city, then zoomed into it. Inside, the room was aligned with several holographic computers and a large monitor at the front. Several red gremlin-like aliens wearing jumpsuits, which were known as Planchakule, were running around, checking the holographic computers and the monitor. A green light shot into the room, and a Planchakule materialized, wearing a brown aviator's hat, brown boots and a black jumpsuit with a white stripe. The Planchakule had silver and orange goggles wrapped around their eyes.]

Planchakule Scientist: Supreme Intelligence A’taenda! [Salutes]

A’taenda: At ease. So, I was told something urgent came up.

Planchakule Scientist: Ah, yes. You see, we just finally found the whereabouts of the Omnitrix, where it is, who it’s with, things like that.

A’taenda: WHAT?! And I’m just hearing about this now! Put it up on the monitor!

[The Planchakule scientists set up the monitor and the Omnitrix symbol appeared on the screen.]

Planchakule Scientist: Huh, that’s odd. It appears we’re tracing some sort of unknown amount of energy coming out of the Omnitrix.

[The Omnitrix symbol started flashing yellow. A’taenda took off its goggles to reveal golden eyes and long eyelashes. A’taenda rubbed their fingers against their eyebrows.]

A’taenda: Great, this is the first time we’ve gotten ahold of the Omnitrix after its initial launch, and after a year of radio silence, there’s something’s wrong. Of course!

Planchakule Scientist: What should we do about this, Supreme Intelligence?

A’taenda: Get me a ship, and program the coordinates of the Omnitrix. It’s about time I meet the person who’s been responsible for keeping my Omnitrix all this time.

[The scene immediately cut to black as loud snoring could be heard. The song ended.]


Let's Go Together - E-10 Cut

[The camera panned to the right as it the setting changed to Ethan’s bedroom, where he was sleeping in a weird position and drooling everywhere on his bed. His phone began vibrating on the desk by his bed, and Ethan groggily got up and turned over to see it was his alarm. He turned it off, then took a look at his phone to check the time. The date on the phone was April 26. Ethan shut his eyes and smiled to himself. As Ethan spoke, everything went completely black]

Ethan: Heh, It’s almost time…

E-10 Horizons logo

Let's Go Out Together - Episode 19 (Short)

[The setting took place outside the Horizon campus. Ethan exited one of the buildings with his hands in his pockets. Ethan began to walk to where he usually sat outside, when he stopped to see Hannibal and Nikki sitting under the umbrellas as they were gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands. Nikki was laughing at one of Hannibal’s jokes.]

Ethan: Wow...

Terence: Looks like they finally tied the knot.

[Ethan screamed and jumped back as he noticed Terence was standing right next to him.]

Ethan: AH! How did you get here?

Terence: I just arrived, same as you. Anyways, looks like after spending most of their entire lives together, Hannibal finally had the courage to tell Nikki how he feels. And it looks like Nikki was ready to start a relationship as well. About time.

Ethan: At least they didn’t spend two whole years being caught up in some love triangle online.

Terence: Did that actually happen to you?

Ethan: I don’t want to talk about it.

Nikki: Hey, guys!

[Nikki was signaling Ethan and Terence to come over. They smirked as they walked over to the two. The song shifted]

Where the Ortus Bloom - E-10 Full

Hannibal: We got big news!

Nikki: [Grabs Hannibal’s hand] We finally got together.

Ethan: I noticed.

Terence: About time you two finally hit it off! Now, Ethan, I want my 50 bucks back.

Nikki: What?

Terence: We made a bet about who would be the one to confess their feelings to whom first. I bet on Nikki…

Ethan: ...and I bet on Hannibal. In our defense, you knew about the bet too, Hannibal.

Hannibal: No, I didn’t!

Nikki: I can’t believe you two made a bet off our relationship.

Ethan: We’re sorry, we just thought it would fun to gamble on who would be the one to confess in the relationship.

Terence: It worked out anyway, didn’t it? You confessed to her, and now you two are a happy couple.

Ethan: Hey, if it makes you feel any better, if I happen to get into a relationship with a close friend of mine, you two can make a bet off of that.

Hannibal: Right...

[Hannibal, Terence and Nikki looked away, whistling innocently. Ethan raised his eyebrow as he acted with confusion.]

Nikki: Anyway, I can’t believe the school year’s already over.

Hannibal: Yeah, a lot has happened this year.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: The first scene showcased the SACT and the group charging inside Gi-Kwan's base. We cut to Nikki, Alice and Heatblast fighting Ernesto Andromeda and the Gifted. We cut to Nikki dragging Hannibal out of the scene while Four Arms fought the Robots from Dimension 12.]

Terence: We fought terrorists...

Nikki: Metahumans…

Ethan: Robots… all sorts of stuff like that…

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: A strapped up Hannibal looked down to see Gi-Kwan was standing below him with an evil smirk.]

Hannibal: Not to mention, I actually got kidnapped by a terrorist.

Nikki: Oh relax, we got you back in one piece, didn’t we?

Ethan: We also went on many adventures together.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki wearing gear as they reached towards a restaurant filled with Zombozo, the Circus Freaks, and the entire town zombified. We cut to XLR8 defeating Epoch as his body glew white.]

Ethan: Like when the city was hypnotized by a deranged group of circus freaks.

Nikki: Or like when we travelled across time to save Hannibal’s life from a time bounty hunter.

Hannibal: That’s nuts.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Kraab cornering Ethan by a tree as he aimed his pincer at him. Then Alice and Terence ran in firing paint at Kraab, which created a short circuit.]

Ethan: Oh, or like the time that killer robotoid crab hunted us down at Splattown!

Hannibal: Which, thanks to you, got us banned.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: Ethan, Alice and Terence were eventually shot from behind with paint. They turned around to notice it was the Gaia group who shot them.]

Ethan: Shut up! You know it was because of Gaia shooting us down.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: King Nidarian jumped down to shore, who stood before Ethan and co.]

Hannibal: Oh yeah, remember that time those ocean people invaded the beach and tried to take over the country?

