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Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Slime Spit
Sharp Teeth
Enhanced Strength
Resistance to Poisonous Gas

Sphoeroids[1][2] are a reptilian/blowfish-species from the rainy planet Scalpasc.


Sphoeroids are large, green, blow-fish/lizard-like creatures with tan undersides. As their species name suggests, they have round, fat bodies mostly dominated by their "head". They have stubby legs that end in stumpy feet, similarly shaped like that of a rhinoceros' foot. Their arms are short and end in bloated four-fingered hands, and they have a long lizard-like tail. Their face consists of a large, jaw-filled mouth with black lips, which are cornered by round, yellow eyes. They also have 3 green "quills" on their forehead and two tan ones on their chin.

Powers and Abilities

Sphoeroids are able to expand to spew massive amounts of green, semi-adhesive slime. They also possess large, sharpened teeth


Sphoeroids can slip on their own slime and be shocked due to the fact it's highly conductive.

Notable Spheroids

Evolved Spheroids

Spheroid Hybrids/Fusions


Sphoeroides is a genus of pufferfishes.


  • Myaxx got sent to Incarcecon for spitefully selling cloaking technology invented by Azmuth to Sphoeroid pirates.


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