Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date 6/30/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Speed Limit is the twenty-seventh episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the sky, drifting swiftly, the sky is bright with only a couple of clouds around. In the distance, there are a few clouds gathered around each other, lightning phasing through it with a faint sound of thunder. The MCA Helicarrier is seen passing through, drifting as usual. The atmosphere feels active.

MCA Helicarrier: Laboratory
April 28, 14:23 EDT

Inside, there is a room with various types of scientific equipment, a couple of desks and several MCA Scientists, attending to their own tasks. John is seen seated on a stool by a table, examining various, unique items. By the door, Drake and Kate are seen entering the laboratory. As they approach John, they look around the room with curiosity, Kate more-so than Drake.

John, examining an item, to himself: That really shouldn't even be working...

Drake: John.

John, examining the item, to himself: Maybe there's an internal battery or-

Drake, louder: John.

John turns and sees Drake and Kate standing besides him.

John: Oh, hey. You guys made it.

Drake: You wanted to show us something?

John: Yeah, take a look at these things.

John gets up from the stool and shows off the items on the table. Among the items, there is a metallic plate which resembles a piece of armor, which appears to have some type of machinery built into it, glowing in between the seems, there's a jar with a small amount of some kind of green substance in it, a red crystalline shard and some advanced-looking machine parts.

Kate, looking over the table: What is this stuff?

John: This would be some of the Xyrion items I, erm- managed to acquire from the Nexus facility.

Drake: You had this the whole time?

John: Yeah, sneaked it in my bag. I was going to take a look at it earlier but with me in the med-bay, Owens' recovery and all these missions we were doing, I just never found the right time. But since it's been kinda slow around here, I decided to finally take a look at it.

Drake: So what did you find?

John: That's the thing, I didn't find anything.

Kate: What do you mean?

John: This stuff is advanced, like it's beyond anything I've seen before. I have no idea what type of technology that is, the manufacturers, the parts used, it's even hard to break- it's like it keeps repairing itself with every attempt I make.

Kate: Is there anything we can do about it?

John: (sighs) ...Well, I guess we can call that guy.

Kate: What guy?

John: Y'know the guy with the face.

Kate gives John a questionable look.

John: ...The rich guy with the- (lower) powers.

Kate: You mean Emmett?

John indirectly nods at Kate.

Kate: I guess, I can give him a call. But why him?

John: He has resources and his company has a laboratory with probably more advanced equipment than whatever's here. I'm sure his science department can figure out what most- if not, some- of these items are.

Kate: Okay, I'll call him now.

Kate approaches the door and pulls out her phone. As she leaves, she already has the phone by her ear.

Kate: Emmett, hey- (leaves the room)

John puts his hands on the table and sighs.

Drake: You really couldn't find anything on these things?

John looks over at Drake, tired.

John: Alright, I did find something but not much.

Drake: What is it?

John turns his head, takes the jar in his hand and shows it to Drake.

Drake: I've seen this before.

John: It's the sample of that substance you found at the Infinite Darkness facility. I did some testing and found out it's been engineered.

Drake: Didn't you say that earlier?

John: To the Director, yeah. But I looked into it some more and found out the substance is also organic.

Drake: As in natural?

John: Pretty much.

Drake: How can something natural and engineered at the same time?

John: Not sure. My guess is these Xyrion guys are skilled in some form of bio-chemistry. I tested the substance of some cell samples and found that it corrupts the cells, adapting them to its own genetic structure.

Drake looks at John, confused. John looks up at Drake and acknowledges his look. He then thinks for a few seconds.

John: Um, okay, you know that movie I showed you, the zombie one!

Drake: Which one? You showed me a bunch of those.

John: Doesn't matter. You know how the zombies turn people into more zombies?

Drake nods in a naive-manner.

John: Well, it's like that.

Drake, understanding: Whoa.

John: Yeah. The first test was for Human cells, by the way, so the substance definitely has an affect on people, however it doesn't seem to corrupt the sample as much as well-

Drake: What? It doesn't affect Mutants.

John: Actually, you and our fiery friend have high immunity for some spontaneous reason. The Mutant samples prove it does, in fact, have an effect on Mutants, if not a worse effect than Humans.

Drake: How much worse?

John: Well it can further the mutation of their cells, making them becoming more erratic and unstable. And I'm just talking about the chemistry. Nanogenes, from what I've seen, mutate the subject by attacking their genetics but with the amount of Mutant variations out there, I have to suspect the Nanogenes are limited in their Mutation efforts.

Drake: Well, what does that mean?

John: It means this substance can unleash more of the Mutation, giving them an increase in strength, durability, stamina, decrease in pain, consciousness and overall feeling. In fact, it's just like that really strong Mutant you fought in Philly.

Drake is about to say something.

John: The animalistic-one, not the rich one.

Drake: Really? That was the Xyrions?

John: I double-checked with the Philadelphia MCA. They found the same substance in the Mutant.

Drake: So where does that leave us?

John: Nowhere, really. If they are planning something, which I don't doubt for a second, we're no closer to finding out what they're actually up to. These are our only leads, well the only functional ones, and even they can't really provide much information to go on. I mean, unless we just raid the place. How long has it been? Months?

Drake: We can't. The Director has her orders and if I just charge in there again, I might not be able to stop them, just like last time.

John: Yeah but you did get a sweet ice-mace out of that.

Drake glares at John.

John: Just sayin'. Hopefully, this Murphy guy can get us some results. Until then, I guess we look for any signs of Xyrion activity outside of Oregon so we can locate those Commanders you were talking about or we can follow this (shakes jar in hand) and see if that turns up anything. And before you ask, I checked with Owens' paperwork, when they finally gave me access to it, and the medics didn't find any of it or anything out of the ordinary in his system when we rescued him from Nexus.

Drake: (nods) Okay, I'll talk with him, see if he remembers anything from the facility that can help with stopping these Xyrions.

John: Good luck with that.

Drake walks off and leaves the laboratory. Just as he leaves, Kate walks in, still on the phone.

Kate: Okay, great. Thanks again, Emmett. I'll see you soon... Okay, bye.

She hangs up and puts the phone back in her pocket. She looks up at John.

Kate: Okay, he said he'll come around, pick up the items somewhere discreet and head back to Philadelphia to analyze it at his lab.

John: Great. That takes care of one of our problems.

Kate: So... don't tell me science stuff was the only reason you wanted to see us.

John: Uh, it was but, hey, I was actually thinking we do something different tonight.

Kate: No movie?

John: Nope.

Kate: No games?

John: Nope.

Kate: Alright...

John: Just... uh- y'know food and stuff.

Kate: Food and stuff, huh? Alright, I'm curious. What kind of food? Pizza? Burgers? Takeout?

John: Just some vegetable lasagna with cheese-bread. Thought it would be something you like...

Kate: John... That's my favorite meal, how'd you-

John: I just paid attention. I think you slipped it out at one point.

Kate gives a soft chuckle.

Kate: Yeah, it's just that- it brings back a lot of good memories from before the Incident.

John: Hey, if it's too much, we can do a movie or-

Kate: No, no- uh- yeah, I'd love to do dinner with you.

John: Great, Awesome. So it's a, well- um-

Kate: A what? (chuckle) A date?

John looks at her, sort of embarrassed.

John: Well...

Kate: Relax, man, I'm just kidding. (laughs)

John: Right. (awkward chuckle) Of course...

Kate: Anyways, I think it's sweet. I didn't even know you knew how to cook. You are cooking it, right?

John: More or less...

Kate chuckles which brings up a smile from John. Drake then enters the laboratory.

Drake: The Director needs us in the control room.

The scene then cuts over to the main control room with the MCA Officers at their stations, helping to support the vessel and its systems. The Director is seen, looking through the window at the thick clouds in the distance. The view shows her, looking with her back towards the elevator which opens up. Drake, John and Kate step off and approach the Director. She then turns around and looks at the three of them whom stop before her.

Director: About time you three showed up.

John: Well, the last time we were here, it didn't really end up so well.

Director: Hopefully, that doesn't happen again, Mr. Reed. See that it doesn't.

Drake: You had something to say?

Director: Yes, as a matter of fact. We got reports from MCA Patrol that there are some Mutant attacks in Kansas City that are too much for them to handle. I'd get us close but there are some severe storms over the city and I can't afford to get any wear-and-tear on this thing.

Drake: We'll take a Jumpjet and take care of it.

Director: I'll send for reinforcements.

Drake, walking back to the elevator: Don't need them.

John glances over at the Director before walking back to the elevator. Kate looks at the Director and smiles nervously. The Director squints intimidatingly and Kate's smile diminishes as she returns to the elevator with the others. The doors then close once she's on and the platform descends. The Director then sighs and turns back to the window. The thick clouds in the far distance reflected on the window, overlaying her face.

Director: Kids these days...

The faint sound of thunder is heard as lightning crackles through the clouds. The scene cuts over to the clouds, themselves. The lightning more intense up-close than from the distance, with the booming echo of thunder following it. The view then transcends downwards into the city below as the buildings stand.

Kansas City
April 28, 15:52 EDT

As the view hits the street-level of the city, MCA Officers can be seen fending off against corrupted-looking Mutant Raccoons with exposed muscles, blue-purple fur and enlarged fangs. The laser fire from the Officers seems nearly ineffective against the approaching Mutants. One of them pounces forwards, slashing at one of the Officers, knocking their blaster out of their hands as they fall back onto the street. A Jumpjet is then seen flying over the street, passing through the city, catching the attention of the Mutant Raccoons who look up and hiss at the passing by Jumpjet. Inside the Jumpjet, John can be seen flying the Jumpjet.

Drake, calling from the back: How is it?

John: Not bad, actually. I think I'm getting used to flying the Jumpjet now so I don't have to rely so much on auto-

Drake, calling from the back: I was talking about the situation.

John: Oh! (looks out of the main window) Yeah, not that good for the MCA Patrollers down there.

Drake, calling from the back: I need to get down there.

John: Sure, just wait until I find a place to land this thing. You'd think a place like this wouldn't have so many cars everywhere...

The scene cuts to the back of the Jumpjet with Drake seated on the bench and Kate seated across from him on the other bench.

Drake: There's no time. (gets up) I need to get there now.

Drake walks over to the door and presses a panel at the side of it. The door then opens, the sound of wind passing through is heard as the street is seen below. Drake walks closer to the opening.

Kate, holding onto the bench: Are you sure that's safe?

Drake: For them? No.

Drake then jumps from the opening as the Jumpjet seemingly leaves him behind. Kate then watches out of the opening even after the door closes a moment after. This continues for a short moment longer.

John, calling from the front: He jumped out, didn't he?

Kate: Yep.

