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General Information
Species Rediyuzz
Home World Garzo
Body Circular
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radio Waves
First Appearance N/A

Spectrumount is a Rediyuzz from the planet Garzo in no series. Anyone can use him.


Spectrumount has a blue spherical body with blue legs, blue arms, and three fingers on each hand. He has 3 curvy lines on his forehead. He has 4 eyes of varying colors, a triangular nose, and two mouths. Spectrumount holds a square, which he uses for his powers. Most Rediyuzzes have one, called a jaeoeosyseu in some form.


Most of Spectrumount's powers are because of his jaeoeosyseu, which is a square. With it, he can absorb attacks and blast them back as radio waves. With the radio waves, he can hurt the ears of most species. The more attacks absorbed, the more powerful the waves. Radio waves that Spectrumount shoots can also be used for things like hacking machines or magnetism.

By placing his jaeoeosyseu on his chest, Spectrumount can shrink and ride radio waves. By riding radio waves, he can travel many places. He arrives at his location by coming out of a machine such as a telephone, then growing to normal size. When riding around more than neccessary, Spectrumount can travel through time and space. He can also travel into machines and observe how they work and things like that.

Spectrumount's only power without his jaeoeosyseu is absorbing radio waves. He is not capable of shooting them back in any form, but when his jaeoeosyseu has absorbed enough waves, Spectrumount can absorb it and become colored like this. In his jaeoeosyseu form, he can use all of his powers much more powerful and faster. He can also perform things like sonic screaming, shooting electricity, messing with gravity, etc. In his jaeoeosyseu form, if focusing for 5 straight minutes, Spectrumount can start to become made of radio waves. In this form, he can perform things like flight, super speed, and shapeshifting.


Rediyuzzes originally looked more humanoid, until the vast radio waves on Garzo made their shape corrupt. Because of this, Spectrumount with or without his jaeoeosyseu cannot absorb much energy without becoming more corrupt.