Spheron is one of the surviving Arburian Pelarota from Planet Arburia. He is the creator of the Nobletrix and the pilot of Atmos-Sphere ship.


The Arburian Pelarotas after the destruction of their homeworld fled to various planets and became strange species like Vulpinic Tortugans. However, Arburian Pelarotas who lived on Hathor or some other planets made a little change like faster and stronger rolling abilities. Spheron lived on Planet Encephalonus VIII alone. He was later adapted to Cerebrocrustacean's intellectual words and their language. Spheron later got an ability to absorb electricity and make his shell electrical.


Spheron has high intellect and ability to absorb electricity. He can roll into a ball and make the ball spiky like an Evolved Arburian Pelarota.


See Cannobolt for more details


  • Usually one of the smartest alien species would make an Omnitrix.
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