The scene then cuts over to Drake landing onto the street. He gets up and looks around. He then sees the Mutant Raccoons approaching him, in a charging manner. Drake then grunts and activates his ice-mace which crackles with electricity. As the Mutants approach, they become more clearer to Drake.

Drake, realizing something, activating his comms: John, you there?

John, over the comms: Yeah, I'm here, buddy. Look, next time, can't you wait until I land this thing. Drops like that might damage the suit.

Drake: Look, John, these Mutants they look like the one from Philadelphia.

John: Really? That's impossible.

Drake: Well, I'm looking right at it and they're coming right at me.

John: Just wait until we land, I need to see them for myself.

Drake: I can't do that, John. They're here!

Drake moves his hand away from the side of his head and backs away as the Mutant drives right past him. It then stops and turns, striking at him which Drake blocks with his ice-mace. He then kicks the Mutant back while another one pounces at him, in which, he slams his ice-mace across its face, slamming it down to the street. Just as Drake is about to turn around, the third and final Mutant tackles him to the ground. Drake attempts to push it off but the Mutant has him pinned down. He attempts to swing his ice-mace at it but the other Mutant grabs his arm, holding that down as well. The Mutant on top of Drake then starts slashing at his suit and his face. Drake continues his attempts to resist the attacks but winds up getting scratched up on his face with groans of pain coming out of him with each direct hit.

John, over the comms: Drake, are you alright? Drake, respond! Drake, Drake, DRA-A-AKE!

Drake continues getting attacked to no prevail. The scene quickly cuts over to an overhead of the city with a blue streak racing through the city, cutting around corners and it moves deeper into the city. Drake is shown getting attacked by the Mutant Raccoon again. As the Mutant raises its claw for a strike that appears to do some serious damage, the blur runs right up to the Mutant and slams against it, the force knocking the Mutant, not only off of Drake, but across the street and into a building. The impact knocking it unconscious. Drake then looks up as the blurred figure takes the appearance of the Danny in his Vigilante outfit.

Drake, looking up at him: Danny.

Danny: Drake. (chuckles) We've gotta stop meeting up like this.

Drake sighs in relief for a second. The second of the three Mutants then raises from the ground and charges for the two of them. Danny turns his head, seeing the Mutant approaching with a hiss, then turns back to Drake, nonchalantly.

Danny: Hang on, just a sec.

As he turns back to the Mutant, it pounces towards him. Everything then starts to slow down until it seems like everything is practically frozen. Danny then leans back as the Mutant comes just inches away from him. He then moves around the Mutant, looks at it and thinks for a second before coming up with an idea as the Mutant starts to land slowly. Drake then starts to run around the Mutant, whom is still in mid-air, punching it in various spots multiple times. Everything then starts to speed up into regular time with Danny, now a blur, speeding around the Mutant, delivering a barrage of punches rapidly. When Danny stop circling around the Mutant and runs to the side, the Mutant drops the ground, groaning softly. Drake then looks over at Danny who just smirks.

Danny: We'll talk later. Right now, I've gotta run.

Danny then speeds off, becoming a blurred figure once again and leaving behind a blue trail as he runs out of sight. Drake then looks out while the MCA Patrollers help each other out and access the situation in the background.

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the city, which seems bustling with people and cars and just activity. MCA Patrollers seem to be close by in the populated sections. The scene now focuses on a street corner which houses a shop with large windows and sign over the door which reads "Vee Null's Doughnuts and Coffee". Danny is seen, in casual clothing, leaning by the doors with his arms crossed, looking around. Drake, John and Kate are then seen walking down the sidewalk, approaching the shop. Drake, in his casual clothing as well. Danny turns his head once more and smiles upon seeing the three of them.

Danny, kicking off from the wall: Hey, guys! It's been a while.

Drake: Danny... It's- good to see you.

Kate smiles at Drake who acknowledges it.

Danny: What are you guys doing here?

John: We could ask you the same question. Don't you live in Kansas? Pretty sure moving between districts is expensive and, no offense, but you don't exactly look like you have deep pockets.

Danny: I'm actually uh- well, it's um- It's complicated...

Drake: Same here.

Danny: I saw you fighting those Mutants earlier so it's probably not as complicated as my thing. Probably.

John: We're checking on a lead for something.

Drake: Trying to find out what a group of Mutants are planning. The ones I told you about before.

Danny: The ones that took your friend? Hey, did you ever find him?

Drake: Yeah... We did.

Danny: Glad to hear it, man. So you're pretty much just investigating a conspiracy involving a Mutant organisation and something in this city is your only real lead?

John: Pretty much, yeah.

Danny: Wow, that is complicated.

Drake: So what are you doing here?

Danny: Well...

Taylor, unseen: Danny!

Danny turns around, and the others look over to the voice and see Taylor approaching.

Taylor: I wasn't sure what you wanted so I just ordered you some plain- (looks up and sees them) What? Hey, guys!

Kate: Taylor! So good to see you again.

Taylor: Same here, girl. You haven't texted back in like a month, I thought something happened.

Kate: Not really, just been busy. (glances over at John)

Danny: Wait, you two talk to each other? (turning to Drake and John) How come you guys don't call me?

Both Drake and John: Uh...

Taylor: So, what are you guys doing here? I thought got what you were looking for.

Kate: We... did. I just got extended time on my RDR and we were just passing through.

Taylor: Oh, alright then.

Kate: So, Danny was just telling us about what brought you guys here.

Taylor: Oh yeah, so this new bad guy showed up in Iowa and I managed to convince my Chief to let me do the report on it. Can you believe it? My first report! Anyways, turns out this Mutant guy left town then he shows up here so here we are. I was actually just going to talk to-

Her sentence trails off as he starts looking at Drake more. Drake then starts to notice and looks around.

Drake: What?

Taylor: You just look so different without your glasses on. You look good... (looking him over) like really, really good.

Drake: Uh...

Taylor continues looking at Drake with a dreamy-expression and sighs as Danny pulls her away from him slowly.

Danny: Weren't you going to get a coffee?

Taylor: Yeah...

Danny: And shouldn't it be ready by now?

Taylor: Oh yeah, you're right! Uh, do you guys want anything? (looking over at Drake) Drake?

Drake: No.

Kate: I'll go with you, Taylor. Definitely need something to awaken the typist in me.

Taylor: Way ahead of you, Kate.

John: I'll go too because, boy, I've been dying for some doughnuts.

The three of them then walk over to the door and enter the shop, leaving behind Drake with Danny.

Danny: So looks like we've both got some problems here, huh?

Drake: Yeah, I guess so. What exactly is your problem? Taylor said you're after a Mutant?

Danny: Yeah, things were kinda normal around here after you left. Some criminals popped up, I ran in and saved the city. People are calling me the Speedster now.

Drake gives Danny a look.

Danny: Yeah, it's a work in progress... Anyways, things were just casual when this guy just kinda showed up with these all these crazy powers, causing lots of damages. He didn't really seem to know how to use them, well, not as good as me, anyways, so I managed to beat him and have the MCA lock him up.

Drake: So what happened?

Danny: I don't know. I guess he escaped custody and fled to Kansas. We didn't hear about him until like a month after so I hitched a ride with Taylor and now I'm here looking for this guy before he hurts anyone.

Drake nods. Danny then looks as if he realized something.

Danny, turning to Drake: Hey, I just realized something. What if we team up?

Drake: What?

Danny: You know- work together. With our powers combined, our problems don't stand a chance.

Drake: I don't know, Danny.

Danny: Come on, Drake. Look, we're both Vigilantes with super, Mutant powers, we're both dealing with stuff in Kansas, why not? Come on...

Drake: Alright, fine. We'll work together.

Danny: Yes! (chuckles)

Drake glares at Danny.

Danny, loosing his excitement: S-Sorry.

Drake: Let's just get to work, alright?

Danny nods, understandingly.

Danny: So... Partners?

Danny smiles as he extends his hand out. Drake looks down at it then looks up at Danny. Danny smiles even more with anticipation causing Drake to let out a sigh. He then gives a single nod to Danny.

Drake: Partners.

He takes Danny's hand and they both shake. The scene then cuts to later on at a abandoned warehouse of some kind out by a field. There's a wind pump in a short distance, turning softly. The sky is dark, sometime during the night with the clouds dark, covering the sky. It's cool and quiet.

Abandoned R-Corp Facility
April 28, 22:33 EDT

Inside, there are several pieces of equipment laying around including a forklift and various crates marked "R-CORP MATERIALS [Handle with Care]". The whole place appears unkempt and has been abandoned for quite some time. A creaking sound is heard as a figure enters the facility through a loose panel. The sound of the wind howling outside is heard through the opening. The figure moves through the dimly-lit area, lit only by the moonlight and faint remains of the functioning parts of the lighting system. The figure, himself, is wearing a ragged dark-colored hood with worn out pants and shoes. His hair, whatever can be seen drooping down from underneath the hood is black and his eyes are a dark blue. There is a large amount of frost on him, from the tips of his hair strands to the edges of his hood. A cold breath escapes him as he breaths. The man looks around, cautiously, until he sees something covered with a tarp. The tarp, while worn out, looks more kept than the rest of the things in the building. The figure then moves closer and reaches out to grab the tarp.

Voice: That doesn't belong to you, Kane.

Kane stops and quickly turns back, seeing a figure walking out from the shadows, approaching him. The figure is a man wearing a brown coat, that seems like a larger fit for him and has a patch over its chest reading, "V.V.". He has black pants and boots on. His hair is brown, styled messy-like, and his eyes are also brown.

Kane: Sam... You startled me.

Sam: Touching my things wasn't part of our arrangement.

Kane: I know about the arrangement, Sam. I'm the one that arranged it.

Sam: Just wanted to know we're on the same page here.

Kane: The arrangement was I hide you out in Kansas and support you where I can and you compensate me for my troubles.

Sam: Believe me, Kane. What I'm working on will solve all of our troubles.

Kane: Even the-

Sam: Don't. Say his name... He may have beaten me, humiliated me in front of everyone but I will show him just how powerful I am... how powerful we are, Gelid.

Kane: I told you not to call me that. You know I hate his stupid nicknames. It's like his way of tormenting us.

Sam: Speak for yourself, I don't have one. But that's aside the point, Kane, I have something that will give you the best thing you could ever want.

Kane: Money?

Sam: Forget the money, Kane! With this, you'll get all the money you want. I'm talking about power. Something that shows you just how much untapped potential you have and unleashes it upon you like a storm. With power, no one, not even the Speedster, would be able to tell us what to do, won't be able to stop us and won't be able to keep what we want out of our reach.

Kane: So... where is it?

Sam: Right here. Now, I've been- testing it some of the locals. And it seems to have some nasty effects on the subjects.

Sam removes a syringe, with a green substance mixed with a red substance inside of it, from his pocket.