Ethan: Yeah, I had back sores for weeks after that.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Terence, Nikki and Ethan climbing up Mount Seratu. We cut to Terence taking a picture which the white light blinded the screen.]

Terence: Or what about when we hiked all the way up Mount Serautu to grab a picture of Silene periodicum.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Jonah Melville and his hunters arriving inside a cave where the Father, Mother and Baby Landageddeti, as well as Ethan, Terence and Nikki were hanging at.]

Nikki: Yeah, until those hunters arrived to try and take the Landageddeti.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: Diamondhead freed the child Langageddeti from its net, and hugged him.]

Ethan: And Diamondhead shut ‘em down! Haha, yeah!

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: The EXPO host gave Hannibal a trophy as the crowd cheered for him.]

Hannibal: We did a lot of growing this year. I won the Horizon Robotics Expo!

Ethan: Oh yeah, what did they ever do with that?

[The flashback ended]

Hannibal: Well, the developers are still looking into marketing and patenting. I should hear something from them by the end of the summer.

Terence: I know I didn’t do much this year.

Nikki: Oh, please! You got second place for the Capture Contest.

Terence: I should’ve gotten first…

Nikki: Well if it wasn’t for Hex being the man behind the sorority, Alice and I could’ve gotten our grades up.

Hannibal: Don’t worry, babe. There’s always next year.

Ethan: Don’t even get me started with Hex.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Hex creating a powder of red dust that went flying at four Arms and knocked him unconscious. We cut to Ghoulseye charging towards Hex at the campus.]

Ethan: He’s been trying to steal my watch all this time.

Nikki: And he wasn’t the only one.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We cut to Echo Echo fighting Kraab in the forest. We cut to even Lieutenant Steel using tools to try and rip off the Omnitrix.]

[The flashback scenes ended and Ethan kicked back from his seat.]

Ethan: Well, it doesn’t matter. No matter who tries to take the watch away from me, I’m going to kick their butts before they can even try! [Looks at the watch] Besides, it’s not like this thing can come off anyway.

[Ethan sat back down, reclined and staring at the ground.]

[The flashback scenes continued as Ethan reminisced with the others.]

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: The scene opened to Ethan waking up to see Alice in front of him, as she checked to see if he was okay. We cut to Ethan, Terence and Nikki having a conversation by a campire. Then we cut to Gi'Kwan's destroyed lair outside, as Hannibal shakes Ethan's hand, forgiving him for lying. We last cut to Alice jumping onto Ethan as she hugged him tight.]

Ethan: Besides, if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have had a place to call my own or had the friends I was always searching for. I always felt lonely, and coming to Horizons really changed everything. It’s made me become a better person than I thought I ever could be...

[The flashback ended. Ethan sat up as he had a moment of realization.]

Ethan: Hey, wait a minute. Where is Alice anyway? Shouldn’t she been reminiscing the great times we’ve had with us?

Nikki: Oh, she’s back at the library, studying for the exams coming up next week.

Ethan: [Stands up] AH! I forgot she was supposed to start tutoring me a few minutes ago!

[Ethan stood up and hurried to grab his stuff.]

Nikki: You better hurry, you know how she’s like when you make her wait.

Ethan: Yeah, I know! I’ll see you later!

[As Ethan ran off, Terence smirked and turned to the couple.]

Terence: So is our bet still on?

Hannibal: Oh yeah!

Nikki: It’s on.

[The song ended. Meanwhile, inside the library, Alice was sitting at one of the study areas, flipping through one of her books. Behind her, a green slimy creature was slithering up toward her. Alice heard the noise and turned to it, revealing the creature to be Goop as he took a humanoid form.]

Goop: Hey, Alice.

[Alice slightly jumped and smiled.]

Alice: Hey!

[Goop tapped the Omnitrix symbol, became covered in green orbs, and transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Huh, I thought that would’ve worked.

Alice: It would have if I wasn’t expecting you.

Ethan: [Sits down] Right, that’s kinda bad on my part… Sorry for being late.

Alice: It’s fine, I was just going over my notes to see what I needed to study for.

Ethan: You know you just missed a moment with the group. We were just reminiscing our time together and how much has changed since then.

Alice: Oh really?

A Road The Heart Brings (Short Version)

Ethan: Yeah, if only you were there, it would’ve made the moment more special. Since ya know, all of us would’ve been together and everything...

Alice: Well, I’ve been busy studying. Ever since I’ve gotten into this major, I’ve been working extra hard to get to where I want to be.

[FLASHBACK MONTAGE: We flashback to a confused Alice walking with Alexia, Cassie and May as they discussed what they were doing. We cut to Alice's mother throwing a Younger Alice's art piece on the ground as she cried. We cut to present day where Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were having a laughful discussion at their usual spot. We cut to Alice trying to report a story with the Hot Dog stand. We cut to Alice was discussing what to do with her life in front of Ethan, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki, who smiled and accepted her.]

Alice: When I first came to Horizon, I didn’t even know where I was going. All I wanted do was to get away from my mother and finally live the life I wanted to live. But now, with the love and support from my friends, I got the push I really needed to finally discover what I really want to be. And now I’m going to stick with the friends who’ve pushed me this far and become the best writer I can be!

[The flashback montage ended.]

Ethan: Good, because it wouldn’t be fun at Horizons without you.

[The two paused and blushed for a moment, and then shook their heads.]

Alice: Thanks. Umm… Oh! So, I’ve already signed up for next semester’s classes.

Ethan: Oh, that’s great.

Alice: Yeah! You’ve signed up for yours too, haven’t you?

Ethan: ...Yeah, I need to get work on that… [Scratches the back of his head.]

A Road The Heart Brings (Long Version)

Alice: It’s just, after going through everything I did at Horizons, I really felt like I’ve changed as a person. Like, I finally found myself, ya know?

Ethan: Yeah, I get what ya mean. Truth is, Horizons changed me too, but it’s not just that. Ever since I found… the watch… all these endless possibilities have come to me. Thanks to this, I got the chance I was waiting for to finally go to an art school, to finally build up my confidence, to make friends, and be somewhere that I can call my own. Wow, I feel like I’m repeating myself…

Alice: Well, I’m assuming you just had this conversation with everyone else.

