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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.
Spiders Attack! is the twenty-sixth episode of Evfnye 10.


Evfnye as Wildvine is making more of the ecologic fuel from the previous episode, and fills his spaceship with it. He thinks he can sell this as a fuel for normal cars, too. He quickly learns the basics of economics, and wants to sell this fuel to Mr. Bucks, for him to open a company that would sell ecologic fuel. He makes a deal, and is ready to sell the fuel, but a female Cerebrocrustacean spills a strange liquid in the compound while Evfnye isn't looking. Evfnye brings several liters of the fuel using his spaceship in truck mode and some backup components to Mr. Bucks' office, and he accepts it.

The next day, Mr. Bucks already sold three liters of the fuel to 15 customers. He gives Evfnye the money he deserved, which Evfnye hides in his HQ. Evfnye then walks in the town to see if some cars are using Evfnye's fuel. Improviously he sees a bunch of big spiders chasing a car. He comes close to one of them, and he atacks him. Evfnye grabs his legs and sees it's not an Earth spider. He throws him away and transforms into Cannonbolt. He chases the car and crushes the spiders. He waits until the car stops and the owners go away, and can't believe this is a car that has his fuel. He goes back to his lab to analyze the fuel, and sees a new chemical he doesn't remember adding. He decides that he has to prevent spider invasion, so he phones Mr. Bucks telling him not to sell any fuel from now. He says he's already sold another liter. Evfnye is annoyed and goes Stinkfly to spray the new, infected fuel on the roads, so the spiders would follow this path. He does this, and almost succeeds, but some spiders are fast enough to keep up with Stinkfly. He stops and fights them in human form, being good at melee. He times in and goes Diamondhead to defeat the spiders definitely.

When he returns, he analyzes the chemical he got in the fuel, and creates another chemical that would prevent the said chemical to attract alien spiders.

Noteworthy Events

  • Mr. Bucks opens a fuel company.
  • Synapse makes her debut.



Aliens Used


  • Stinkfly's phrase "I smell a westren spider" is an allusion to "I smell a westren spy".
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