Sam, examining the needle: It needed a bit more refining in order to remove most of them. Fortunately for you, I excel at biology.

Kane: Now, hang on a minute, I ain't going to take that. I'm not a lab rat.

Sam: Look here, Kane. This right here is going to give you all the power you could ever hope for. I know your goals are limited so you probably can't expand your imagination to even think about a whole world to conquer but- let me just put it like this for you, with all this power, those tiny goals will become flooded, devastated and wiped from the face of the Earth. You'll have all your money, all your compensation and you won't have to rely on convicts with super powers anymore. Hm? How does that sound for you? All it takes is one dose.

Kane looks at the syringe hesitantly. He then snatches it from Sam.

Kane: Okay! I'll do it. I'll do it.

Sam: Atta-boy.

Kane: But just so you know, if this stuff messes me up, I will personally mess you up afterwards.

Sam: Don't get so winded up, Kane. It'll work. Trust me.

Kane looks at Sam then looks down at his arm before injecting himself with the syringe. He pumps the substance into his body and removes the syringe afterwards. He drops the empty syringe onto the floor and drops to his knees. He holds his arm in which his nerves can be seen bulging up and glowing green faintly as it moves up his arm, further mutating his body. The scene then shows Sam backing up, watching Kane's transformation transpire as his shadow is cast over him, moving around and changing form as the sound of bones snapping and Kane yelling, which is becoming more and more distorted as he changes.

Sam: Time for the rogues to shine...

The scene then cuts to an abandoned warehouse in a less congested part of the city. The sky is brighter, now sometime during the day, with little to no clouds in the sky.

Abandoned Garage
April 29, 14:45 EDT

Inside the garage, there's a wide space with some left behind garage equipment including a car jack, some lockers, spare tires, shelves and toolboxes. There are also a couple of objects covered in tarps. The place has narrow lights hanging from the ceiling. The garage door then opens, crawling upwards and showing more of the outside world through the opening as it continues reeling up. As the door rises, Drake can be seen standing outside, with his hand against a panel. Kate and John are standing besides him. Once the door fully reels up, they step inside and look around the place.

Drake: Are you sure this the right place?

John: It's the address he sent me. I may not be getting any GPS signals in this type of district but I do know how to work a map.

Kate, looking around: This place looks like an abandoned garage.

Drake: I don't know... Some of this equipment seems new, like it was touched recently. Besides, if it really was abandoned, it wouldn't be this clean.

A gust of wind then comes over to three of them. They turn their attention to it and see a blurred figure soon taking on the appearance of Danny, still in casual clothing. He's carrying a folder in his hand.

Danny: Thanks... I guess.

Drake: What is this place?

John: And where's the Vigilante Suit I lent you?

Danny: I call it my new base of operations. I found it while running around the city and decided to move some of my stuff here, including your Vigilante Suit, which I gotta say is awesome to get my hands on again. That way I can work on my Speedster stuff here while in I'm Kansas. Think of it as a "garage away from garage".

John: Innovative, I like it.

Drake: So what do you have so far? Danny: Glad you asked so I can show you-

Danny walks over to a tarp-covered object and removes the tarp, revealing the object to be a hidden whiteboard with various files, newspaper clippings and drawings on it.

Danny, continuing: -what I've been working on.

Drake, looking at the board: What's this?

Kate: Looks like complied evidence. I did this a couple of times until Dad got tired of the excessive use of yarn in the apartment.

Danny: Well, I don't yarn but yeah, it's basically that. All the leads I've gathered from uh- (clears throat) certain official sources... and Taylor, well not Taylor, herself, because she doesn't know I'm the Speedster Vigilante but y'know indirectly and uh-

Drake is just looking at Danny in a stern manner.

Danny: Nevermind, you get the idea.

Drake turns his attention to the board again, looking it over. He then sees a mugshot of Sam attached to the board.

Drake, pointing to the mugshot: Who's that?

Danny turns to the board and looks at the mugshot.

Danny: Oh that would be suspect number 1, Sam Vetters.

Drake, turning to Danny: Do you know him?

Danny: (shakes his head) Nah, never seen him around before. Guessing he might be from out of town, living on his own outside of the district.

John: Surprised you don't with your lack of trust for the MCA.

Danny: Like you said, I don't have deep pockets. Might not trust 'em but they do have a nice little barrier around Iowa.

Drake: About Vetters...

Danny: Oh right, yeah. I don't know much about the guy. I heard chatter from the Iowa Police Department that this guy had a rough childhood; abusive dad, in and out of juvy, did some hard-time as teenager then went off the radar. Well, until recently, when he just rolled into Iowa City and started causing some damages. He has these wind powers.

Drake: Then you said you stopped him.

Danny: Yeah and that he escaped from MCA custody. No word of him for a few months until Kansas Police reported him in a week ago. So I tagged along with Taylor and headed over to Kansas City, felt it would make more sense to have an excuse to go missing for a while in order to keep people from knowing I'm the Speedster.

John: I guess the real question here is why did he come to Kansas?

Danny: Probably to hide out since he knows I'm looking for him.

Kate: Or it could be more than that. Maybe he's meeting someone here. We done reports like that back in New York where criminals would come to the city just to get support from someone with connections. Way before Vigilantes were a thing.

Drake: Is there anyone here that he could meet with?

Danny: One guy, I call him Gelid because he has these ice powers. He always seems to know some other Mutants with powers.

Drake: Do you know where we can find him?

Danny: No, he just shows up sometimes, does some petty crime here and there but nothing too serious.

John: So we're back to square one.

Drake: Not really, John. We find this Gelid person, then we find Sam Vetters.

Danny: Great, now that's my problem but I found some stuff about yours.

Danny raises his hand, showing the folder in his hand.

Kate: What's that?

Danny: Something that'll help.

Danny hands it to Drake who takes it. He opens the folder after giving a glance at Danny and looks at the files inside. John looks over Drake's shoulder, taking a look at the files inside as well.

John, noticing something: Wait a second, these are MCA files.

Danny: I may have ran in and taken them from the MCA Kansas Outpost while no one was looking but it's helpful, I took a quick read and it mentions something about those Mutants we fought earlier in the street.

Drake, looking up at Danny: What about them?

Danny: Well, they had to put them down. They were unstable and couldn't be contained. The autopsy showed signs of an unrecognizable substance within their systems.

John takes the folder from Drake, reading it deeply. 

John, reading the files: Yeah, the substance signature seems very similar to the sample we have. Just looks different like it's been manipulated.

Danny: More of those enhanced Mutants also showed up about a week ago, almost around the same time the police reported Vetters in.

Kate: You think they're connected?

Danny: I don't know, but it's a possibility.

Drake: It's a start. Let's deal with one problem at a time. Once we find Vetters, we'll have more time to look for the source of the these enhanced Mutants.

Kate's phone then rings. She looks down, removing it from her pocket and answers.

Kate, walking away from the others, on the phone: Hello? ...Yeah, you- huh? You what? Where? ...Okay, I'll be right there, just get somewhere safe, alright?

Kate hangs up and turns to the others.

Drake: What's wrong?

John: Yeah, who was that on the phone?

Kate: That was Taylor. She says she saw Sam Vetters.

Danny: What?! Where?

Kate: Art Gallery on 47th Street.

Drake, turning to Danny: Are you ready for this?

Danny: (nods) Let's get this guy.

The two of them then walk down to the back of the garage. The view shows two modified lockers against the back wall. Drake and Danny make their way over there and open the locker rooms. Once the door opens, a built-in light flickers on, the light revealing the displays within, each one showing off both of their Vigilante suits. Drake and Danny then turn from the suit displays and look at each other. The scene then cuts to the city above a building with shattered glass doors and windows.

The Wahlgren Art Gallery
April 29, 15:24 EDT

Inside, there are several art pieces hung on the wall of a hall, including one of sunflowers in a pot, another being of an exploding box and yet another being a burning city. Sam is then seen walking down the hall, a painting in his hands. As he continues down the hall, he passes by a pillar which Taylor is hiding behind. She peeks around the corner, watching him pass by with the painting. She then raises his arms, showing her phone in her hands. The view shows her recording him with her camera phone. Sam then enters the lobby of the building where several people are seen seated on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs, while a couple of bodies are seen laying on the fall among the broken glass. Vetters then places the painting in his hand against a stack of others and turns back to the doorway he emerged from.

Sam, looking at the people on his way: Don't move, don't make a sound, I'll be done in maybe two minutes. Once I leave, you can go, but if I hear a scream or see someone trying to play hero... they'll end up like those bodies on the floor.

Sam then re-enters the hallway. The whimpers and cries of several people are heard as he continues along. As he continues walking down the hallway, he stops and looks around.

Sam: What to take next?

Taylor is then seen, still recording Vetters from the pillar. She steps aside more to get a better shot, accidentally bumping into a painting on the wall, causing it to knock over, making a sound as it hits the floor. Sam then turns and walks over to the area where Taylor was, his fists clenched. When he arrives, she is no longer there. He looks around, stops and approaches one pillar in particular.

Sam: There you are...

Taylor is seen behind the pillar, looking concerned.

Sam, unseen: I've been looking all over for you...

Taylor's worried face continues becoming more obvious. The scene then cuts to Sam, now standing right in front of the pillar. He then extends his arm out and reaches for the painting next to the pillar, taking it off of the wall and examines it.

Sam: "A Hare in a Blizzard" My favorite painting... (chuckles)

Sam then takes the painting with him as he returns to the original hall. Taylor then sighs in relief and moves out from behind the pillar, recording Vetters as he heads back. The scene then cuts over to Vetters again, now approaching the lobby with the painting in hand. Just then, a blue and black trail runs in through the opening, the doors closing as it passes through and it is followed by a gust of wind. Sam looks at the closed doors, surprised, before turning around to see both Drake and Danny in their Vigilante Suits, looking at him. Taylor looks surprised then smiles as she continues recording them.

Danny: You know I think they only want you to look at the art, not take it.

Sam: Speedster... and it seems you bought yourself a friend.

Drake: You won't be hurting anyone anymore, Vetters.

Sam: I see, you know who I am. Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore. What only matters is what I am or, for that matter, what I will become.

Danny: Oh yeah? And what's that?

Sam: Unstoppable.

Danny: Right, well, I don't know if you know this but I've stopped you before and I can do it again. Besides, there's two of us and only one of you.

Sam: (chuckle) You think you can stop me? You haven't even seen what I can do. I finally made a breakthrough that will give us all the power we could ever ask for and not even the two of you can stop us.

Drake: Us?

Sam: Us.