Ethan: Yeah. It’s funny, after this week, the school year would be over, and I would’ve had this watch for about one year now.

Alice: Really? That’s great!

Ethan: Yeah! Wait, great that the year is ending or great at the watch part?

Alice: The watch.

Ethan: Right. [Looks at the Omnitrix] If I hadn’t found this, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me. I probably would’ve stayed where I was, and never made it to my dream.

Alice: Oh, I’m sure you would have! It just wouldn’t have happened the same way. Actually, I think if you weren’t here, I would never have figured myself out, and I would’ve ended up going back to my mother.

Ethan: Alice…

Alice: I think you were destined to have that watch, and I think in some way we were destined to meet. I mean, we both had a hard time making friends and we struggled to even get to where we are now, we changed each other for the better. What I’m saying is, I’m glad I’ve met you, Ethan. So...

[She stood up and bowed to him.]

Alice: Thank you for helping me change my life.

[Ethan paused and blushed for a moment.]

Ethan: Whoa, you… don’t have to do that…

[Alice sat back down.]

Alice: Sorry, it’s a force of habit…

[Ethan looked to the side and thought of something to cheer her up.]

Ethan: [Smirks] Is it because you’re Asian?

Alice: Shut up, you racist! I’m only 1/16, and you can’t even notice! Anyway, let’s get to studying.

Ethan: Right.

[We zoom out and away from Ethan and Alice as they began to study. The song ended. The scene shifted to the two leaving the library with their stuff as the sun was starting to set.]

Hannibal: Hey, guys!

[Ethan and Alice saw Hannibal and Terence waving at them. Ethan and Alice approached them.]

Alice: Hey, where’s Nikki?

Terence: She had somewhere she needed to be.

Hannibal: I miss her already… Anyway, Terence and I thought about grabbing a bite to eat. You guys wanna come with?

Alice: Yeah, sure!

Ethan: Sounds great.

[The four began walking down the sidewalk, heading for the parking lot.]

Hannibal: Oh, you know what sounds good? That burger place down by Main Street.

Ethan: Aw, man! That place makes the best burgers!

Terence: I could really go for a burger right now.

Alice: That sounds so great.

Hannibal: Yeah, I heard their new Monster Bacon Burger is the best one in town.

[The conversation began to fade as Ethan walked past a figure wearing a brown coat. His shoulder bumped into Ethan’s. Ethan noticed this and turned over to take a look.]

Terence: No way! The Cheddar Onion Slice Me Burger is way better than that.

Hannibal: Oh yeah, prove me wrong.

Alice: Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a bet!

Encounter with Hex

[Ethan’s eyes widened as he saw Hex’s face. The two past each other as the others finished their conversation. Ethan turned back as he shouted with an angry facial expression.]

Ethan: HEX!!!

[The others turned around surprised to hear Ethan shout. Hex threw the trenchcoat off him, as his palms glowed with red energy. The other three gasped.]

Not This Time!

Hex: Ah, why hello Ethan, and children!

Alice: Hello! We’re not children. We’re in our 20s.

Terence: Actually, I’m still 19, so...

Ethan: Sneaking back into colleges again, are we? You really think we would fall for that for a third time?

Hex: Actually, I wasn’t posing as a teacher this time. But seeing as you saw through my disguise, I have to say, you’ve colored me impressed!

Ethan: Whatever you’re after, whether it’s the watch or whatever magic artifact you have hidden around here, you’re not getting it! It’s Action Time!

[Ethan scrolled through the Omnitrix, as he turned from Goop’s icon to Heatblast to Ghoulseye. Ethan slammed down and he transformed into a bright green light. The light faded and Ethan revealed to have gotten the wrong alien.]

Heatblast: Aw, Heatblast? Did you have to pick now to give me the wrong alien?!

[Hex surrounded Heatblast in a red aura and lifted him in the air.]

Hex: I don’t have time for your childish games today, E-10. While you do have something I need, retrieving it now would be futile without the final piece to my weapon!

[Hex blasted Heatblast into one of the buildings and he fell to the ground.]

Alice: Hey, leave him alone!

[Alice, Hannibal and Terence threw pebbles at Hex. Hex, irritated, launched a small wave of magic, throwing them backwards. Suddenly, Hex heard a roar of fire and turned to the noise.]

Heatblast: Get away from my friends!

[Heatblast was flying toward him like a rocket and raised his fist at him. Hex raised his fist.]

Hex: Orter Sibalitenv!

[Hex waved a red energy blast, and Heatblast was thrown back. Heatblast fell down to the ground and landed on his feet. Heatblast raised his arms and launched fireballs from his hands. Hex created a forcefield and blocked the attack.]

Hex: Really, Wellington? Is that really necessary?

[Heatblast stopped and clenched his fist. Heatblast placed his palms into the ground.]

Hex: Now, if you may excuse me, I have other things I must attend to.

[Hex put his forcefield down and started floating away. To his surprise, a geyser of lava burst from the ground.]

Heatblast: Yes!

[The lava died down and Hex was revealed to be surrounded in a magic dome. The dome disappeared and Hex fell to the ground, severely damaged. Heatblast flew over to him.]

Heatblast: You're finished, Hex. Come quietly, or I’ll fry you into a baked potato.

[Hex’s grimoire floated above and the pages spun to a specific page.]

Hex: Recovery magic… Sanitatem Corporis!

[A green ray shot from the ground and his whole body began to heal in a bright light. Heatblast blocked himself from the light and turned to see Hex floating back in the air.]

Hex: So long, Wellington! I’ll see you again shortly!

[Hex snapped his fingers and a cloud of red dust appeared. Heatblast began to cough and waved his arms to wipe away the dust. The dust cleared and Hex was nowhere in sight. Heatblast powered down back into Ethan, and he turned to the others as they approached him.]

Ethan: Scatter! Check every glimpse of campus for Hex and see if you can find him! I’m not letting him out of my sight tonight!

