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SpazzGhost is a alien form the Den 10 series.


SpazzGhost is a muscular ghost that wears a straightjacket that is mainly white black patches on the elbows and shoulders. He also wears clamps on his straightjacket specifically his wrist, neck, and bottom, on the bottom clamp is a ball and chain. He also has a clamp on his ghost tail. His head is a skull with one eye and sharp teeth. His Manatrix symbol is on his back.

Powers and Weaknesses

SpazzGhost has multiple different abilities, including: Flight, intangibility, invisibility, enhanced strength, possession, evil energy projection, tendrils, and corruption.

His corruption ability allows him to turn any being he wants into a rampaging berserker, though he can't control them. Another downside is he can't corrupt multiple people at a time, only one at a time.

If he gets out of his straightjacket he will go berserk and attack anything and everything.


  • He wears the straightjacket is because his species is known as the "Most Evil Beings in The Universe".
  • His Straightjacket was inspired by Kanba from the "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" game.
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