Danny is then hit from behind by a blast of ice. He lands on his front, sliding in front of Sam. Drake turns around and sees an even more mutated version of Kane. His hood is down but his face has changed. His eyes are larger, without any pupils, his nose is practically no longer there, with only large nostrils taking their place, the markings around his eyes have extended across his forehead as well as the markings around his mouth, extending down to his chin and neck. A cold fog escapes his mouth and his hands, as if fresh from use. Kane is snarls at Drake and prepares another ice blast. Drake throws up his arms, activating one of his forms. As Kane fires an ice blast at Drake, the newly formed scales on Drake's back, hover over to the front of him, blocking the ice from hitting him. Kane then looks and growls at Drake now, charging right for him. Drake attempts to separate the scales but they appear to be frozen together. As Kane continues approaching, Drake continues trying until he just sighs and swings the shield over, knocking Gelid back. The strike, breaking the ice and separating the shields which now hover around him. Gelid gets up and snarls at Drake. Danny is then seen, trying to get up from the floor. He looks over and sees Sam leaving with the painting, he smirks at Danny as he leaves, letting the doors close behind him. Danny then gets up and attempts to run after him but it significantly slower than usual. He then stops and looks at himself.

Danny: I can't use my speed!

He then turns and sees Drake fighting against Gelid who uses his claw-like hands to slash at Drake, who throws up a scale to block the attack. Danny then runs over and tries pushing Kane off of Drake but is flipped over and thrown back by Kane's strength.

Taylor, surprised: Speedster?

Gelid then turns and sees Taylor stepping out of from behind the pillar. He then opens his mouth, hiss-roaring at her. He then blasts out of wave of ice.

Danny: No, Taylor!

Danny then runs forwards, his speed returning to him slowly as he races over and manages to just barely push Taylor out of the way.

Taylor: You- You saved me again.

Danny: Yeah... I did.

Danny smiles at her and Taylor smiles back. The moment is then interrupted by Kane's growls as he approaches them. Danny, quickly, turns to Taylor. He helps her up as he talk to her.

Danny: Get out of here, get to safety!

Taylor: What about you?

Danny: I'll be fine. Now go, please.

Taylor nods and turns away, running off. Danny turns back and sees Gelid slashing at him. Danny's reflexes make everything appear slow as he casually moves away from the claws. Missing, Gelid turns back to the unharmed Danny, looking confused.

Danny: My turn.

Danny then circles around Gelid, striking him rapidly at every side. Kane then yells out and releases a wave of ice from his body which hits Danny, knocking him back into a wall, knocking down some paintings upon the impact. Drake then helps Danny up.

Drake: You alright?

Danny: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just- I've got this under control.

Danny speeds forwards, dodging Kane's strikes again. He strikes him once more then again. Kane fires a beam of ice from his hand but Danny swiftly evades the attack. As Gelid goes in once more for a slash attack, Danny evades it by dropping down and, in the progress, swift kicks him. Gelid then drops to the floor and groans.

Danny, standing over him: How's it feel to get beat by the fastest Mutant alive, Frosty?

Drake: Da- (stopping himself) Speedster, you should-

Danny: Relax, Vigilante, I have it all under control.

Kane's eyes then open wide and he roars out. As Danny turns back to him, Kane lifts his arms up and blasts Danny in to the air with an ice blast. He then slams against the wall. Gelide gets up and fires another ice blast at Danny, now encasing his torso in ice, freezing him to the wall. Drake then turns from Danny to Gelid, looking upset. Drake then runs over to Kane who blasts him with ice, knocking him back as well. When Drake looks up, he sees Gelid ready for another ice blast. Drake then throws up his arms and the scales form a shield hovering in front of him. The ice blast is then blocked by the shield but Gelid continues blasting him, pushing Drake further back into the wall, until Drake is right up against it. Gelid continues blasting him still, the ice spreading from the shield onto Drake's shoulders, then his arms and the rest of his body, trapping him against the wall as well. Gelid then grins menacingly. Drake struggles as the ice binds him to the walls. Drake then closes his eyes and concentrates for a moment. The ice then, soon after, starts to vibrate. Gelid and even Danny look at him, puzzled. With enough time, the ice then shatters, a high frequency emitting from Drake's ports. He then looks over at Kane, clearly upset. Kane then rushes forwards, readying to slash at Drake who blocks the attack with his scale shields. He then lowers it, moving closer to Kane, who strikes again. Drake blocks again, lowers the shields then advances once more. After firing another blast at Drake who blocks once more, Drake then pushes the shields back onto Kane, who falls onto the ground. As he attempts to get up, Drake drops his form and runs right at him, striking him across the face, knocking him back down to the floor. Drake then crouches over Kane and repetitively strikes him across the face. Drake then breaths deeply as he stands before the now unconscious Gelid. Danny is then seen struggling to get out of the ice. He then closes his eyes and concentrates as well, moving his body so fast that he starts to vibrate. The vibrations then cause the ice to shatter, freeing him and melting the ice on his suit. Danny looks at himself, smiles then, with a realization, his smile drops, and then runs over to Drake. He then looks down at Kane, surprise on his face.

Danny: You took him out? I told you I had it under control.

Drake: You were in trouble so I saved you and stopped him.

Danny: Yeah, well, I didn't need you to save me. I could have taken him on my own.

Drake: You called me for help, Danny. This is me helping you.

Danny: I needed your help finding Vetters and bringing him in. This? This is you fighting my fights for me.

Drake: Danny, listen-

Danny: No, you listen to this time, Drake. How am I supposed to be the Speedster, my own person, when you're taking me down for me. I'll never be able to prove myself and always be in your shadow.

Drake: That's not how I see it.

Danny: Well, it's not always about you.

Drake: What do you want me to say, Danny? I'm trying to help you here.

Danny: Right now, I need to help myself to some time alone. I'll call you and the others if I see anything.

Drake: Danny-

Danny then speeds off, leaving the gallery hall. Drake then looks off and sighs. The scene then cuts to the city. The sky is blue with only little clouds. Activity continues to bustle with the people and cars moving around through the city.

Kansas City
April 29, 17:52 EDT

The view shows the side of a building with both Danny and Taylor walking down the sidewalk together. She has a cup of coffee in her hands.

Taylor: I'm telling you, that's how it happened. The Speedster just showed up like- I don't know, a hero ready to save the day. It was incredible, seeing him move around like that, fighting them, saving me.

Danny: I don't know, I heard he was took a few hits today.

Taylor: Yeah but he always gets up and runs again. You'll see, next time the Speedster is around fighting some bad guys, I'll have another video ready for Starling News.

Danny: I still don't think it's a great idea, you running around at the scene. What if you get hurt or are in danger?

Taylor: Then the Speedster will save me. He always saves me.

Danny: Yeah...

Taylor: But you know what's weird?

Danny: Some of the fashion choices people chose to wear at the coffee shop?

Taylor: (chuckles) No, no. It's just- the last time Drake and Kate and the other one came around, they were looking for the Vigilante, but they're here passing through and the Vigilante showed up with the Speedster. I think they're working together again but- you think that has anything to do with Drake showing up?

Danny: It's probably a coincidence. Maybe they're in town, reporting on the Vigilante again and wanted to surprise you.

Taylor: Maybe...

Danny: Y'know what, let's talk about something other than the Vigilante and the Speedster.

Taylor: Okay, what do you want to talk about?

Danny: I dunno, what about you?

Taylor: Me? What could you possibly what to know from me? I'm just Taylor Tiffin.

Danny: Yeah but I just want to get to know you more. I know we're friends again but it's just like I feel like we can connect more especially now that we're on this trip together.

Taylor: Let me remind you it is a work trip. More so business, not so much pleasure.

Danny: I don't know about that, you make it pleasurable all the time.

Taylor: (clears her throat) So... what did you want to know?

Danny: How was your day? Did you always want to be into news? What's your favorite food and would you want to get some of it like tonight or something?

Taylor: Whoa, well um- day was pretty alright, yes, although I did want to be a princess as a kid, my favorite food is spaghetti and ice cream, not at the same time... mostly, and- what, with you?

Danny: Yeah, we could get some lunch or dinner. We can go for dinner. If you want to, although I really think you should.

Taylor: (sighs) Look, Danny, I'm happy for you.

Danny: You are?

Taylor: Yes. You really changed your life around, you go to school now, your auto shop has a lot more business nowadays and we've really grown as friends, in fact I would even go as far as to call you my best friend... and you look at you, you've been feeling great, never really a down moment for you. So yes, I feel really happy for you.

Danny: Awesome. That's great to hear, Taylor, but uh- where's this coming from?

Taylor: Look, I just want you to know because- well...

Danny looks at Taylor and she looks at him.

Taylor: You know what? Nevermind. Yes, I would love to do dinner with you.

Danny: Nice! I mean that's awesome. I'm really looking forwards to it, just the two of us getting to know each other more over a nice meal... together. (smiles)

Taylor hesitantly smiles back at him. Seeing her smile, makes Danny smile even more, where now his teeth are showing and he chuckles slightly as well.

Taylor: Danny, before we go- to dinner, I just want to let you know that-

Thunder is then heard, as darkness soon overcomes them and the city. Both Danny and Taylor look up and sees thick and large storm clouds rolling over the city, lightning phasing through them with thunder crackling afterwards.

Taylor: Huh, that's weird. I thought it was clear skies for today...

Danny looks at the clouds, squinting slightly. A short moment later, as the clouds spread more over the city, a lightning bolt is then fired from the clouds, striking against the side of a building, causing debris to fall off from the building and slam against the pavement with citizens running away, trying not to get hit. Another bolt of lightning shoots out from the cloud, twisting and turning until it hits the side of another building, causing the rubble to fall down, citizens running to avoid its impact once again.

Taylor: What's happening?!

Danny: It has to be Sam Vetters. He's attacking the city!

Just then, another bolt of lightning is fired from the storm clouds, right at the building Danny and Taylor are standing in front of. The rubble then falls from the building, right over Taylor. Danny looks up, seeing the debris falling quickly.

Danny: No, Taylor!

Danny's reflexes make everything appear slow once again as he uses his speed to run forwards to Taylor who slowly starts to turn towards Danny as the rubble slowly approaches even closer. Danny then manages to get a hold of her and move her out of the way, just as the rubble comes down. Everything then starts to speed up into normal time. The debris hits the pavement and both Danny and Taylor fall onto the pavement.

Danny: Hey, hey, are you alright?

Taylor: Yeah, I'm fine. You saved me.

Danny: Yeah... I did.

Taylor smiles at Danny who looks at her but turns away when the thunder from the clouds erupts again. He then helps her up from the ground and looks over at the storm clouds. He then starts to walk away.

Danny, turning to her as he leaves: Get somewhere safe, alright?

Taylor: Wh-Where are you going? It's dangerous out here.

Danny: I'm going to try and help these people.

Taylor: Don't be a hero, Danny, just get some help.

Danny: I will. Now go, please.