[We zoom in towards Ethan’s angered expression as the song ended. The scene shifted to nightfall as Nikki stepped out of her car in the parking lot. She ran over to find the others still searching for him.]

Magician's Whereabouts

Nikki: Any luck?

Hannibal: Nothing yet.

Terence: I don’t think we’re going to find him with an angry Ethan pacing back and forth.

[They turned to see Ethan constantly hitting the Omnitrix. As nothing happened, he screamed in irritation.]

Hannibal: Man, I haven’t seen Ethan get this angry before. Can’t say I blame him.

Nikki: I mean, he’s been fighting Hex all year, it had to get to him eventually.

Terence: Plus, every time we’ve gotten close to catching him, he always slips away from under our noses. Not to mention there was that one time where Hex kidnapped him and strapped him to a torture table. Man, I don’t wanna know what goes on in Hex’s mind.

[Both Alice and Nikki smacked Terence from the back of the head.]

Terence: Ow!

Alice: I’ll go talk to him.

[Alice walked over to Ethan.]

Alice: Hey, any luck with the watch?

Ethan: No. I’m guessing you haven’t found Hex yet?

[Alice nodded.]

Ethan: Ugh, this is stupid! I should’ve gotten Ghoulseye! At least then I would’ve been able to finish him off for good.

Alice: It’s going to be okay, we’ll find him.

Ethan: How? He always manages to slip away! Even if we manage to find him, he’s going to get away again eventually. Besides, none of my aliens but Ghoulseye have been able to defeat him. Ugh! I swear, I’m sick of this thing giving me the wrong alien. What’s the point of having a dial if I’m always going to end up with someone else? I should’ve kept switching until I had finally gotten Ghoulseye.

Alice: And what if you did? Can you really guarantee you would win with Ghoulseye?

Ethan: No…

Alice: Then stop acting like a child and stop blaming your watch or your transformations for this. It’s like what we talked about, you can’t become too dependent on one particular form. You may not be able to control what alien you want or when, but you can control the outcome of your situation if you just focus. So, why don’t we focus on finding him instead of waiting for the watch to recharge.

[Ethan took a deep breath.]

Ethan: You’re right. I’m sorry for snapping.

Nikki: You know, I just thought of something. Doesn’t Hex have some kind of evil lair hiding somewhere around here?

[We cut to the group arriving inside the library as they walked passed a group of bookshelves.]

Hannibal: Hex had an evil lair at campus?

Nikki: Yeah, when Hex was working as the school’s librarian, he used to keep all his special belongings deep inside some underground basement.

Terence: Why didn’t Hannibal and I know about this?

Nikki: You never asked.

[They arrived to a bookcase standing before them.]

Ethan: Okay, it should be around here somewhere.

[Ethan looked around the shelves as he tried pinpointing which book was the switch.]

Ethan: If I remember correctly... it was... this one!

[Before Ethan grabbed the book, the bookshelf split in two and began opening to a set of stairs below. Ethan turned over to see Alice was holding a book.]

Alice: Guess I got it.

[The five entered downstairs and Nikki turned on the light.]

Ethan: Alright, everyone, look around! Hex should have some kind of magic clue hidden around here.

[The group began searching all over Hex’s basement. Nikki was looking through drawers and Terence searched through the files scattered on Hex’s desk.]

Terence: This place is a pigsty! How is anyone supposed to find something in here?

Ethan: Wait ‘til you see my room.

Terence: Why does that not surprise me?

[Hannibal searched underneath Hex’s desk as Alice was searching through a small bookshelf. Hannibal pulled something out from the desk and found a small box containing files, books and artifacts.]

Hannibal: Hey guys, I think I found something!

[Hannibal sat the box on the desk as the others walked over behind Hannibal to take a closer look. They looked at the objects and sat some aside.]

Nikki: I don’t mean to sound like Captain Obvious, but this must be the place where he kept all his important artifacts and papers.

[Alice held a stack of papers.]

Alice: Hey guys, look! Hex has a checklist of every artifact and spell he was going to go after in the next 5 years. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D. Wow… It’s like he knew some of his plans were going to fail.

Hannibal: He must’ve had a contingency plan for everything in case one of his plans were to go sideways.

Terence: That’s smart. Never know what’s going to go wrong.

Ethan: Does it say anything about Hex’s current plan?

Alice: It only goes up to the hidden necklace in the library, sorry.

Ethan: Well to be fair, when Hex was here, he wasn’t planning on grabbing the watch or going after me at the time.

Hannibal: But this might say what he’s currently going after. He said he was going after a weapon, didn’t he? I think this might sum it up.

The Story of Sha'Rrow (Hannibal Opens the Book, I'm Not Done Yet)

[Hannibal laid a book wide open, and the pages in front of them revealed drawings of three different kinds of weapons. One being a piece of stone with a magic glyph surrounding it, a staff with large engravings, and a sharp sabertooth surrounded in energy.]

Hannibal: The Colossal Stone, The Staff of Vibrius and Agniacius, and the Sabortooth Relic of Imperium. Once these core items are merged together, they can create the weapon that can reshape the world. Those who know of it fear it as the ultimate weapon, The Ergaleío of Despair. Once put together, it can reshape living matter, control the living, but most importantly, be able to summon and manipulate the spirits of the dead.

Terence: So wait, it can summon spirits?

Ethan: Just like how Ghoulseye can summon spiritual weapons. He must be going after something that can double that power.

Hannibal: I’m not done.

[Hannibal turned the page revealing people bowing over the person holding the weapon.]

Hannibal: The one who wields the Ergaleío of Despair will be worshipped like a god. But the ones who defy him will suffer the consequences.

[Hannibal turned the page to reveal a group of souls going flying into the scythe.]

Hannibal: If one defies him, their body will be burned to crisps and their souls will go flying into the weapon, for the ruler to manipulate and control for all their lives.

[Ethan prepared to walk up toward the exit.]

Ethan: We can’t let Hex go after this! C’mon guys, we have to go!

[Hannibal, Terence and Nikki gasped.]

Alice: Wait a minute, Ethan!

Nikki: I think you need to see this!

[Ethan turned back and his eyes widened. The page revealed a figure looking similar to Ghoulseye.]

