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Spiderboltoop (pronounced Spider-Bol-troop) is an alien created by Speedy and drawn by Fatdoo on Ben10toys.


Spiderboltoop is able to become a ball with some of goop parts shown and a tail sticking out from the back. This alien is able to extend his head hand into surrounding a target or use his back legs to hop up a great distance and use his tail like any other Arachnichimp fused into Goop and Cannonbolt.

So far, the little thing above his head has been shown to squeeze him through tight spaces after turning himself completely into the Spidermonkey form of Goop. Sometimes he can be clumsy and cause other disasters, possibly help somebody unintentionally through a mess.

He can turn into a ball like Cannonbolt with the tail sticking out.

In The Nerd comes!, Jon became an alien similar to this except becoming Ultimate Spider Monkey/Goop/Humungousaur combination.

It has been confirmed the complete Spidermonkey/Goop species can eat buildings and show the material in their stomachs.

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Cassie 12: Original Series[]



  • Spiderboltoop is likely the creator's favorite alien.