Danny then runs off, normally, with Taylor watching him leave. The view then focuses on her face, she looks curious yet anxious at the same time. The sound of thunder then distracts her and she runs off the moment after. The scene then cuts over to Danny going into an alleyway and pulling out his cellphone, he goes to his contacts and selects Drake. He's about to press the call button but then stops and thinks to himself. After a short moment of that, he looks back at the phone.

Danny: No...

He puts the phone back into his pocket.

Danny: I can do this on my own... I can save my city...

Danny then looks determined as he speeds off, thunder crackling in the background. The scene then cuts over to the storm clouds over the city, releasing yet another lightning bolt into another building. The scene then lowers from the clouds to the street level where Sam is seen manipulating wind from his hands as he walks down the street. A distinct boom is heard, drawing his attention to the farther end of the street where he sees a blue trail approaching him. A blurred figure is then seen running towards him, the blue trial following behind. The figure then stops before Vetters and takes the appearance of Danny, in his Speedster Suit.

Danny: Man, what a small town this place is. We just keep running into each other.

Sam: Ah, Speedster. So glad you can make it.

Danny: I see you're up to your old tricks again, Vetters. Robbing stores, causing damages. Same Mutant, different city.

Sam: Oh I'm not the same at all. I've changed. I've become even more powerful. You see, you may have beaten me the first time, Speedster, but in the time that I've been here, I've learned a few more tricks to add to the arsenal.

Danny: I'm not too worried. Tricks or no tricks, you're still just a walking windmill.

Sam: More like a powerhouse. I've gained power that you've never even seen before, Speedster. I will become unstoppable and not even you can defeat me. In fact, taking you out, will be a breeze.

Danny then runs forwards, approaching Sam who extends his hands out, blasting him back with a burst of air. Danny then rolls against the street. He looks up and sees Sam approaching him. Danny then speeds over to Sam who blasts another burst of wind at Danny who uses his speed to evade the oncoming blasts of air. Sam continues blasting wind from his hands at Danny who continues to evades it, advancing more and more closer to Sam. When close enough, Danny evades yet another wind burst, speeds over and slams his shoulder against Sam, knocking him back into the street. The storm clouds then start to dissolve. Sam then gets up, looking rather upset at Danny who just stands there, bouncing in place, fists ready like a boxer.

Danny: Had enough, Windy?

Sam: (chuckles) Oh, I'm just getting started.

Sam then raises his hands, wind flowing from them as a thick cloud starts to wrap around him, with energy phasing through it. Danny then looks at Sam, concern growing upon his face. Sam then throws his arms out, lightning crackling from the cloud around him through his arms and impacting against the ground in front of Danny, knocking him back. Danny then gets up and tries to speeding over to Sam who sends out a wave of wind, throwing Danny through the air and into a car, slamming against the side of it and then dropping to the street. Danny then groans as he leans up from the street. He sees Sam approaching him, twirling his fingers around as he continues to manipulate the wind around him.

Sam: You see, Speedster? This is who I am now. This is what I've become! I've become unstoppable and unbeatable because I have the power this time, Speedster. I have the power!

Sam then fires a bolt of lightning from his hands which hits Danny.

Danny, being electrocuted: ARGH!

Sam: Unlimited power!

Sam then drops his hands, taking a breath afterwards. Danny just lays against the street, clearly hurt, with smoke coming off of his outfit. Sam continues standing there, breathing, as if trying to regain his energy. In the meantime, Danny attempts to get up, using the car he was slammed against as leverage, however he is moving slowly.

Sam: You just don't know when to give up, do you?

Danny doesn't respond but then groans in pain as he makes his way up from the street. Sam shakes his head.

Sam: Once I defeat you, everyone in this town and the next will now just how powerful I am.

Sam then throws a burst of wind towards Danny, sending him flying upwards into the air.

Sam: Looks like there's about to be a big drop in pressure for you, Speedster.

Danny then starts to fall through the air. He opens his eyes and looks around quickly, as if in alarm. He then looks down, seeing a building behind him. He then leans back, moving towards the building as he continues to free fall. He then starts moving his feet. Once he gets close enough to the building, his feet make contact against the surface and he starts to run down the building.

Sam, surprised: NO!

Sam then charges up again, firing another bolt of lightning from his arms at the building but Danny moves around it as he continues running down the side of the building, picking up speed. Sam tries again, shooting another bolt of lightning at the building but Danny continues to evade the blast as he was runs down the side of the building. Danny then makes it to the street and runs right towards Sam, striking him back. Sam then rubs the side of his face and looks over at the side, seeing Taylor helping out a man trapped underneath some debris. He then grins slightly and turns back to Danny, walking towards Sam.

Sam: You think you've won, Speedster? This isn't even the fullest extend of my power.

Danny: Good because you won't be showing it to anyone once I hand you back to the MCA.

Sam: Still think you can take me on? Guess again.

Sam then opens his hands, releasing a fog which spreads around the area. Danny then looks surprised and caught off-guard. He turns back to Sam and sees him creating a tunnel of wind from his hands, coming over Taylor who screams in surprise.

Danny: Taylor!

Danny then speeds forwards through the fog which overcomes Sam. By the time, Danny gets there, Sam is no longer there. Danny then runs around in a circle, using his speed to blow the fog away. Once most of the fog is cleared, he stops and looks around. Sam still no where to be found. Danny then turns his attention to the debris, seeing the man who was trapped under it running away but no sign of Taylor anywhere. Danny is about to say something but is stopped by the sound of a distinct explosion. He quickly turns his attention to the sound and speeds towards it. Once he arrives at the scene, he looks surprised and puts his hands against his head.

Danny: No...

The area is devastated. The buildings and roads are broken up and have scorch marks on them. Cars are flipped over and smashed. There are several fires and scared citizens. There are even a few bodies seen. As the storm clouds start to leave the scene, thunder is still heard in the distance, the sky becomes uncovered but still appearing quite grey. Danny then takes his hands off of his head but continues looking at the scene in surprise, looking overwhelmed and partially afraid.

Danny: ...What have I done?

The scene then cuts over to Danny's secondary garage base. The sky is darker, grey with clouds practically covering the entire sky. It's raining with a hint of thunder in the background. The garage door is seen open still.

Danny's Secondary Garage Base
April 29, 18:44 EDT

Drake can seen standing by the garage door, on the inside, watching the rain drop outside. The scene shows the rest of the garage afterwards, with Kate checking her phone while John is seated by a desk, examining files while seated on a stool.

Kate: Still not getting through to Taylor. I guess she might be busy.

John: Probably...

Kate: What do you think we should do, Drake?

Drake doesn't respond and continues watching the rain come down.

Kate: Drake?

Kate then approaches him, putting her phone away in the process. She stands by his side, looks out at the rain then at him.

Kate: What's wrong? ...Is it about Danny?

Drake: Yeah... I'm trying to help, Kate. I'm trying to help people in need, more so when they're people I think of as friends. But I just don't know how to help him. How do you help someone who doesn't want it?

Kate: Best thing to do might be give it some time. He'll come to you when he's ready and when he does, just listen.

Drake: What do you mean?

Kate: This is his thing, Drake. Saving the city might be your thing but as a super powered Vigilante, it has to be his thing too. Take the lead when you have to, not when you need to.

Kate then walks over to the desk where John is working at. Drake watches her go but turns back to watch the rain, looking at it more thoughtfully than before. A moment later, a blue trail speeds into the garage through the garage opening and stands at the center, taking the appearance of Danny in his Vigilante Suit. Danny removes his goggles and helmet as Drake and the others turn to look at him.

Kate: Well, I didn't think it would happen that fast.

Danny: He has her!

John: Whoa, slow down, man. Who has who?

Danny: Vetters, he has Taylor.

Kate: What?

Drake: What happened?

Danny: He came into the city, started causing damages but I went after him and he got away, taking Taylor with him. I was wrong, Drake. I couldn't stop him, I couldn't fight my own fights and I couldn't save this city. People got hurt, maybe even killed because of me.

Drake: Look, you did the best you could do. Don't blame yourself for trying. For me, there was a point where I blamed myself because I thought the things that I did ended up hurting the ones close to be. But that doesn't mean we stop doing what we do, Danny. What we do may or may not get someone hurt but, by if we do nothing about it, even more people will get hurt. You can save this city but right now, what really matters, is finding Vetters, stopping him and making sure Taylor is safe.

Kate: We should call the MCA, maybe they can help.

John: That probably won't work out so well.

Kate: Why not?

John: Kansas is different from the usual districts. It's smaller so instead of having a full-on barrier, it has barrier points and, instead of officers, it has Patrollers who, well, patrol the area for Mutant attacks and activate the barrier when there's an oncoming threat.

Danny: And since all they saw was rain clouds, that's how he was able to pass over them.

John: If we were to call for reinforcements, response time could take up to an hour, maybe more.

Danny: We can't wait that long. He has Taylor.

Drake: Did you see where he took her?

Danny: No, he just vanished.

John: Great, so we have no way of finding him.

Kate: Maybe not. Back at Central News, we have meteorologists predict the weather using different tools to detect certain patterns, I think.

Danny: I don't know if we have those kind of things. This is a garage, after all, and getting those from Starling News could take a while.

Kate: Well, they also used satellites, if that helps.

John: What? Like a space satellite? We lost connection with those after the Incident.

Kate: Yeah, that's why they use grounded satellites now, stationed on the roof.

John: That might be able to work but building one can take some time that we don't have.

Danny: Hey, I'm work with machines for a living. If you need something built fast, I'm your guy.

John: Great, I can walk you through it then.

Danny: Okay but even if we had a grounded satellite, it would still have to connect with several others in order to do a scan of the city. At least, I think that's how Taylor explained it.

Kate: Ah, you're right... So how are we supposed to get a single grounded satellite to work then?

John, after thinking for a moment: By making it not grounded...

John turns and sees the confused expressions of Drake, Kate and Danny. The scene then cuts over to the outside of the garage where it has stopped raining. Drake, John and Danny are seen leaving the garage through the open door. John has his tablet in hand and Danny is in his casual clothing once again.

Danny: Are you sure this is going to work? I mean I've never built a satellite before and I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work.

John: Danny, we're inventors. Sometimes we have to cross the line between how it's meant to work and how it's going to work. Besides, it's still functional for the most part.

Drake: I'm more worried about Kate than the satellite.

John: She'll be fine. I trust her. (activating comms) Kate, ready?

Kate, over the comms: Yeah, let me just get into position...

Drake, John and Danny look up as an engine is heard. The scene then shows the Jumpjet uneasily hovering above them, now modified with various sensors, cords and other types of machinery.

Drake: You know that when the Director finds out you did this, she'll be more than angry.

John: Well, I built a space satellite so it's worth it.