Terence: Wait, is that… Ghoulseye?!

Hannibal: Before anyone can wield such power, they must be accepted by a Ghoul Overlord, particularly being Sha’Rrow. Sha’Rrow is from an alien race known as a Vapenterisk, they come from the planet Tryelle. They are known to be carefree party animals due to the lack of the rules or government. Sha’Rrow was different, however. Sha’Rrow was originally set on planetary conquest. He would make others do his bidding or they would be sent to a shadow realm for all of eternity. However, once the other Vapenterisks stepped in line, they banished him into an energy core for all of eternity, made up of Angelic Energy.

Ethan: That’s weird.

Hannibal: And in order for an outsider to be granted such power, they must be chosen and accepted in order to wield the Ergaleío of Despair. Once they’re allowed this power, the wielder can do as he wishes, but if refused he will be banished into the weapon for all of eternity.

Ethan: But what does this have to do with Ghoulseye?

Alice: Think of it, Ethan. If Ghoulseye comes from the same planet as Sha’Rrow, he will be able to be grant him that power.

Ethan: Then he has a lot of making up to do if he thinks I’m going to allow him that kind of power.

Terence: Unless he has some kind of plan to make you do it, then I don’t see why any of it is necessary. Plus, you can totally change his mind and trap him inside, then you won’t have to deal with Hex.

Nikki: None of this makes any sense.

Ethan: There’s a bigger picture we’re missing here. Is there anything else inside?

Hannibal: [Turns page] Nothing, it just takes me to another spell.

[Everyone’s phones started going off and they received an Amber Alert on their phones. The Amber Alert said: “Mad Magician attacks Museum Ultima. Subject appears to be a tall male, assuming to be in his mid 30s. The magician is armed and very dangerous. Stay Safe.” Ethan began heading for the stairway.]

Nikki: Ethan, what are you doing? You know he’s going after the Ergaleío of Despair! If he makes you use Ghoulseye, it’s all over!

Ethan: That’s only if he has all the artifacts. Besides, many lives are at stake, if I don’t go, people are going to get hurt.

Alice: Then we’re coming with you.

Terence: Why do you always assume I’m in on the matter?

[Nikki smacked Terence from the back of his head.]

Ethan: This is Hex we’re dealing with.

Hannibal: Yeah, the same Hex we’ve managed to defeat time and time again. Not like anything’s different about this time, except we’ll catch him!

[Ethan smirked.]

Ethan: You guys really know how to lighten up a situation. [Raises fist] Alright, let’s go!

Ideals and Truth (E-10 Cut, Museum to Slam Down)

[We opened to the next scene outside Museum Ultima, where police officers and police tape surrounded the entire area. Meanwhile, near the entrance, a group of bushes began moving toward the doors. Hannibal popped his head out of the bush that was nearest to the entrance. He signaled Ethan, Terence, Nikki and Alice as they ran inside. Hannibal made sure everyone went in first before he did, then ran inside. The armed guard turned around thinking he heard something, but shrugged it off. The five ran down the halls as they made their way to a corner, they saw a trail of bloody corpses lying on the floor.]

Nikki: Oh my god…

[Alice turned away to look as tears dropped from her eyes. Nikki was shaking in horror, while Ethan had an angry look on his face as he made a fist. Terence cleared his throat and held onto his neck.]

Terence: I think I’m going to be sick…

[Terence turned over to see Hannibal vomiting on the side of the floor. Ethan began breathing heavily.]

Ethan: Let’s keep moving.

[The five turned to the other direction of the hallway, and made it to a large room where the moonlight from the glass ceiling lit up the entire room. A dinosaur exhibit was destroyed, a glass globe was cut in half, and many other ancient artifacts were destroyed. Dead human and animal bodies were strewn around the room. Hex was surrounded with red energy, as he was floating in the air. He turned to them as the Sabortooth Relic of Imperium was floating near his fingertips.]

Hex: You arrived, just as I expected you would. I guess smartphones really do know how to alert people after all.

[Hex held his phone in the air and placed it back into pocket as he floated to the ground.]

Hex: I give it was only a matter of time until you showed up. Now, there’s something I need you to do for me.

[Hex lifted his arms in the air, and the three objects were surrounded with red energy, as they floated in the air.]

Hannibal: He has all the weapons!

Hex: Unfortunately, I cannot merge the weapons together until a Vapenterisk allows me to wield it. But then I remembered something… You have one in your arsenal.

Ethan: Even if Ghoulseye is a Vapenterisk, do you really think I’m going to allow you that kind of power?

Hex: Oh I think you will!

[Hex raised his arm out and Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Alice became surrounded in red energy.]

Nikki: Ah!

Alice: Hey!

Hannibal: What’s going on?!

Terence: Let go of me!

[They were lifted over to a corner and were trapped together in an energy cage.]

Hex: Clearly you haven’t understood that the more you bring your friends to these fights, the more danger you put them in. For someone who is 21 years old, I thought you would be quite intelligent enough to know that by now. What a shame! Now, transform into your Ghoulseye persona, and grant me the power, or I will turn them into eggs and scramble them for breakfast!

Nikki, Alice: Don’t do it, Ethan!

Terence: Kick his ass!

Hannibal: Come on, man! You got this!

Hex: Zip it!

[A zipper formed around their lips and their mouths were zipped shut.]

Hex: So what’s it going to be?

[Ethan with a terrified look on his face, it suddenly changed as he began to laugh out loud. Hex made a confusion.]

Ethan: Oh, man! I’m sorry, it’s just… do you really think that’s going to work on me? We’ve done this dance before Hex, and it never ends well for you. Do you know how many villains I’ve to face every week who do the same thing? “Oooh, I’m an evil bad guy, and I’m after this rare artifact. You cannot stop me from my never-ending world changing conquest!” You know the more I look at it, my life is like a Sunday morning anime, or maybe even a Saturday morning cartoon…. Eh, same thing!

Hex: Enough! I’ll give you one last chance. Surrender yourself to me, and this will all be over.

