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Fanon Alien

This alien is one of Bry's Fanon aliens and, as such, is free use!

BBO Spinosaur.png
General Information
Species Spinis
Home World Thyrsus
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Lizard
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Minor Shape Shifting
Spine Generation
Spine Projection
Powerful Roar
Voice Actor Shawn Meunier
First Appearance The Darkest Night: Part One

Spinosaur is the Infinity's DNA sample of a Spinis from the planet Thyrsus in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Spinosaur is a huge reptilian humanoid, standing over twenty-six feet tall (8 meters exactly).

Spinosaur has six large spines protruding from his head, that make a sort of crown. He has a similar design on his tail with six large spines that are always present.

Spinosaur is covered, head-to-toe, in grey scales, which help make his ruby red eyes pop!

While he can stand fully upright, he tends to hunch over and will often walk on all fours, crawling like a dragon. However, while, he will stay on his two feet, though still hunched over.

Spinosaur's Infinity badge appears on his left pectoral.

Transformation Sequence

Large spikes sprout from Bryce's wrist as the Infinity glows. The spikes continue up his arm and over his face. They travel down his spine and then trail off, forming a tail. Bryce spins once, rapidly, as the spikes all retreat into his new, reptilian body. Spinosaur stands with his hands back and right leg forward as he roars an incredible roar. The sequence ends with this mighty pose.


Spinosaur was unlocked by Azmuth in The Darkest Night: Part One.

In The Darkest Night: Part One, Spinosaur was transformed into, and nothing else.

In The Darkest Night: Part Two, Spinosaur battled Death Dragon, but was defeated.

In Metamorphosis (BBO), Spinosaur was used to kill Maine.

Powers and Abilities

Spinosaur possesses immeasurable strength, so much so that he was able to knock Death Dragon back with a punch, making him Bryce's strongest form (excluding Galactica for obvious reasons).

Spinosaur is able to shift the scales on his body into sharp spines. These spines are said to be the sharpest things in the universe (or at least the known universe). He is then able to launch these spines off of his body as projectiles, similarly to Diamondhead and his shards. He fires the spines quite rapidly, akin to an assault rifle.

Spinosaur is far more agile than expected based on his size. He can leap and even flip or twirl in air. This goes along with his strength, because he is very heavy.

Spinosaur is incredibly durable, able to withstand an attack from Death Dragon's tail that threw Four Arms.

In The Darkest Night: Part One, Spinosaur was able to roar powerfully enough to shake the ground and shatter all the glass within a five block radius. The roar even made Death Dragon flinch


Although no weaknesses have been shown, it is known that Spinosaur's species is very feral, making it difficult for Bryce to control him.




  • Spinosaur is, and will probably always be, Bryce's physically strongest form.
  • Originally, Spinosaur was very different.
    • For starters, his name was "Spiky".
    • Second, he was a robot, making him weak to electrical attacks.
    • His spines were poisonous spikes that he shot out of a large cannon on his arm.
    • And he was supposed to be indestructible.
  • He was originaly created by Sean Dywer
  • Spinosaurs are a type of dinosaur
    • They are a group of Theropods that includes Spinosaurus (obviously), Baryonyx, Suchomimus, and a few others.
    • Credit for this information goes to Sixef.
  • Spinosaur has been added to the list of alien forms used to kill someone.
  • While Spinosaur spoke in his first appearance, he does not in his following appearances.
    • This is because the Master Control temporarily gave Bryce better control over him.
  • Spinosaur is voiced by the same actor as Death Dragon, but he doesn't do much talking. After his first appearance, he really just roars.
  • After Nemevoc stole the Ultimatrix core, Azmuth specifically made sure to lock this transformation, along with a few others.
  • All of my Fanon aliens are Free to use, I only ask that you add their information on this page under subheadings for your series.
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