Danny: Technically, it is a weather satellite.

John: Do not ruin this for me.

Kate, over the comms: Uh- I think I have it stabilized... Now what?

John: Alright, I'm gonna start the scan. Once it starts, just start rising in altitude. Being that high over the city should give our scan more of a range of the city.

Kate, over the comms: Okay, got it.

John presses a button on his tablet's screen which reads "Activate". Once he presses it, the sensors of the Jumpjet start to activate, letting out a projected light. Kate, now seen inside of the Jumpjet's cockpit, pulls a lever up while holding another down. The Jumpjet is then seen rising and increasing in altitude while scanning the area around it.

Drake, turning to John: I'm going to get somewhere where I can see her better.

John: Sure but I don't think anything's going to happen. I mean, her piloting skills aren't that bad.

Kate, over the comms: What was that?

John: Nothing, you're doing great.

Kate, over the comms: That's what I thought you said.

Drake then walks off. John then sighs and taps more things on his tablet while Danny looks up at the increasing Jumpjet.

John, without looking up: So you gonna tell me why you're really out here?

Danny, turning to John: W-What are you talking about?

John: You didn't have to go with Taylor. I'm guessing you're fast enough to get from Kansas to Iowa within less than an hour so you could have easily gotten back before anyone suspected you were the Speedster Vigilante, which I gotta say- (looks at Danny) that name needs some serious work.

Danny sighs.

Danny: Alright, you're right. I didn't go with Taylor just to catch Vetters. Well I did but not completely. Part of me wanted the Danny Campbell side of me to connect more with Taylor. Make her see me the way she sees the Speedster side of me. Me and Taylor have been friends and then things got rough but when she tried inviting me back into her life again, it just- it felt too good to be true. It's like I wanted to make the most of that opportunity and not let go. Show her that Danny Campbell can be her Speedster. I'm not sure if you would understand.

John: No. No, I- I get it. I know what you're going through. Trying to get someone- a friend, maybe even your best friend to like you for who you are and not the Vigilante they associate you with.

Danny: ...I see.

John, looking away: Yeah...

Danny: Well, now she's in trouble and when I save her, she'll only see the Vigilante side of me. I mean, that is if we save her.

John: Hey, we will save her, alright?

Danny: Yeah...

John: And there is one way to make her see both sides of you. Tell her the truth, tell her you're the Vigilante.

Danny: I don't know if I can, John. What if she freaks out or hates me for lying to her?

John: If she likes you as Danny Campbell and as the Speedster, then there's no reason to think she wouldn't like you if you told her. I might not have any secrets to share but I do have trust. And believe me, it can means a lot to someone once they realize they have it. If you trust her, and you like her, then make the choice and let her in. Otherwise, you'll never really connect with her.

Danny then nods.

Danny: Okay, I'll- I'll see what I can do.

An alert is then heard. John looks down at his tablet, checking something.

John: Alright, the scan came back. I now have a readout of all the thermal patterns, atmospheric conditions and everything else needed to determine the local storm activity and trace it back to a possible location. (after a moment of tapping) Okay, got it! (activating comms again) Most of the storm activity seems to originate from an abandoned facility outside of the city.

Kate, over the comms: Okay, I'll come back down and you can take over the piloting from now on.

Drake makes his way back to the two of them.

Drake: You found his location?

John: Yeah.

Drake turns to Danny.

Danny: Look, Drake, I'm ready to accept your help, alright? Thing is, before, I just- I wanted to prove that I could do all the things you could do. That I can save my own city, fight my fights, take down my own group of baddies. But I just don't know if I can be like you, Drake.

Drake: Then don't. When we worked together last year in Iowa, I told you that in order to save Taylor, you needed be better than me. In order to do that, you have to be yourself, Danny. You have to be your own person and stop being a Vigilante and start being something more. Now, let's get this guy.

Danny smiles. The scene then cuts to the abandoned facility outside of the city. The sky is dark, nearly night time already. The clouds are thicker now, thunder heard overhead.

Abandoned R-Corp Facility
April 29, 19:56 EDT

Inside, the place remains almost the same as the panel opens up and Drake, now in his Vigilante suit, is seen entering the facility. He looks around, carefully. The area appears clear of any people. As Drake advances forwards, a blue streak enters the facility and stands next to Drake, soon taking on the appearance of Danny, now in his Speedster suit.

Drake: Find anything?

Danny: No, coast is clear. I ran around the place like three times already.

Drake: So that means he's here... Be alert.

Danny: Got it.

The two of them progress through the facility carefully. As both Drake and Danny look around, Drake stops and notices a crate reading "R-CORP MATERIALS [Handle with Care]".

Drake: Hold on. I found something.

Danny turns and looks at Drake then the crate.

Danny: What is it?

Drake: R-Corp... (activating comms) John, you there?

John, over the comms: Yeah, what's up?

Drake: This place used to be an R-Corp facility, they left some of their equipment behind.

John, over the comms: Interesting. Keep me posted on that and anything else you might find in there.

Danny: Right now, we're only finding crates and junk. We need to keep an eye out for Vetters and Taylor.

Drake, turning to Danny: You're right. Let's keep moving. They both have to be here somewhere.

Danny nods and the two of them progress further into the facility, looking around more. They then come to a big open area of the facility where Taylor is seen tied against a pole, a rag covering her mouth. She squirms as she notices Drake and Danny. She cries out but they become muffled by the rag over her mouth.

Danny: Taylor!

Danny speeds over and goes to her

Danny, removing her rag: Hey, it's alright. Are you okay, did he hurt you?

Taylor: I'm fine. It's just that he's-

Sam, unseen: -right behind you.

Danny quickly turns around and sees Sam emerge from the shadows.

Sam: You know for a guy who could run so fast, it took you quite some time getting over here. I was beginning to worry, you wouldn't come for the bait.

Danny: She's innocent, Vetters. This is between you and me.

Sam: Is she? You seem to go a long way for just one girl. Makes me wonder if there's something between the two of you that you're not letting on.

Danny doesn't respond but just continues staring down Sam who just chuckles afterwards.

Sam: No matter. Soon, the two of you will become slush after a strike from my lightning bolt.

Sam extends his arms out, ready to blast at both Danny and Taylor but he is hit by a laser which wraps around him, stunning him. Sam then drops to his knees. He turns his head roughly and sees Drake approaching with his wrist-form activated.

Drake: I don't think so, Vetters.

Sam, with some strain: What a turn of events... (chuckles)

Danny: It's over, Vetters. You can't take on the two of us. Not on your own.

Sam, with some strain: Th-That's where you're wrong, Speedster. Like I told you before, you haven't even seen my power at its fullest extend.

Sam reaches into his coat's pocket and removes the syringe, now refilled with more of the mixture of the substance.

Taylor: What is that?

Drake, realizing: No... Vetters, don't-!

As Drake approaches Vetters, he stabs the syringe into his chest and injects all of the substance into his body. He then yells out in pain afterwards, the serum spreading from his torso across his entire body. His body then starts shifting and transforming, making him appear more mutated than before. Using his new-found strength, he rips through the laced-web and roars out, his mouth now appearing like slime with his jaw lowering so much that it makes his mouth stretch longer. Drake, Danny and Taylor then step back as Vetter's transformation just about finishes.

Danny: Vetters... what did you do?

Sam, struggling to speak: I... became.... powerful. Now... you will see all of my power, Speedster.... ALL OF IT!

Drake fires more laser-laced webs at Sam who swats them away with a powerful burst of wind, which also manages to throw Drake through the air and into some R-Corp crates. He then roars out again, holding his hands out. Wind then flows around him, becoming stronger as every second passes. The wind tunnel around Sam then increases in height, mass and strength. Danny then turns to Taylor, holding her and running off with her outside of the facility. From the outside of the facility, the roof can be seen collapsing on itself along with the rest of the facility as a massive tornado emerges from the remains of the facility. Drake can be seen being thrown into the fields, mowing down a number of sunflowers in the process. His wrist-form deactivating as he lays on the ground, knocked unconscious. The scene then fades into a flashback scene where a younder Drake is seen walking down a beaten up road, carrying a backpack. He's seen walking by both his mother and Will, all carrying their own weight. The area they're walking through appears to be a town, showing signs of damage from the explosion as well as tire marks, some type of green splatter and scratch marks across both the streets and the walls of the buildings they walk past.

The Next Town Over
9 Years Ago

The three of them continue walking down the street. Leia looks down at Drake who hangs onto the straps of his bag.

Leia: Drake, if it's too much for you-

Young Drake: I have it, mom.

Leia sighs. She turns to Will who looks straight ahead. He then looks over at her, as if sensing her gaze.

Leia: How much further until we find someplace to rest? We've been walking for the past two hours.

Will: It shouldn't be that far. This is the town I came from, it was chaos when whatever happened happened. When things started to cool down, I left to find any survivors. Find someplace to survive but I never thought that maybe- maybe some of the people from my own survived the confusion, the panic... just- after everything, maybe someone survived.

Leia: You seem optimistic.

Will: Well, one of us has to be. Anyways, if there really isn't anyone here, we can just head for my old hideaway. I'm sure I have some supplies there that we can use for our trip to the other town. Maybe we can rest there for a few days.

Leia: That works too...

They continue walking but stop when a faint growling is heard.

Will: Get back.

They move to the side, staying close to the wall of the building to the left of them, as a lizard-like Mutant crawls through the streets, licking the air as if sensing what's around it. It cocks its head around quickly, looking around and, upon not seeing anyting, continues crawling down the rest of the street.

Will: We seriously need weapons...

Leia: I don't know if we can handle something like that.

Will: Don't worry about it, it's my idea, I'll take care of it. I just think we'll all be better off with protection.

Leia: Protection is one thing but taking part in a fight is another thing completely.

Will: We'll talk more about it later. We should probably just keep moving before anymore of those things show up.

They continue walking on through the town. Drake looks around, seeing shops, houses, even a park with a swing set and a merry-go-round. However, as they continue moving along, the park is shown to have bodies laying around, scratched up along their backs, presumingly from a Mutant assault. Drake turns away and looks down. As the three of them continue progressing through the town, a figure can be seen entering the view, watching them from a short distance on a higher up platform.

Figure: Stop right where you are!

The three of them stop. Drake looks up, surprised and slightly upset. Leia and Will look up and see a man wearing a green jumpsuit. He's bald and has what looks like brown eyes from this distance.

Will, stepping forwards: Oh, thank goodness. Someone survived-

Man: I said stop where you are!

The man raises his rifle and aims it at Will who takes a step back.

Will: Easy, friend. We're all on the same side here.

Man: Where are you three from?

Will: These two are from the next town over, Riverview. I, myself, am from here.

Man: Are any of you injured?

Will: No, not recently.

Man: Do you have any weapons? Supplies?

