Speedline is an alien in OmniDragon 10. He is a Citrakayah from Chalybeas.


Speedline is about six feet high with a blue and black color scheme. His "eye brows" are actually a sort of horn. His hands and forearms are blue and have spikes near the edge. He has blue eyes, and the Adaptimatrix symbol is on his chest. He has a black "boot" design at his legs, with spikes at the knee. For a more detailed description on his actual body see Fasttrack

Powers and abilities

Speedline can run at speeds of 350 miles per hour, has super strength, and has somewhat high intelligence. He can jump high, one time scaling a 15 foot fence, with a running start. He is skilled in hand to hand combat, and can use the spikes on his arms and legs as weapons.


Once Speedline starts running fast, it gets harder for him to stop. His sharp tongue can get him into a lot of fights.


In OmniDragon 10:

Magic Duel

Energy Latcher


  • Speedline's name comes from the words "speed" and "feline". It may also imply the trail he leaves while running.
  • as one of the few aliens that seem to take over OmniDragon a bit, Speedline makes OmniDragon more snarky and witty, with a sharper tongue.
  • Speedline talks like OmniDragon, but with a deeper voice and he talks smoother
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