[Ethan began to sweat as he took a look at the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Ghoulseye is the only transformation I know that can win this. As long as I don’t give into Hex, my friends will be safe.

[Ethan dialed Ghoulseye’s icon on the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: I’m sorry guys, but this is the only way for me to win!

[Ethan slammed down and a green light blinded Hex’s face. Hex gave an evil smirk. Meanwhile, the red zippers faded from Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki’s mouths and gasped. The song shifted. We zoom up to reveal that Ethan transformed into Ghoulseye.]

Goloog Golurk vs Reshiram (E-10 Cut, Ghoulseye vs Hex)

Hex: Yes! Now give it to me… grant me the power!

Ghoulseye: Nah, how about instead we fight for that weapon instead?

Hex: As you wish…

[Hex and Ghoulseye flew towards each other. Hex launched red energy blasts as Ghoulseye dodged the attacks. Ghoulseye launched an arrow from his sticky ectoplasm bow from his cloak and it went flying toward Hex. A green cloud of smoke appeared on impact, and as the smoke faded, Hex was revealed to have created a dome shield around him. Hex flew in the air and began charging his energy.]

Hex: My turn! Surup Sucnohr!

[Hex launched a wave of water at Ghoulseye. To his surprise, he was hit and went flying toward the ground. Ghoulseye looked up in shock.]


[A giant energy fist that was twice the size of Hex was formed out of thin air. Hex launched towards Ghoulseye. It landed right next to Ghoulseye and exploded. The cloud of smoke quickly faded, and to Hex’s surprise, Ghoulseye was nowhere in sight.]

Hex: Where did he-?

[An intangible Ghoulseye appeared from the ground and held an ectoplasmic scythe.]

Ghoulseye: Behind ya!

[Hex turned in time and created a riot shield to block the attack. Hex took deep breaths as sweat dripped down his face. In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a largely shaped bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm. He then summoned multiple giant arrows.]


[Ghoulseye launched the arrows and they went flying towards Hex. Ghoulseye also charged towards Hex as well.]

Hex: This attack? AGAIN?!!!

[Hex’s palms began to glow red as the arrows blasted him. Ghoulseye’s body, surrounded in an energy field shaped like an arrow, made its impact. The arrows and Ghoulseye created a large energy explosion around Hex. The explosion created a large gust of wind, shattering all the glass in the skylight. The energy cage that surrounded Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Alice faded as they dropped to the ground. They began to slowly get up as a cloud of dust faded, with Hex struggling to stand straight. Hex began taking more deep breaths.]

Ghoulseye: I GOTCHA THIS TIME, HEX! There’s nowhere left for you to run!

Hex: No, this isn’t over… Not by a long shot! I still have one trick left up my sleeve...

[Red energy circuited through his palms as he began to chant a spell.]

Hex: Transforma Eliberare… [Charging] Transforma Eliberare…

[Hex went flying toward Ghoulseye and Ghoulseye prepared another arrow to his bow.]

Ghoulseye: THIS FIGHT IS OVER!!!


[The song shifted.]

Omni-Hex (Full Version)

[Before Ghoulseye could fire his final attack, Hex grabbed the Omnitrix symbol and red electricity began shooting out from it. The Omnitrix began to make malfunctioning noises as Ghoulseye screamed with his whole body surrounded by electricity. A white light shot out from Ghoulseye’s eyes and mouth.]

Alice: Ethan!!!

[Ghoulseye’s entire body began to glow white and a white light blinded the screen. A cloud of smoke surrounded the area, as Ethan went flying out of the smoke cloud. Ethan’s body was covered with scrapes and tears in his clothing as he panted heavily. The Omnitrix began beeping from Ethan’s wrist as he turned to it, noticing it flashing yellow.]

Ethan: Ugh… What the hell…

[Ethan slowly began to get up. He heard small laughter in the background.]

Ethan: I don’t know what you did, Hex, but you better not have damaged my watch! Especially since this thing doesn’t come with a warranty!

[The laughter grew louder.]

Ethan: Huh…? ...AH!

[The cloud of smoke faded as Hex was standing beside Ghoulseye.]

Ghoulseye: [Laughs] Finally… I am free!

[Ghoulseye flew higher into the air.]

Ghoulseye: I'M FREE! [Laughs harder]

Ethan: Aw, man…

Hex: Splendid!

Ghoulseye: No longer am I trapped inside that obtrusive watch or that energy core that’s trapped me there for centuries!

Ethan: Wait… you’re…?

Ghoulseye: Yes… I have ascended… I have been reborn… I am...

[Ghoulseye’s Omnitrix symbol shattered to pieces as he began transforming in a blue spinning background. His pink armor changed to blue as his armor transformed into a more vicious appearance. His horns turned white, and his arms grew blades. The star on his stomach changed as it transformed into a spiritual spinning vortex and moved into the place of the Omnitrix symbol. He stood and struck a pose with his arms raised out.]

Sha'Rrow: Sha’Rrow!

[Everything stood silent as everyone, except for Terence was shocked and surprised.]

Terence: Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me!

Sha’Rrow: My kind thought they could trap me inside their angelic core! But thanks to the person who created that set device on your wrist, they managed to use that exact same one which trapped me in the first place! For months now, I had my DNA randomized and was trapped as some young adolescent’s play thing! Pulling pranks on kids, dragging myself onward for such pathetic useless fights, and touching myself in places I suspect are inappropriate!

Nikki: Wow…

Sha’Rrow: Now… I am free! And the first thing I shall do now that I’m back in command is to destroy that thing so I will never be trapped in it again!

[Sha’Rrow began flying toward Ethan, as he reacted swiftly toward the Omnitrix and slammed down. Nothing happened.]

Ethan: Uh oh… AH!

[Sha’Rrow attempted to strike him with his fist but Ethan stepped backwards to dodge the attack. Ethan ran backwards to dodge more of his strikes. Sha’Rrow charged his fist with the spiritual energy circling his chest and struck Ethan with a super charged attack.]

Ethan: GAHHHH!!!