Will: We have water, canned food- no weapons but we will defend ourselves if you choose to rob us.

Man: Stay there...

The man lowers his rifle and steps back, descending, possibly down a set of unseen stairs. Leia grabs Will's arm who turns to her attention.

Leia: Are you sure this is such a good idea?

Will: These are the only other survivors we've met, Leia. Besides, if they wanted to bring us harm, they would have done so when we weren't expecting them. I don't trust them but I can only hope they're a friendly bunch.

The doors to the area they have come across begin to open with two armed people standing by the door and the man that they were talking to earlier standing in the center.

Man: Get in before any of the creatures show up.

The three of them hurry inside as the armed people by the entrance close the doors behind them. Drake looks around and sees a boarded-off parking lot closed off by an old-looking theater. There are lamps posted around the perimeter connected to one another via cords. Inside the area, there are a few other survivors, tents, set-ups and other features.

Leia, looking around: What is this place?

Man: This is Sanctuary, a place where survivors like yourselves can stay.

Will: If you were so open to members, why did you give us such a hard time at the door?

Man: I had to make sure you weren't infected or someone who meant to do us harm. We've had experiences like those already and I don't want to repeat the past. Name's Jeff; Jefferson Buchanan.

Will: I'm Will. This here is Leia and the little guy there is Drake.

Jefferson: Well, we'll be sure to try and make you folks fit in nicely here. After all, this here is your new home.

Drake looks unsure at the man as well as the rest of Sanctuary. Jefferson shows Will around while Leia walks forwards but Drake remains where he is, just looking out at the new area they've discovered. Leia turns back and sees Drake.

Leia: Drake? What's wrong?

Young Drake: I don't like it here, I want to go home.

Leia: You heard the man, Drake. This is home now.

Young Drake: But I don't like it! I can't live here, I just can't, Mom.

Leia: Look at me, Drake. You can do it, you're a tough kid, okay? You've been stronger than me and I need your strength here. We have to get through this together. You, me, Will. All of us. I believe in you, baby. Now come on, let's see how we can make ourselves useful.

She grabs his hand and the two of them progress further into Sanctuary. The scene then starts to fade back into current day as Drake soon gets up from the sunflower remains. He holds his head, hearing the whirring noise of clashing wind as his hood flaps around on his back. He turns and sees the tornado approaching him in the close distance. Danny then quickly gets up from the ground and starts to run as the tornado continues moving closer and closer, causing destruction on its path. Drake runs past the windmill which spins around at incredible rates until it is taken apart and destroyed by the oncoming tornado. Drake continues running but the tornado increases in speed, getting extremely close as Drake starts to get pulled off of the ground. As he gets pulled into the tornado, a blue blur speeds over, grabbing Drake and pulling him to the side. Drake looks to his side and sees a blurred figure, soon becoming Danny.

Drake: Thanks...

Danny: Sure thing.

They both get up and turn to see the tornado stopping in front of them. Clouds start to form around the front of the tornado, taking the form of Sam's face.

Sam, via the tornado: Speedster!

His voice is now booming but sounds constructed through noises emitting from the clouds, like manipulated thunder. Lightning is seen phasing through out the entire tornado.

Drake: You never said he could do that or any of this.

Danny: He never did. It must be that stuff he injected into himself.

Drake: I think we found the source of the enhanced Mutants.

Sam, via the tornado: How does it feel, Speedster? Knowing that I'm more powerful than you and your Vigilante friend will ever be.

Danny: This isn't you, Vetters. You're being affected by that serum. You're not well, I can help you.

Sam, via the tornado: I am no longer Sam Vetters. He was defeated by the Speedster, he couldn't beat him, but the serum- my Potent Poison has made it so I can defeat you, all of you, anyone I want! What do you think? Those that make me worthy of one of your stupid names?

Danny: Seriously? That's your main priority right now?

Sam, via the tornado: What's my name?!

Danny: Fine! What about... I dunno, Cyclone?

Sam, via the storm: Not good enough! I'm beyond you, I'm bigger than anything this world can offer me. Soon, it'll all fall to me and once I destroy everything, the cities will wear away from my powerful winds. Everything will fall to Erosion!

Danny: Well, we're not going to let that happen, Erode!

Erode: It doesn't matter whether you let me or not, there is no stopping the storm because I am the storm. I am the oncoming storm!

Erode then expands his tornado-form, now becoming a full-on cyclone but keeping his tornado base. The sky ripples through the sudden change in atmospheric conditions. The storm/tornado starts to move towards the city in the distance.

Danny: That stormnado is heading towards the city!

Drake, activating comms: John, are you seeing this?

The Jumpjet is seen flying over the area. Inside, John is flying while Kate is in the passenger seat. Both of them are looking out of the window, seeing the "stormnado" approach the city.

John: Seeing, still working on believing...

Kate: Drake, if that storm hits the city, it'll cause a lot of damages.

John: More than that, not even the energy barriers would be able to stop it. A storm that size could wipe out most of the city and it won't stop either. It'll just keep going and going, moving upwards and will end up wiping out Nebraska, Iowa and, eventually, maybe even New York.

Back on the ground, Drake turns to Danny whose already looking at Drake, worried.

Danny: What do you we?

Drake: We stop the storm before it hits the city.

John, over the comms: It's not that easy, Drake. Storms aren't like people, they can't get hurt. You'd have to change the throw off the balance between cold downdraft and hot updraft.

Drake: What?

Kate, over the comms: You'd have to make the hot parts colder or the cold parts hotter.

Danny: When I was fighting him earlier, his storm clouds started dissolving once he lost his concentration. Maybe by attacking him, we stop it from approaching the city.

Drake: I don't see him from here. Is he inside of the- what was it? A tornado?

John, over the comms: I'll get closer, try and get a better look.

The Jumpjet is then seen approaching the stormnado closer.

John, looking out the main window: Still not seeing anyth-

The Jumpjet shakes violently.

Both John and Kate: GAH!

Drake, over the comms: John? Kate? What happened?

John, looking at the read-outs: Looks like the storm expanded and we got caught in its grasp.

The Jumpjet is then seen tumbling through the sky, circling quickly around the stormnado, being pulled in.

Drake: John! Kate!

John, over the comms, breaking up: He's- here, Drake- He's-

Drake: John, come in... John!

Danny: We have to do something in order to save them and the city.

Drake: (nods) Do it.

Danny returns the nod with another nod and speeds off towards the stormnado. He then runs around it. 

Drake, using the comms: What are you doing?

Danny, over the comms: Trying to unravel it. Maybe that could stop it, or at least, slow it down and give you enough time to get to the center.

Drake: How am I supposed to get into the center of a tornado?

Danny, over the comms: I don't know, what do I look like a scientist? Just think of something and I'll try unraveling it from here.

Drake: Okay...

Drake lowers his hand from the side of his head and runs towards the tornado which is being encircled by a fast, blue blur. Danny is then seen running around the stormnado at fast speeds. The clouds reform to appear as a large version of Vetter's face.

Sam, via the tornado: You think you can stop me?! No one can!

The tornado then expands around its base, releasing a massive amount of wind combined with strikes of lightning, which throw Danny off his balance and into the air. He tumbles across the ground and looks up and the storm intensifying. Drake then catches up and helps Danny up.

Danny: I can't do it, Drake. He's too powerful.

Drake: Hey, look at me. Look at me.

Danny turns from the stormnado and looks at Drake.

Drake: I know you can do it. You need to stop doubting yourself, Danny, and be the person I know you are. Not a Vigilante, not the Speedster but Danny Campbell. I believe in you. Now go. Go and stop him and save the city.

Danny smiles and then runs off, encircling the cyclone again. Sam's roars can be heard from emitting from the stormnado in a thunderous manner. Lightning intensifies around the area and the winds increase but Danny continues circling around the stormnado. He is seen running around the stormnado, uses his speed to avoid the lightning strikes and sudden wind bursts. He then pushes himself and runs faster, continuing to speed around the tornado in the opposite direction. Drake then looks around and sees a barn close by. He then grunts and runs towards it. The scene cuts to the stormnado, now stopping and loosing mass. Sam's cloud-face hovers down and "looks" down at the speeding Danny, running around him.

Sam, via the tornado: Stop! You can't defeat me! Not again! STOP!

Danny continues running, now increasing in speed, yelling. As the tornado shrinks, starting to lose its form, Drake can be seen climbing up onto the barn's roof. He then runs across the roof. The stormnado then throws a series of debris including R-Corp crates, parts of the windmill and even pieces of the ground towards the barn. Drake then jumps off the edge of the barn, jumping onto the crates, pushing off of them, running across one of the windmill's blades, jumping off of that and grabbing onto the edge of a piece of the ground. He pulls himself onto the top and runs across it, jumping onto the next, advancing closer and closer to the stormnado. He then jumps off of that piece of ground, activates his ice-mace form and enters the weakened stormnado. Now at the eye of the storm, Drake is seen entering through the thick layer of clouds and falling down through the vortex. An icy-fog starts to escape the mace, spreading across the cyclone's inside. He looks down and sees the mutated Sam Vetters turning his attention from the base of the tornado to the top of the storm, now noticing Drake. He raises his hand up and clenches his fist. Lightning from around the cyclone then converges into one powerful bolt of lightning and strikes towards Drake who raises his ice-mace even higher. The lightning hits the mace and is practically absorbed into the mace, itself. Sam looks surprised as Drake continues falling through the vortex. Using his current momentum, Drake swings the mace down upon Sam, sending the electricity right back onto him. The impact, sends Sam flying through the center of the stormnado and outside of it, crashing into the ground. The storm, itself, then starts to dissolve. Drake dropping onto the ground, from the updraft. The Jumpjet is then seen leaving the heavy winds and re-stabilizing in the air, as the sky returns to normal once again. Danny is seen laying against the ground on his back. He looks up and sees Drake approach him. Danny leans up and sees Drake's hand in front of him. He looks up at Drake, smiles and takes his hand. Drake then helps him up.

Drake: You alright?

Danny: Just dizzy... Really, really dizzy. (breaths) But hey, you did it.

Drake: No, we did it... by working together.

A groan is then heard. Drake and Danny turn their attention to a now unconscious Sam Vetters, still mutated. They walk over to him.

Danny: Looks like it's sunny skies from here on out.

The scene then cuts over to a restaurant in the city. It's still night and the sky seems passive.

Kanigher's Italian Restaurant
April 29, 21:51 EDT

Inside, Danny is seen seated at a table. He's looking around but returns his gaze to the table. A waiter comes along and refills his glass of water.

Waiter: Are you ready to order to yet?

Danny: Uh- just five more minutes.

Waiter: But-

Danny: Please, just five more minutes. She'll be here.

Waiter: (sighs) Very well, sir.

