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General Information
Species Kerotopsidian
Home Planet Schwarzsi Anomaly
Body Humanoid Triceratops
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hard Head
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Pain Tolerance
Sharp Claws
Sharp Horn
Weaknesses Poor Turning
Poor Stopping
Powerless on Homeworld
Used By Ryan McCrimmon
Alan Nomaly
Alternate Counterparts First Law
Appears in Ry-10
The Alan 10 Adventures

Speedbump is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kerotopsidian from the Schwarzsi Anomaly in the Triangulum Galaxy. He is a free use alien.


Speedbump is a humanoid dinosaur with rough, dark red skin. He has a large wide crest on the top of his head and a single protruding horn. He has a double-ended tail.

The Omnitrix is worn on a green sash across his chest.

In The Alan 10 Adventures, Speedbump (known as First Law) is blue,

In Clem 10, Fast Lane is gold, has two horns instead of one, and wears a rainbow colored sash with the Metatrix

Powers and Abilities

Speedbump's muscles are wildly overdeveloped for use on low gravity worlds such as most of them. Because of this, he can jump great distances and sprint with incredibly speed. The problem, however, is that these abilities are not naturally occurring and therefore he has no way of stopping himself or turning once in motion. Thanks to his durability and high pain threshold, this is not much of a concern for him and Ben Tennyson quickly learned that he could use this alien as a running missile to plow into walls and enemies for high damage attacks.

His head is far more durable than the rest of his already very durable body, and is near impervious to damage. Thanks to his large brow, his eyes are safe too. His horn is very sharp and strong.


Speedbump possesses no special powers when on his homeworld. His powers are purely a result of his species having adapted to function normally on such a world, and therefore they are only present when on a planet with normal gravity.

His poor stopping and turning ability can lead to unwanted crashes and collateral damage, especially while learning the ropes of this alien.



Speedbump is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


  • This alien was originally designed a few years ago with the name Slampede. Unfortunately then Kuro's alien Slampeed was announced for the Five Years Later comic, so this alien was benched. Which is lucky in retrospect because it lead to better lore for the species.
  • In Earth-4415 (Clemente's universe) he has better stopping and turning ability, but that is only because of Clemente's experience in track


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