Spiderdrillo By Narutosasuke124

Spiderdrillo is an alien of the Fusamatrix.

Species: 1/2 Talpaedan 1/2 Arachnichimp


He has Armodrillo's general build. He has Spidermonkey's color on his Armodrillo parts and Armodrillo color on his Spidermonkey's arms and face. He gets his four arms from Spidermonkey.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to dig extremly fast, super strength, and jackhammer arms. He can use his two tails as weapons. He also can stick to walls, and shoot webs from his tails. He is very agile.

Combo Move: Terra Webs: He tunnels underground and makes a makes small hole under the enemy and sprays a web up at the enemy rendering the them immobile. Next, he gets chunks of ground and rock and throws them into the air, sprays them with webs and throws then at the opponent.


His webs can be used against him(ex: being pulled on then wrapped up). He is very clumsy on 2 feet, so he must run on all 6. Certain things can penetrate his armor or can hit him in between his armor plates.


Credits for the pic go Narutosasakue124 (I'll learn to spell it before long). Again thanks!

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