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General Information


Home Planet:

Anur G'rrnay


Rock Monster

Other Info

Environmental Adaption
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Water Generation (Coral)
Lava Resistance (Obsidian)
Sand Generation (Sandstone)
Crystallokinesis (Petrosapien)
Energy Redirection (Crystalsapien)
Gravikinesis (Galilean)
Mineral Magic (Basaltine)
Environmental Camouflage


Low Mobility
Low Durability (Obsidian)
Sonic Waves (Petrosapien)

First Appearance:


Spectrock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a G'rrnayte from the planet Anur G'rrnay in the Anur System. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Spectrock's appearance is dependent upon what environment he is in. However, all of his forms take on the same basic shape of a bulky, top-heavy hunchback, typically having two-toned color schemes.

Spectrock wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.


  • Spectrock's primary power is his ability to adapt to his environment automatically.
    • When in a forest, Spectrock's form is typical stone or cobblestone, with several cracks in his body where moss grows.
    • When in a desert, Spectrock's form takes on the coloration of sandstone. He also has the ability to generate sand.
    • When in a volcanic area, Spectrock's form takes on the dark, purple coloration of obsidian. He gains the ability of lava resistance in this form.
    • When in the ocean, Spectrock's form takes on the appearance of coral, being the only confirmed form to not be some type of stone. He gains water generation when in this form.
  • Spectrock's ability also lets him mimic the physiology and powers of other rocky aliens when on their planets:
    • When on Petropia, Spectrock's form becomes more like a Petrosapien, and he gains crystallokinesis.
    • When on Mor' Otesi, Spectrock's form becomes more like a Crystalsapien, and he gains energy redirection.
    • When on Keplorr, Spectrock's form becomes more like a Galilean, and he gains gravikinesis.
    • When on Mystigneous, Spectrock's form becomes more like a Basaltine, and he gains mineral magic.
  • Spectrock has enhanced strength and durability in almost all of his forms.
  • Spectrock's ability to change based on his environment makes him capable of camouflague as well.


  • Spectrock's primary weaknesses in most if not all of his forms are his slowness and his low mobility.
  • Spectrock's obsidian form is not particularly durable, as obsidian is rather brittle.


Ben 10: Into the Omniverse


Ben 10: Into the Omniverse


  • Spectrock's name is a play on "spectrum" and "rock."
  • Spectrock's species name is a play on the existing Ben 10 canon planet, Anur G'rrnay, and "granite."



  • Spectrock's name was made by Aaron.
  • The true species of Anur G'rrnay, along with that of Anur Millgan, is currently unknown. While most seem to agree "Millgan" is a play on "Gillman," there is no general consensus as to what "G'rrnay" is meant to be a play on, so several creative liberties were taken for the creation of Spectrock.
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