General Information
Species Electranurite
Home World Spectros XI
Body Spectre
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Intangibility

Technology Hacking
Sharp Claws
Enhanced Speed

First Appearance N/A
 Spectric is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of an Electranurite from Spectros XI.


Spectric is essentially a humanoid with no legs. He has two arms with black, four-clawed hands. In place of legs, he has a jumble of wires. Coursing throughout his body are lines of electrical energy that act as veins. He has a core in the center that acts as a sort of intangible heart. He has a single eye with an Omnitrix on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Spectric has the ghostly ability to phase through matter and most forms of energy.

Spectric can use his wires to hook up to technology and hack it easily.

Spectric can attack with his claws in physical situations.

Spectric also possesses enhanced speed that allows him to more easily dodge attacks.


Spectric can be neutralized if he is drained of electricity, since that is essentially his blood.

Spectric is also unable to phase through magical attacks.


Stew 10: Rebooted

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