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General Information
Species Mispinnerz
Home World Brainspin
Body Spinning box
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Using spikes as weapons, various speed powers
First Appearance TBA

Spinbox, stated by the name, is a spinning box.


Spinbox is a big box, who's colors are multiple shades of grey. It has spikes all over it's body, and has the omnitrix located on it's chest. It has small and skinny arms and legs. It has six large spikes total on it's body.


Spinbox doesn't exactly have a personality-however, it often uses puns on speed. Though, the puns usually suck.


Spinbox can pull in his spikes our put them outside of his body. He can also spin and run very fast-sometimes, he runs and spins so much he creates a tornado. However, the tornado is the same height as Spinbox, so the tornado is too small to pick anything up off the ground.


Spinbox, when not having his spikes out, really has nothing to defend himself but his spinning and speed powers. The disadvantadge is that without his spikes, he's pretty weak. Unfortunately, he can't have his spikes out the whole transformation, meaning they come back into his body every once in a while.