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I was at a Nascar Race. My favorite dude driving sponsored by the candy shop died. I cried. Suddenly I farted.

Narrator: Hey that wasn't in the script!

Me: Sorry I had chille for dinner last night with extra spicy beans!

Narrator: Oh god. Just go on.

I started crying again as they pulled the body away. My half anodite sister was licking a lollipop.

Narrator: Oh wait. I need some more characterzation for Amy. The plot for this episode is changing!

I sighed and Amy and I went home. I guess now I'm going to have to tell the story of how I found Amy was half Anodite. I was in the forest and Azmuth was there.

Azmuth: Your sister is half anodite. Yo mama is an anodite.

Me: Really? Cool. Later Ratman.


I walked back home. That is how I found out. Pretty cool huh. My mom trains me and says that with great power comes great responsibility. One time I was Diamondhead and pooped and I pooped out diamonds! My mom said forget great responsibility and do whatever I want. I was like hell yeah. Back to the present! I told my Anodite mom what happend.

Mom: Poor baby. Have chocolate bar and twenty bucks! And tell your father to stop making meat loafing. I feel like I'm gonna hurl.

Me: Cool.

I went to the park and took a leak in the fountain. The park ranger yelled at me so I took a dump on him. I got a ticket for public nudeity and dumping on public property.

Park Ranger: Read the sign! No dumping!

Me: Jerk. (transforms) Jetray!

I shot lasers around him making him scream like a girl then he ran away. I reverted

Me: I like cars. (Transforms) Upgrade!

I ran over to a Mustang and merged with it. I zoomed at 234564783944848847474747337 MPH.


Suddenly I was in China.

Person: 你好!

Me: What?

I put a Universal Translator on him.

Person: I said hello. Oh gawd! Me speak english! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY!

We hugged then skipped down the street.

Me: Lalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalala!

Person: Trololololololololololo!

Me: You troll! (transforms) Big Chill!

I froze him. I turned into XLR8 and ran home.

To Be Completed