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Speedair was the wiki's November 2014 featured character!

General Information

Corrupted Human

Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Multiple Murders

Earth Enslavement Several Attemts of Murder

Goal: Unknwon
Abilities: Telekinesis
Telekinesis Orbs
Super Speed
1st appearance: Aggregor's Attack PT 1
Arch-enemy: Unknwon
Henchmen/Leader: Dark Essence (Master)

Speedair (Formerly Reo Jones) is a corrupted Human from the planet Earth. He is an Alternate Version of Reo gone rogue. He is the Dark Essence's loyal servant. He, along with his master is part of the Powerful Lords


He looks like a regular Humanoid, except with Kinceleran-like feet, and a Kinceleran-like head with a permanently closed visor. He wears dark blue Knight-like Cloth. He has a dark purple aura.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to move things with Telekinesis. He has also found the ability to fire Telekinesis Orbs, which can push back opponents. He can cause a heart of an Opponent or any Internal Organ to explode by Telekinesis. He can also push himself with telekinesis, granting him super speed and fly. He has his own Orbit like Gravattack.


He used to be a Reo, but he had his mind, body and Soul corrupted with Rage and he started experimenting forbidden Jitsu's until he got his current powers.


Speedair is very loyal to his master and he does not tend to backstab him. But he does call him Ahmad still. Although he might be impatient, he is calm on his opponents and does not deliver killer blows before he has "a little fun". Speedair is cruel on opponents as well.


Pre-becoming Speedair

Nothing much is known, but that he was 15 when he did become Speedair.

As Speedair

He as all the powerful lords was a hero. He then with the others dominated Dimension 51. Then he killed all the enhanced aliens in all dimension, no one knowing. He disguised as NegaBoost and lived his life. He later became Ulti's partner and reveal himself in New Plan


Unnamed Wings

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Though he seems extremely invulnerable, he is extremely vulnerable to his Master's Shadow Beams and he is vulnerable to people with his own powers.


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