[Ethan went flying back into the ground and Sha’Rrow turned his cloak into a bow and fired an arrow. It formed into a net and trapped Ethan inside. Alice, Hannibal, Terence, and Nikki were watching the fight from afar.]

Alice: C’mon! We have to go help him!

[Hannibal grabbed Alice by the shoulder.]

Hannibal: We can’t.

[We zoom out of Alice’s worried face as the scene turned back to Ethan as he noticed the Omnitrix was activated. He began turning the dial as Sha’Rrow floated to him.]

Sha’Rrow: What are you doing?

Ethan: Well, your weapons are made out of spiritual energy, right?

[AmpFibian’s icon appeared on the playlist.]

Ethan: So I thought I’d go ahead and do… THIS!

[As Ethan slammed down on the Omnitrix, a white light blinded the screen, as Sha’Rrow blocked the light. Once the light faded, the net shattered into particles as AmpFibian stood up with his arms charged with electricity. AmpFibian fired EMP blasts at Sha’Rrow as he turned to dodge the attacks. Sha’Rrow launched his ectoplasm and it stuck AmpFibian to the wall.]

AmpFibian: Not cool, dude! I just took a shower two nights ago!

[AmpFibian zapped his way out of the ectoplasm and broke free.]

AmpFibian: You know how much of a pain it is to keep this silk clean?

[Sha’Rrow struck AmpFibian and sent him to the ground.]

AmpFibian: I guess you’re not one of those sense of humor kind of guys…

[AmpFibian flew up in the air, and absorbed all the electricity in the room. He supercharged it into a turbo blast.]

AmpFibian: Let’s see you take on this!

[AmpFibian launched a giant ball of blue electricity, and it created a cloud of smoke. The smoke faded and Sha’Rrow stood there with no damage taken.]

AmpFibian: No way!

Sha’Rrow: Is this your attempt to defeat me? The poor reckless skills of an Amperi! The way you use your aliens, you don’t even use them to your fullest potential!

[Sha’Rrow fired multiple arrows and AmpFibian kept dodging the attacks. AmpFibian charged his arms and Sha’Rrow grabbed him by the chains and sent him to the wall.]

Sha’Rrow: You could’ve been using Ghoulseye all this time to conquer this world. In fact any alien inside could have the potential to at least wipe out a city. But instead, you sit there playing childish acts just to think you’re making something of yourself. Pathetic!

[Sha’Rrow went flying towards AmpFibian. Before AmpFibian could make any sudden movements, Sha’Rrow was surrounded in spiritual energy in the shape of an arrow and he launched himself toward AmpFibian. There was explosion on impact, and AmpFibian was sent flying outside into the police cars. Sha’Rrow flew outside as the officers aimed their guns at him.]

Commissioner: Shoot ‘em down! Shoot ‘em down!

AmpFibian: Wait guys, don’t!

[The officers fired their bullets at Sha’Rrow. He used his intangibility to let the bullets phase through him. Sha’Rrow began to raise his arm in the air.]

AmpFibian: NO, DON’T DO IT!

[Sha’Rrow finished raising his arm, and suddenly, the officers bodies began to shake and collapsed to the ground as clear white souls were lifted from their bodies. They were floating in the air with AmpFibian staring in disbelief.]

AmpFibian: You… killed them…

Sha’Rrow: No…

[Sha’Rrow signaled them to attack AmpFibian. The souls turned blue and their faces became mutated and demon like. The souls began attacking AmpFIbian as he struggled to fight against them.]

AmpFibian: NO! NO! GET OFF ME! STOP! AH!

[They kept trying to grab AmpFibian as he kept blasting them with electricity. AmpFibian charged his arms and stood up to launch an electrical wave at the souls. The souls faded away like smoke and AmpFibian took deep breaths.]

Sha’Rrow: …You killed them.

AmpFibian: No… I wouldn’t…

[Sha’Rrow made a devious smile.]

AmpFibian: That’s it… [Jumps] I’m so gonna-

[AmpFibian glowed in a yellow light and transformed back into Ethan. Ethan spat blood out of his mouth and collapsed into the ground. Ethan was unable to move his body.]

Sha’Rrow: Now, I’m going to take your soul and destroy that watch so that no other alien would be trapped inside again. A shame for the other DNA samples inside, but a sacrifice for the greater good!

[The song ended. Sha’Rrow raised his palm up in the air and Ethan struggled to move. Before anything could happen, Hex called out to him.]

Hex's Theme Ep 5

Hex: Wait! There’s no need to kill the boy. He won’t stand in your way now, he is defeated. After all, he won’t survive in our new world order.

Sha’Rrow: Our new world order?

Hex: Yes. Join me and grant me the power to wield the Ergaleío of Despair.

Sha’Rrow: Why would I do that?

Hex: Because together, nothing will stop us. Think of it, you were trapped inside that watch because your kind. And only I was capable of letting you out of there with a transfer spell.

Sha’Rrow: Are you saying I owe you a life debt?

Hex: No… I’m saying, if we team up together, the whole universe will be at our fingertips. You can get revenge on your kind, and I can reshape this world into the perfection it so rightfully deserves. All you have to do is trust me, grant me the power of the Ergaleío of Despair, and the entire world will be at our mercy.

Sha’Rrow: Normally, I would trap you inside and be rid of you. But since you did release me from my prison, I guess it’s only fair. Very well, if you value your life, you would trust yourself and your allegiance to me. If you can do that, I will accept your offer.

Hex: I will.

[Sha’Rrow smirked and lifted his fingers. The three items that were laying inside the museum began floating in the air and went flying towards Sha’Rrow. Sha’Rrow raised his hand out and began transforming the items. The Staff of Vibrius and Agniacius attached itself to the Colossal Stone. The Sabortooth Relic of Imperium attached itself to the staff and it transformed into a deadly energy scythe, glowing out of blue energy. Ethan gasped. The Ergaleío of Despair went flying into Hex’s hands.]

Sha’Rrow: It is yours…

[Hex began to laugh maniacally.]

Ethan: No…

Sha’Rrow: Now Hex, bring back the lives of this planet’s dead souls. Truly let the world know who you really are.