The waiter walks off while Danny drinks from his water. Taylor is then seen walking past the window and entering through the door to the restaurant. She looks around and sees Danny, making her way over to the table.

Danny, getting up: Taylor! You made it.

Taylor: Yeah, sorry I'm late, I was just thinking about uh-

Danny: Hey, don't worry about it. I know you went through something crazy earlier. I can't imagine what it was like.

Taylor: Yeah, I guess you can't...

Danny pulls out Taylor's chair for her and she sits.

Taylor: Um, thanks.

Danny: You are very welcome.

Danny takes his own seat and just smiles at Taylor.

Taylor: I though we were just going out- er going to get some sushi or something.

Danny: I just wanted to make it worth your while. Besides, they've got your favorite here.

Taylor: Yeah, um- before we order, there's just- something I really have to tell you.

Danny: What is it?

Taylor: I like you, Danny. I really do.

Danny: Taylor, I like you too.

Taylor: No, but that's- the problem.

Danny: ...What do you mean?

Taylor: Look, we make great friends, best friends, but (sigh) I think you're moving too fast for me. I don't really want to be in a relationship especially with you. I mean you're a nice guy but maybe you should just find someone who's like you. I mean, after everything that happened tonight, it just made everything a lot more clearer. I had a thing for the Speedster but I guess you probably already knew that. Thing is, I can't be with him, not ever. He's like you. You both move too quickly and I just can't keep up.

Danny: Then I won't move so fast.

Taylor: No. I don't want you to change because of me, Danny. You're good the way you are but you can do better by finding who's into you.

Danny: ...So, what happens now? Are we still friends?

Taylor: I don't know. I think... I think we should spent some time-

Danny, suddenly excited: Yeah?

Taylor, continuing: -away from each other, Danny.

Danny excitement dies down into disappointment. He looks down at the table.

Taylor: I'm sorry but it's for the best.

She gets up from the table.

Taylor: We both have to accept that we can't be with the people we want. At least, not until we meet other people. Goodnight, Danny.

Taylor turns away from the table and leaves the restaurant. Danny remains seated there, alone. The waiter returns to him.

Waiter: Would you like to order now, sir?

Danny: (sigh) Yes. Just one order to go, please...

The scene fades to Danny's secondary garage base. The sky is bright and the sun is up, showing that it's a new day in Kansas City. Not a single cloud can be seen in the sky as well.

Danny's Secondary Garage Base
April 30, 10:08 EDT

Inside, Drake and Kate can be seen talking. Danny then speeds in, in casual clothing as well, and dusts his hands off afterwards.

Danny: Alright, we got all your stuff and anything extra you might have needed onto the Jumpjet including copies of my leads on that substance you guys were talking about, the reports on Sam's potent poison that I speeded away with from the MCA outpost and leftover Italian food.

Drake: Good work.

Kate: I didn't even know Kansas had Italian food especially in this day and age.

Danny: You learn something new everyday.

John then runs in, tuckered out.

John: Alright, we got all the stuff onto the Jumpjet, including some extra stuff including copies of the leads on the substances and-

Drake: John, Danny already said all that.

John: Wh- (turns to Danny) You said you'd let me say it.

Danny: I also said last one is a rotten egg. Sorry, dude.

Kate: Well, it's been... something.

Danny: Same here, Kate.

Danny goes in for a hug but Kate extends her hand out for a shake. The two conflict and just settle on a wave. Kate then leaves the garage, in a hurry.

Danny, turning to Drake: So aside from those new fight moves, can you teach me how to talk to girls the right way?

Drake: You're asking the wrong guy.

John: Same here.

Danny: Great... we can be the Anxiety Assemblance, a band of guys whose only weakness is socializing with females.

John: Hear, hear.

Drake: So what are you going to do now?

Danny: Well, now that Erode and Gelid are locked up in an MCA cell somewhere and managed to get their Potent Poison removed from their systems, Kansas is safe and I can return to Iowa and do some speeding over there, maybe work on the name and the costume some more.

John: Speaking of which, I left behind some designs in case you ever want to try something new when it comes to upgrading.

Danny: Wow, thanks. I'll definitely take a look at them.

John: Here-

John walks over to the desk and takes some designs from it. He starts to turn back.

John, continuing: I'll bring them to-

A gust of wind, blows away any remaining papers on the desk. John looks and sees Danny standing right in front of him.


Danny: Thanks.

Danny takes the designs and looks them over.

Danny: Wow, these are some pretty interesting designs.

John: Thanks. Just felt like someone like you should definitely get the John-treatment when it comes to costume and equipment.

Danny: Well, you gave me stuff and advice, about time I returned the favor.

John: What are you talking about? You gave us a whole bunch of stuff that will totally help against these Xyrion guys.

Danny: Yeah, that was the stuff part. I'm talking about advice.

John: This is about Taylor, isn't it?

Danny: No. Well, not entirely. It's mainly about you. You and Kate. Before you say anything, I know there's something going on between the two of you. You don't have to be a speedster to figure that out quickly.

John: Yeah... So what's your advice?

Danny: Don't do what I did. As you can tell, I'm a pretty quick-moving dude but it turns out I was moving too quickly when it came to me and Taylor. And that might have messed things up between us. I don't know if there'll ever be another chance and I don't know if we'll ever be friends again but what I do know is when it comes to relationships, I have to slow down.

John: Well, that's what I'm doing. I'm waiting for it to happen on it's own and-

Danny: No, don't do what I need to do either. My solution is your problem, dude. You're moving too slow. Moving too fast is bad, sure, I lost Taylor, might not get her back, but if you keep moving at the rate you're going, she'll pass right by you and you won't even know it. Maybe it's time to speed things up. Trust me, I'm the best person you can hear that from.

John: Maybe you're right.

Danny: Yeah, maybe I am.

The two then laugh and give each other a hug.

John: Thanks, man.

Danny: Yeah, just one more thing, alright? Promise me, you'll ask her out. Like a legit date; no hanging out, no going for ice cream, and now "just as friends" thing. Think of it as a boost, it'll get you moving a lot more faster, alright.

John: Yeah, alright. I promise.

Danny: There ya go.

John: I'll see you around.

Danny: Don't be a stranger.

John then leaves the garage. Danny then walks back to Drake.

Drake: What was that about?

Danny: Just something we're both going through.

Drake: You're going to be okay?

Danny: Yeah, it's like you said. I have to start being my own person so I won't be a Vigilante anymore. I'll be something else but I'll still be the same guy.

Drake: That's a good start.

Danny: And hey, I'll take a look around the area before I head back, keep a look out for any more signs of that enhancing substance stuff.

Drake nods.

Drake: We'll see each other again, Danny.

Danny, smirking: Looking forwards to it, Drake.

Drake then leaves the garage. The scene cuts to later on, with Drake entering the Jumpjet. He goes up to the cockpit and sees John, in the pilot seat, and Kate in the passenger seat, they were just having a conversation.

John, noticing Drake: Oh hey, ready to head off?

Drake: Yeah. You think we'll be able to catch the Xyrions with what we found here.

John: I won't know until I analyze it further.

Kate: And until we get the results back from Murphy Industries.

Drake: It won't happen quick, but we'll get there... together.

Both Kate and John smile at his words. The scene cuts to an overhead of the city, showing the blue blur racing past buildings. The blurred figure then stops, taking the form of Danny, shortly afterwards. He lifts his goggles up and looks up, seeing the Jumpjet fly away.

Danny: Cool...

Danny then puts his goggles back on and continues running, as he passes by a rusted and partially destroyed sign that reads "150 Miles to Iowa City." The scene then transitions to the same area but later on, now dark. A bright light appears suddenly off-screen but the light is cast just at the side of the screen. When the light fades, the scene pans to the right, showing a couple of figures moving to the remains of the R-Corp facility in the distance. The scene cuts over to the facility, mostly destroyed by Sam Vetters. The figures step into the facility and make their ways to the back, where the tarp-covered object is seen. A claw-like hand reaches out from off-screen and grabs the tarp, throwing it off, revealing an empty cesspool. The two figures then gawk amongst themselves before one of them removes a device from their side and activates it. A light emits from the device and project a light blue projection which casts light over the figures. An image then appears over the projection; the image of the Xyrion Leader. The figures are now seen, through the light of the projection, to be Xyrion Soldiers.

Xyrion Leader, through the projection: Have you located the remaining amounts of the Cytoxin?

The Xyrion makes noises in response.

Xyrion Leader, through the projection: Speak!

Xyrion: Yes, sir, but it has been removed.

Xyrion Leader, through the projection: Hm, then it is most likely in the procession of the Mutation Containment Agency.

Xyrion: What would like us to do, sir?

Xyrion Leader, through the projection: Search the area for any Cytoxin that may have been left behind and return to the facility with it. We're going to need it every drop we can muster...


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and Danny work together to defeat Erode and Gelid
  • John learns more about the mysterious substance developed by the Xyrions
  • The Xyrions items from Nexus are sent to Emmett for further research

Minor Events

  • Danny learns to vibrate
  • Danny and Taylor take a break from each other


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Danny
  • Taylor Tiffin
  • Director Harper
  • MCA Officers
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia (Flashback)
  • Will Dillion (Flashback)
  • Jefferson Buchanan (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Sanctuary Inhabitants (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Citizens


  • Sam Vetters/Erode (First Appearance)
  • Kane Miller/Gelide (First Appearance)
  • Enhanced Mutant Raccoons (First Appearance)
  • Xyrion Leader
    • Xyrions

Forms Used

  • Electro-Icer (x2)
  • Sonar Scales
  • Neuro-Web



  • Owens was going to appear in this episode as his return ensured more appearances from him but this episode felt better if it was just Drake, Kate and John especially with Danny's lack of trust for the MCA.
  • Originally, the main villain was just going to be Erode but the Writer felt it was better to add an ice-powered Mutant to the episode as an enemy against Danny. Once the idea was implemented, the plot of the episode focused more on two Vigilantes working together against two Villains working together.
  • Similar to Mutant City, thanks for computer issues, the episode needed to be rewritten when close to completion. Fortunately, most of the episode remains in tack with the alteration of some scenes, of course, as well as the addition of new ones, including the scene where Sam searches for his favorite painting.
  • Before the rewrite, John was meant to deliver the final blow during the fight against Gelid and provide a role in Danny's argument. However, this was intentionally left out of the rewrite as it felt better and made more sense if it was Drake delivering the final blow and essentially owning the fight, leaving Danny to feel more useless in the fight to begin with.
  • The name for the villain, Erode, came from Bat24.
  • The restaurant scene was originally going to have Taylor wait for Danny who would have shown up late as he usually does but it was flipped around in the final version to representation the contrast in their relationship.
  • A lot of this episode was inspired by The Flash.
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