General Information
Leader SpearHeads' commanders
Other Info
Notable Members Captain Terra
Allies Plumbers
Ben's Team
Objectives Protect the universe from alien criminal activities, terrorism and destruction
First Appearance The way of troubles

SpearHeads are protectors of many planets . they are like the plumbers. 


in Cosmic War , SpearHeads were agreed with plumbers to find Ben , Gwen and Kevin. SpearHeads found the team and sant a group of three SpearHeads to help them to retun , they were (Elmer ,Bivalvan and Lee). The SpearHeads gave the team their plumbers suits and plumber badges that the plumbers asked the SpearHeads to give them to the team. also they agreed to give the team a mission to destroy more 5 FX robots ( at least).

Known SpearHeads

Known SpearHeads
Name Rank Status Information
Terra Captain soldier Active he is one of SpearHeads Captain. he works in a WarriorShip
Bivalvan Officer,Soldier Active He is a SpearHead officer
Elmer(HammerHead) Officer,Soldier Active He is a SpearHead officer
Lee Officer,Flown soldier Active He is a SpearHead officer



  • Archer Eye 17: assualt rifle used by SpearHeads and Ray's Forces
  • 'SpearHeads' light machinegun : 'Elmer use a heavey LMG
  • double sub-machineguns: Lee use double sub-machineguns.


  • the lightning cannons : SpearHeads' Tanks


  • SpearHeads have agreements with Plumbers
  • SpeaHeads have a big army
  • SpearHeads and Ray's Forces use (Archer Eye 17)
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