[Hex raised the Ergaleío of Despair with his hand, and a purple light blasted into the sky. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran outside, as they stood by the doorway to see the purple ray be shot into the sky. The laser faded and for a moment… nothing happened. The song ended.]

Hex: Nothing happened?

Sha’Rrow: Wait for it…

The Death Wing (Ep 19, E-10 Cut, Sha'Rrow's Army)

[Suddenly monstrous looking souls came flying out of the ground as Sha’Rrow began to laugh. Inside a small bedroom, a child was struggling to sleep. He opened his eyes and saw a soul ascending before him and the child screamed. Meanwhile, inside a family’s house, a soul ascended from the dining room table and the family screamed. In Downtown Merridale, cars stopped as souls began ascending from the ground. People went outside and ran away as the souls tried to grab and attack them. Back outside the museum, The screams of civilians could be heard everywhere and Sha’Rrow laughed harder.]

Sha’Rrow: Well done, Hex. Now, let us prepare for the new world order… Shall we?

Hex: Yes, let’s. It’s been fun, E-10, but I can’t wait to hear what happens when those blood thirsty souls drag you to hell!

[Hex laughed louder as he opened his grimoire, A red light blinded the screen as Hex and Sha’Rrow disappeared.]

Ethan: Agh… Dang it! What have I done...

[The particles floating in the air, reformed into the souls Ethan blasted from before.]

Ethan: Well, at least I didn’t actually kill them.

[The souls started attacking and grabbing Ethan. A portal appeared from the ground as they tried to drag Ethan deep down inside.]

Ethan: NO! AGH!

[Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki ran toward Ethan.]

Nikki: Hang on, Ethan!

Alice: We got you!

[They tried pushing the souls away as Ethan kept getting dragged further into the hole.]

Ethan: Come on! Please, guys!

Hannibal: We’re trying!

[They struggled to pull Ethan, and Terence and Nikki lost their grip.]

Hannibal: C’mon man, I got you! Just push harder!

Ethan: Aghh… Hurry!

[The Omnitrix started beeping and flashing yellow. Alice and Hannibal eventually lost their grip and Ethan was pulled into the hole. The portal began closing.]

Alice, Nikki, Hannibal: ETHAN!!!

Terence: No...

[Before the portal could completely close, Heatblast appeared shooting himself out of the hole. Heatblast flew into the sky and attempted to make a safe landing, but he transformed back to normal in a yellow light. Ethan fell down with his face hitting the ground. Hannibal and Alice grabbed Ethan.]

Ethan: Agh… I think Hex broke the watch…

Hannibal: C’mon, we have to get out of here before more of those soulsuckers grab us!

Terence: And where exactly are we going to hide?

Alice: I might know a place! Hurry!

[The five began running out into the streets. Ethan glared at the Omnitrix as it continued to flash yellow. Everything went black as the Omnitrix blinked a few more times into the screen.]



E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 20 preview

Major Events

  • Hannibal and Nikki reveal to the others they're officially dating.
  • Hex's gathers all the artifacts in order to create (the weapon).
  • In Hex's spellbook, it reveals about the story of Sha-Rrow.
  • Hex's plan reveals he needs Ghoulseye to activate the weapon.
  • Instead of allowing him access, Hex accidentally releases Ghoulseye from the Omnitrix.
  • Ghoulseye is revealed to be the entity, Sha-Rrow.
  • Hex and Sha-Rrow unleash an army of spirits that begin to take over the world.


  • The group reminiscences through various events in the series.
    • Origins when a scene shows Lieutenant Steel trying to remove Ethan's Omnitrix.
    • The Nature of Things when Terence brings up their fight against Chlorokyll.
    • Assignment 16 when referring to Ethan, Nikki and Alice's fight against Ernesto and the Metahumans.
    • Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil when a scene shows Nikki dragging Hannibal away from the fight.
    • Hannibal: The Choice He Makes when referring to Hannibal being kidnapped by Gi-Kwan and fighting against him and his army.
    • Top of the Food Chain! when referring to fighting Zombozo, the Circus Freaks and the whole town being under his contrl.
    • He's Everything You Want when referring to Hannibal winning the Horizon Science EXPO.
    • Paintcraft when referring to Kraab going after Ethan's Omnitrix, and when Hannibals mentions they got banned from Splattown, even though Ethan corrects him due to it being the bet they made with the Gaia students.
    • Awakening an Ocean's Fury when they refer to the Tideslayer attempting to take over their country, and Ethan bringing up he had back pain for weeks after that.
    • Omni-Hex when referring to the sorority Alice and Nikki signed up for.
    • Picture Perfect when Terence brings up climbing Mount Seratu, while Nikki brings up Terence won second place, and when Ethan brings up kicking Jonah Melville's butt.
    • Alice in Wonderland when Alice had finally figured out what to do with her life, and referring to how she wanted to escape her mother.
    • How to Save a Life when referring to saving Hannibal's life.
  • Alice thanks Ethan for helping her figure out her career path in Alice in Wonderland and constantly helping her with situations.
    • Ethan also thanks her for helping him in his previous missions and helping with his assignments.
  • Ethan mistakenly confuses Hex for attempting to disguise himself as a teacher for a third time after doing so in Behind the Shelves and Omni-Hex.
  • Alice calls back to The Tenth Alien when she tells Ethan not having to rely on one particular alien
  • They go into Hex's old lair from Behind the Shelves to gather clues for Hex's next attack.
  • Hex's new plan he announced from the previous episode finally comes to effect.



Aliens Used


  • The title for this episode is based on Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
  • When Hex starts off with one of his spells, he quotes Black Clover when he starts it with "Recovery Magic!"
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Let's Go Together
    • Where the Ortus Blooms
    • Ideals and Truth
    • Gologg Golurk vs Reshiram
    • The Death Wing


  • This is the first episode to drop the F bomb in the series.
  • This marks the first completed first season for E-10 on Ben10Fanfiction.
    • This also marks the second ever completed first season in the E-10 franchise, next to E-10: Enhanced
      • However, most of Enhanced was unable to air due to Supreme Action shutting down after production had finished.
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