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Omniverse SpeedGate
General Information
Species Feetaration
Home World Soma
Body Ostrich/bluegill alien
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Speed
Water Gun
First Appearance I Got a Watch With...12 ALIENS!

This creature is one of the aliens in Cassie Benny's Omnidewtrix and an inhabitant of Soma.

General Information[]

She is a fast, skilled ostrich blue gill of the Feetaration species.

Design that could have been[]

Original Speedgate

Original SpeedGate too darn cute

This is the version which could have been SpeedGate's design before.

Speedgate was supposed to be bearing a resemblance to an ostrich in the first place with wings and a stubborn personality. But that all changed during Cassie 12: Original Series writing.

Cassie 12: Omniverse[]

Speedgate's design changed a little in Cool, I am gonna fiddle with my Watch by having a design similar to Ben's original Four Arms with the Omnidewtrix on the shoulder and a marking on the middle unlike Four Arms. Her wings are much wider and big enough to glide over objects.

She's been shown to be able to make energy blasts like her counterpart Benwolf from her mouth. Her brave personality reaches to having a Lara Croft belt holding two laser blasters awaiting to be used by herself, SpeedGate's bills have two light blue holes that steam off the energy waste.


Alternate Timeline[]

In Cassie 12,000, SpeedGate has round balls between her toes that now resembles XLR8's with a bullet proof vest and a sword holder carrying two swords on the back. On the plus side, she is taller and bigger (as in epic-like) than before.

Series SpeedGate Is In[]

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  • This is the first kind of its species seen on Ben 10 Fan Fiction.
  • Irony to its webbed feet not being seen, it uses them in water while padding along in a giant river or lake, where people can see its big feet.
  • Males kick. Females stand rock solid when people try to move them.
  • SpeedGate has her own robotic version that was scrapped off from the ideas for the next series.